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Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 14: You Want this Role?

Chapter 14: You Want this Role?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Is that all?”

Jian Qi leaned on the back seat, her arm rested on the window. Her eyes were half-closed and her expression was disinterested, exuding a somewhat lazy and seductive aura.

Coco stared at her dumbly, caught off guard.

Jian Qi smiled. “Coco, you’re back to being straight?”

Coco came back to his senses and glared at her. “I have always been straight!”

Then, he realized something was wrong again!

Jian Qi had always been gentle and soft spoken, and she would be the last person to say something like that.

“Why do I feel like you are a whole other person?” Coco furrowed his brows and observed her carefully, his gaze piercing.

Jian Qi nonchalantly met with his gaze, smiling and answering, “You can say I’ve just held in my emotions for too long and just wanted to... Let it go. Is that bad?”

Coco looked up and down, not seeing anything wrong with Jian Qi. Even though she gave him a different feeling, but this face was definitely hers!

“Qiqi, the doctor said that you were drugged that day. I did some investigating and it was Chu Yuhan that brought you there. I told you that minx had bad intentions but you never listened! Thankfully nothing happened, but stay away from her alright?”

“Oh, alright!”Jian Qi smiled as if it didn’t matter to her at all, and asked, “Is there anything else? If there isn’t I’m going now.”

“Qiqi, you haven’t even talked with me about the important issue here!” Coco was quite displeased. “Can’t you consider? Do you have to leave?”

“I have other things to do,” Jian Qi said, “I don’t think you’re here just for this if you helped me ask permission to leave, there must be something else. Let’s wrap things up at once.”

Coco furrowed his brow and said, “The company says that even if you’re not going to renew the contract, you still have to continue with work for the next three months.”

“Can’t I just pay?”

“Your worth is much more than when you first signed a contract with the company, and most of your income has been used to deal with relations for you, so you don’t have too much money to pay...”

Coco’s voice became smaller and smaller, evidently feeling guilty.

“What do I need to do?” Since this person treated the original Jian Qi well, she didn’t want him to get in trouble.

“If you really want to terminate your contract, I can still try negotiating...” Jian Qi was the artist that he had been with for ten years and the first artist he was tasked with, so Coco treated her like his own sister and was unwilling to see her get taken advantage of.

“No need, just tell me. What do I need to do for the next three months?”

Jian Qi cut him off, her strong aura bringing with it an irrefutable command.

This Jian Qi’s aura was so strong it was jarring!

Coco couldn’t understand. Was it really because she held it in for too long?

“Chop chop!” Jian Qi reminded.

“Here are a few scripts the company chose for you, and here are some events they want you to attend...”

“They aren’t intending to let me study!” Jian Qi smiled and it seemed like she didn’t really care anyway.

“How about I go talk with them about this?” Coco furrowed his brow.

After all, the remaining three months were key to a high schooler, and if she used all that time to act and attend events it would definitely put a dent in her grades!

“It’s fine, this one will do!”Jian Qi randomly picked a script and handed it to Coco.

Coco glanced at it before freezing up. “Are you sure you want this one?”

“Can’t I?” Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t you the one who told me to pick one randomly? Is this script flawed?” 𝒊n𝓃𝗿e𝚊𝒅. Co𝚖

“This conflicts with the image the company set for you, why not change one?”

Jian Qi’s smile in response was untamed and domineering. “This will be my parting gift to you!”

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