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Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 17: If I Don’t Go to Hell, Who Will?

Chapter 17: If I Don’t Go to Hell, Who Will?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Tang Jinyu retracted his hand in pain.

Jian Qi didn’t shout or scream, instead staring at him amusedly with a mischevious smile. “What are you up to again?”

She stifled a laugh as she looked at the clothes thrown haphazardly on the floor.

“Are soldiers so poor now you have to get a part-time job?”

Tang Jinyu furrowed his brow slightly at the impish lady in front of him, his aura cold as he tried to lay pressure onto her. “Don’t you dare tell anyone about my identity, or else I’m not going to hold back!”

“You think that would work on me??” Jian Qi only smiled.

Her clean face seemed even brighter with the smile on her face.

But in Tang Jinyu’s eyes, this smile was full of evil intent, and even made him want to punch her!

“You can try!” Jian Qi said, her smile becoming deeper and her eyes flickering provokingly.

“What a heartless man. After all we’ve been through and all the life and death situations we’ve been through together, I wouldn’t have expected you to pull your pants up and walk away. You’re quite the heartbreaker, aren’t you?”

Jian Qi gave him a once over and put her slender fingers gently on his thin denim shirt.

“You’re quite the clothes rack1, aren’t you? This cheap shirt looks like a product from a famous brand when you wear it!”

Jian Qi smiled mischievously and was about to act further before Tang Jinyu grabbed her hand and judo flipped her onto the ground.

A flash of annoyance ran through Jian Qi’s eyes for a split second.

Without changing her expression, she used the momentum from the fall to hook her leg around Tang Jinyu’s ankle, making him fall along with her.

Jian Qi saw a dumbfounded expression finally show on the man’s face, making her pleased smile grow even wider.

But the smile only laster for two seconds before turning into a frown.


Jian Qi couldn’t help but curse as Tang Jinyu used her to cushion his fall as he fell, so he crashed onto her with all the momentum of the fall.

Seeing Jian Qi who had been toppled by him, he finally made a satisfied expression, huffing coldly. “Woman, you’re the first one who dared to strip me of my clothes!”

Jian Qi panted deeply as she was pressed onto the floor, internally cursing at how weak and frail this body of hers was.

She tried to push the man away, but he wouldn’t budge, fixing her with a glare instead.

Jian Qi stared at him unabashedly, saying with interest, “I never thought you were a virgin!”

Tang Jinyu’s expression darkened considerably. ” It seems that you have a death wish, don’t you?”

She was unaffected by the threat, her lithe fingers hooking around his neck gently as she breathed onto his face with a seductive smile.

“Buddha once said that: “If I don’t go to hell, then who will?”...” Jian Qi freed her other hand and used it to undo one of Tang Jinyu’s buttons, an alluring smile on her face. “If I don’t strip your clothes, who will?”

“Hell?” Tang Jinyu scoffed as he laughed from sheer anger looking at the face he wanted to beat up. “I’ll let you know what true hell is!” i𝑛𝓷𝙧𝘦𝚊d. 𝚌o𝓶

He grabbed her hand and held it above her head again, before warning, “I will ask you one last time, do you want to keep the secret, or go to hell right now?!”

“Of course...”

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