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Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce

Chapter 469 - give half of your mother to you

Chapter 469: Chapter 469, give half of your mother to you

Lu Weiyang was furious when she heard the news in Chang ‘an. However, the source of the news came from the first lady of the Zhao family.

If the first lady of the Zhao family was not caught, she would not be able to find trouble with the people who were gossiping behind her back.

Ling Xuan Saw Lu Weiyang’s angry look and said, “Why are you angry at their ignorant words?”

Lu Weiyang said, “Fifth aunt’s early death is incurable. Fifth Uncle died because he used poison. What does it have to do with you? Fifth Aunt’s body was already in bad shape long before you returned to the secular world.”

Ling Xuan advised Lu Weiyang, “Don’t be angry with ignorant people like them. If You’re angry, you’ll only be angry at yourself.”

Lu Weiyang said with a dark face, “It’s fine if they say that I’m stingy and stingy, but they can’t say that I’m the only one! The source is Lady Zhao. If I go and find trouble with her, will you blame me?”

Ling Xuan sat in front of Lu Weiyang and said, “Of course I won’t blame you. It’s just that I don’t want the princess and Lady Zhao to argue for me. There’s no need for that. The theory of fate is just a joke in front of Buddhism. No one will believe it.”

Lu Weiyang said, “But the people all believe it! No, I can’t bear this resentment. I have to ask Lady Zhao why she treats her own flesh and blood like this.”

Ling Xuan Saw Lu Weiyang leave in a huff and went forward to hold Lu Weiyang’s hand. “Thank you, Princess, but I want to ask this question myself.”

Lu Weiyang looked up at Ling Xuan. “Okay.”

Ling Xuan had not been to the Zhao family since he renounced his secular life. His feelings for the Zhao family were also very thin. He used to have respect for Lady Zhao, but now even that respect no longer existed.

First Lady Zhao saw Ling Xuan at the entrance of the Zhao family and screamed, “Quickly get out! Don’t come and disturb our Zhao family!”

Second Master Zhao saw Ling Xuan and went forward to say, “Ling Xuan, you’re finally willing to go home. This is a good thing. It’s a good thing, sister-in-law. It’s our Zhao family’s honor that Ling Xuan is willing to return home.”

Ever since the Zhao family’s Earl’s manor title was snatched, second master Zhao had been using his connections everywhere in order to restore his title.

The people who used their connections felt that second master Zhao was unnecessary. The wedding date between Ling Xuan and the princess had already been set. Would the emperor not restore his brother-in-law’s title?

However, second master Zhao had always been ashamed of going to look for Ling Xuan. Naturally, he was happy to see Ling Xuan come over today.

“Ling Xuan, you have never entered the Zhao family’s gate. Now that you are back, you can go in openly,”second master Zhao said.

Ling Xuan looked at first madam Zhao and said, “Second master, I came to your residence today to have a few words with first Madam Zhao. Mother and son are one. If first Madam Zhao doesn’t care about the relationship between mother and son, don’t blame me for not doing so.”.

Buddhism did not have the theory of fate. The so-called temples that talked about the theory of fate were all unorthodox and not the orthodox sects of the Great Tang Buddhist sect. Taoism had the theory of fate, but Buddhism and Taoism were not one family. I had never looked for a Taoist priest to read my fate before.

“Since Lady Zhao cares so much about the theory of fate, why don’t we go to the Taoist temple together and carefully calculate whether I am destined to be a lone star or not. “I also hope that Lady Zhao will not randomly make arrangements in the future. If there are any more arrangements, don’t blame the officials for seeing you.”

Lady Zhao stomped her feet and said, “How did I give birth to such a monster like you? Now, for the sake of your position as the Prince Consort, you still refuse to acknowledge your master’s words..

“Ask the people of the Zhao family, ask your second uncle, your second aunt, did Master Yitong say these words twenty years ago?

“Master Yitong is your master, a master who attained the Dao, how could his words be false?”

Ling Xuan said, “Master Yitong is indeed boundless in the Buddhist dharma, but Buddhism indeed does not have a theory of life!”

Second Master Zhao sighed helplessly and said, “Ling Xuan, this matter is true. When Master Yitong came looking for you, your grandfather thought that second uncle had sought out master Yitong for the sake of the Earl Manor’s title.

But who was this series of Masters? He was already fifty years old back then, and was the grand abbot of the Prime Minister Temple. How could he be someone that I could bribe?

When you were still a baby, everyone had no enmity with you. No one would go looking for a series of masters to treat a baby like you like this, right?”

Ling Xuan examined second master Zhao’s expression and saw that second master Zhao’s expression was sincere. It did not seem like he was lying.

He habitually twirled the Buddha beads in his hand. “I will investigate this matter to find out.”

Second master Zhao said, “Ling Xuan, you are after all a child of our Zhao family. Second Uncle and your grandmother both wish for you to return. The Zhao family’s title of nobility has been lost in our generation. We have truly let down our ancestors.

“And Qingquan, he is after all your younger brother. Can you, on account of Grandmother’s old age, beg the Princess to release Qingquan as soon as possible...”

Ling Xuan said, “Zhao Qingquan deserves it.”

First Madam Zhao said, “Second brother, he can’t wait for Zhao Qingquan to not come out. If he kills the entire Zhao family, then the Zhao family will belong to him alone!”

Second master Zhao said, “Sister-in-law, how can you say that about Ling Xuan?”

First Madam Zhao said, “I am not wrong either. Qingquan has been sensible and obedient since he was young. It is the hope of our Zhao family. And because Ling Xuan had the intention to return to the secular world, he was disrespectful to Bodhisattva and caused Qingquan to be confined in prison. This is all his fault!”

When Ling Xuan heard this, his heart turned cold. His biological mother would rather help a nephew who was not related by blood, but she believed those superstitious words. She had determined that he was the lone star of Tiansha. It was simply ridiculous.

Lu Weiyang looked at the scene in front of the Zhao family from afar and felt that Ling Xuan was too pitiful.

After Ling Xuan left the Zhao family, Lu Weiyang let Ling Xuan get into his own carriage and hugged Ling Xuan. “Don’t be sad. Your Mother doesn’t want you. Can I give you half of my mother?”

Ling Xuan hugged Lu Weiyang and said, “I want to go back to the prime minister temple and ask martial uncles. Did master really say that I was the lone star of Tiansha back then? Master is a disciple of Buddhism, so there’s no need to say that. But everyone in the Zhao family says that it was master who said it.”

Lu Weiyang held Ling Xuan’s hand and said, “No, I don’t want you to go back to the Prime Minister Temple. “After we get married, you’ll be the legitimate son-in-law. If Lady Zhao dares to say anything against you again, I’ll put her in jail.”

Lu Weiyang took Ling Xuan to a villa in Chang ‘an city.

Ling Xuan followed Lu Weiyang out of the carriage and asked, “Where is this place?”

“This is my parents’villa in Chang ‘an city.”Lu Weiyang got out of the carriage and led Ling Xuan inside. “In the future, my mother will be your mother. You Don’t have to be sad for that crazy woman.”

Ling Xuan lowered his head and smiled. Returning to the secular world for her was his life’s purpose.

Otherwise, he would miss this dazzling gaze for the rest of his life.

Tang Yuanyuan saw Lu Weiyang coming and said, “I just made a table full of dishes, and you came.”

Lu Weiyang said, “You are about to marry your royal brother, why are you still cooking?”

Tang Yuanyuan circled the handkerchief in his hand and said, “Am I not nervous? I don’t even know if I can be a good empress... only cooking can calm me down.”

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