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Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce

Chapter 470 - Zhao Qingquan was the child of Master Yitong

Chapter 470: Chapter 470. Zhao Qingquan was the child of Master Yitong

Lu Weiyang went inside and looked at the dishes. “Yuan Yuan, why are they all fishy vegetables? There’s not even a vegetable dish?”

Qiao Jinniang came in and chuckled. “Yuan Yuan didn’t know that you and Ling Xuan were coming. I’ll get someone to cook two more bowls of vegetable dishes.”

Lu Weiyang smiled. “I knew that mother is the best. Unlike first Madam Zhao, I’ve never seen a mother like first Madam Zhao. She scolded her son for being the lone star of Tiansha and doting on her nephew..

“Can I give half of mother to Ling Xuan?”

Qiao jinniang smiled and said, “Of course, but what do you mean by the Lone Star of Tiansha?”

“Don’t you listen to the rumors outside Chang ‘an?”

Lu Weiyang told Qiao Jinniang about the rumors in Chang ‘an about Ling Xuanke’s death of Qiao Ruoyi and Xie Yun.

Qiao jinniang said, “It’s nonsense. How could the first lady of the Zhao family spread such a rumor? It’s ridiculous.”

“Exactly. I’ve never seen such a mother.”Lu Weiyang hugged Qiao Jinniang’s waist and said, “Fortunately, I have a good mother.”

Qiao Jinniang scratched Lu Weiyang’s nose and said, “You’re the only one who knows how to make mother happy. But didn’t the master say that Ling Xuanke was the chosen one? How come he’s The Lone Star of Tiansha Now?”

Lu Chen walked to Qiao Jinniang’s side and said, “Do you still remember the portrait of Master Yitong when he was young that we saw in the Prime Minister Temple not long ago?”

Qiao jinniang nodded and said, “I remember that the portrait of Master Yitong when he was young is somewhat similar to Zhao Qingquan.”

Ling Xuan heard this and hurriedly asked, “How is that possible? How can master be similar to Zhao Qingquan when he was young?”

When Ling Xuan saw Master Yitong when he was young, he was already over 50 years old. Ling Xuan had never seen Master Yitong when he was young, so when he heard Qiao Jinniang’s words.

He carefully thought about master Yitong’s appearance, and it seemed to be very similar.

Lu Chen said, “That portrait is in the Abbot Court. Perhaps you have never seen it before.

The secret guards found that ever since second madam Zhao married into the Zhao family, she had never been out. A year before Zhao Qingquan was born, she had been going to the prime minister’s Temple to pray for a child...”

Qiao Jinniang had a bold guess in her heart. In reality, the storyteller had also said a lot about this matter, and it was often mentioned in the unofficial history.

Some women who had not been pregnant for a long time went to the temple to pray for a child. They would soon have a child. It was not because Bodhisattva had appeared, but because they had borrowed a child from a monk.

Qiao jinniang asked Lu Chen, “So Zhao Qingquan is the son of second Madam Zhao and Master Yitong?”

Lu Chen said, “We still have to ask second madam Zhao about this, but I think it’s about the same.

Otherwise, master Yitong had no enmity with the Zhao family, and he was not entrusted by the second son of the Zhao family. There was also no need to say that a baby in his infancy was the lone star of Tiansha.”

When Ling Xuan heard this result, he could not accept it for a moment. “Master Yitong was wholeheartedly devoted to Buddhism. Why would he commit such a transgression? He is an eminent monk outside the secular world...”

After Lu Weiyang understood, he said, “Master Yitong has already made up that you are the lone star of Tiansha. Why Can’t he commit such a transgression?

“Master Yitong asked you to be a monk and said that you are the chosen son of Buddha so that his biological son, Zhao Qingquan, could obtain the title of nobility of the Zhao family?

And those muddle-headed people of the Zhao family actually believed Master Yitong’s absurd words and sent their family’s bloodline to the temple, pampering Zhao Qingquan as he grew up.

“Master Yitong is simply a scum of Buddhism.”

Ling Xuan said, “However, we can’t just rely on Zhao Qingquan and master Yitong’s appearance when they were young to determine that Zhao Qingquan isn’t a child of the Zhao family. I’m afraid that this matter will not be convinced by the masses.”

Lu Weiyang said, “Yan Guo left a mark. If that second Madam Zhao is really having an affair with Master Yitong, there will definitely be a loophole in this matter. Let’s go to the Zhao family and find out.”

The next day, Lu Weiyang and Ling Xuan arrived at the Zhao family.

When second master Zhao heard that the princess had arrived, he immediately asked the whole family to come out to welcome her.

“It is the Zhao family’s honor to have the princess come. Please come in, Princess.”

First Lady Zhao glared at Ling Xuan. She did not like Ling Xuan entering the Zhao family. Once Ling Xuan entered the Zhao family, she felt extremely stifled and could not breathe.

However, since the princess and Ling Xuan came together this time, First Lady Zhao could not push Ling Xuan out.

Lu Weiyang entered and said, “Second Lady Zhao, I have something to ask you.”

Second Madam Zhao obediently came out and said with a smile, “Your Highness, what are your orders?”

Lu Weiyang took the tea that the servant girl handed over and said, “This princess has heard that the Guanyin in the prime minister temple is very efficacious when it comes to seeking children. Back then, second Madam Zhao and second master Zhao had no children for many years. However, after a few days in the Prime Minister Temple, they had children. It can be seen how efficacious the Guanyin in the prime minister temple is.”

A hint of embarrassment appeared in second Madam Zhao’s eyes as she said, “Yes, the prime minister temple has always been effective.”

“Then, why didn’t second Madam Zhao go and ask for a few more children?”

Second Madam Zhao said, “Bodhisattva bestowing children is already heaven’s mercy.”

“Bodhisattva bestowing children?”Lu Weiyang snorted. “Don’t come and spoil bodhisattva. Why would bodhisattva bestow a hypocrite like Zhao Qingquan? Zhao Qingquan is extremely hypocritical. He is somewhat similar to master Yitong’s sanctimonious appearance!”

Second Madam Zhao held the handkerchief tightly and said, “Your Highness, what do you mean? Qingquan and Master Yitong are not father and son. How can they be similar?”

First Madam Zhao followed, “Your Highness, Master Yitong is an eminent monk who has attained immortality. Don’t talk nonsense.”

Ling Xuan turned the Buddhist beads in his hand and said, “Second Madam Zhao, the princess never said that Zhao Qingquan and master Yitong are father and son. The princess only said that they are similar. Why would second madam think of Father and Son?”

Second Madam Zhao said, “I, this...”

Lu Weiyang placed the Teacup to the side and said, “Second Master Zhao, perhaps you have never seen a portrait of Grandmaster Yitong when he was young? This was drawn by an artist when Grandmaster Yitong was young. Look at this portrait of Grandmaster Yitong when he was young. Isn’t it exactly the same as Zhao Qingquan?”

This painting was naturally not the one in the Prime Minister Temple. Instead, it was a painting that Lu Weiyang had drawn overnight based on Zhao Qingquan’s appearance.

When she was young, her painting skills were on par with Lady Qiao’s. Later on, under the pressure of her imperial grandfather, she was very good at drawing people.

Using fake to confuse the real could be obtained.

Second Master Zhao looked at the painting in front of him and saw the flustered expression on second madam Zhao’s face. He already had a rough idea of what was going on in his heart.

Second Madam Zhao knelt on the ground and said, “Master, I have never told you that Master Yi is my biological father and Qingquan’s biological grandfather... the grandfather and grandson are rather similar...”

Second master Zhao said, “Is that so?”

Lu Weiyang clapped his hands and saw a royal doctor enter from outside. Lu Weiyang said, “This is the royal doctor with the best medical skills in the imperial hospital. Why don’t we let him take second master Zhao’s Pulse?”

The royal doctor went forward and took second master Zhao’s pulse. He said, “Your Highness, just as you guessed, second master Zhao can’t give birth to any children. That Zhao Qingquan is not of second master Zhao’s bloodline.”

Second Master Zhao lowered his head and looked at the flustered second Madam Zhao. He slapped her hard and said, “You B * Tch!”

Second Madam Zhao collapsed on the ground, her eyes filled with tears.

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