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Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce

Chapter 468 - Xie Yun and Qiao Ruoyi’s side

Chapter 468: Chapter 468, Xie Yun and Qiao Ruoyi’s side

On a small hill in the Xie family’s backyard, green grass was growing. Early spring butterflies were resting on the small wildflowers.

Lan Xin brought over a butterfly-shaped paper kite.

Xie Yun took the paper kite and raised it high. After that, he placed the kite string in Qiao Ruoyi’s hand. “Hold on tight.”

Qiao ruoyi looked at the high kite and said, “Xie Yun, after I leave, you have to teach wei’er well. Nichang is already married. With big sister around, I naturally don’t have to worry. Wei’er is still young. When you help him find a wife, you have to remember to find a more virtuous wife.

“However, the most important thing is that Wei’er likes it. You Can’t set some boundaries for your status. Having a lowly background doesn’t mean that you’re a lowly person.”

Xie Yun sat beside Qiao ruoyi and replied, “Alright.”

Qiao ruoyi looked at the white-haired Xie Yun and said, “After I leave, you can also find another wife. When Wei’er is better, you can think of a way to blacken your white hair. You’re clearly not old yet...”

Xie Yun did not respond to Qiao Ruoyi at this moment.

Qiao Ruoyi looked at the clouds in the sky and said, “You’ve already agreed to let me and Luo Wei be buried together. You Can’t go back on your words!”

Xie Yun laughed, “You don’t have to be afraid, because I won’t have the chance to go back on my word.”

Qiao ruoyi looked at Xie Yun in confusion.

Xie Yun reached out and hugged Qiao ruoyi, covering the mole under his eyes. “Can you kiss me one last time?”

Qiao ruoyi said unwillingly, “Xie Yun, why?”


“Yes, why!”Xie Yun said, “Your kite is about to fall. Pull the string.”

Qiao ruoyi pulled the string, but the wind was strong enough to break the string. The kite flew away with the wind. Qiao ruoyi looked at the kite in the distance and felt a little disappointed.

This might be the last time she would fly a kite.

Lan Xin’s voice rang in Qiao ruoyi’s ears, “Master!”

Qiao ruoyi looked down and saw Xie Yun lying on her leg. Xie Yun’s lips were bleeding. Qiao ruoyi shouted, “Xie Yun, Xie Yun! Don’t die.”

Xie Yun held his last breath and said, “I said, unless I die before you, I Won’t watch you die at the same acupoint as other men.”

Qiao Ruoyi’s tears kept falling. She hugged Xie Yun and said, “You’re crazy. You’re too stupid. Do you think I’ll change my mind? No! No!”

Xie Yun said, “I know, but I can’t watch you die at the same acupoint as other men. Ruoyi, wait for you by the bridge of helplessness.”

Qiao ruoyi saw the blood dripping from the corner of Xie Yun’s lips and leaned her head against Xie Yun’s head. “Xie Yun, Xie Yun...”

Qiao ruoyi leaned over and covered the mole at the corner of Xie Yun’s eyes. She kissed Xie Yun’s lips, but she couldn’t get any response. “Xie Yun...”

Lan Xin knelt on the side and cried uncontrollably. When she raised her head, she saw Qiao Ruoyi lying on Xie Yun’s body. The two of them held each other’s hands tightly.

Lan Xin was very upset. “Master, Madam...”

The kite with its string cut in the sky fell to the ground. Qiao Nichang, who had come back to visit her parents, heard Lan Xin’s crying voice and trotted over.

When she saw her parents lying on the ground, Qiao Nichang almost fainted. Qian Yu held Qiao Nichang.

When Qiao Nichang came closer, she knelt on the grass and shouted sternly, “Father, mother! Wake Up! What should I do if you leave? What should Wei’er Do?”

Qian Yu hugged Qiao Nichang and did not know how to comfort her.

Xie Yun and Qiao Ruoyi’s deaths shocked the entire Chang ‘an city. Lu Xi’s wedding date was extended by two months. The wedding date was originally in March, but it was moved to May.

The Xie family in Chang ‘an was covered in white silk, and the mourning hall was filled with guests.

Xie Wei was young, but he grew up in a day when his parents died.

Qiao Ruoyun and her husband were helping the Xie family with the funeral. Qiao Nichang cried until her voice was hoarse and she looked like she was wasting away.

Qiao Ruoyun had no choice but to look for Lady Qiao and said, “When Ruoyi was alive, she had a dying wish to be buried with Luo Wei. However, if she and Xie Yun died on the same day, it wouldn’t make sense if they weren’t buried together.

Xie Wei didn’t know about Luo Wei since he was young. Naturally, he wanted his parents to be buried together.

Ni Shang was heartbroken. It would not be appropriate for me to ask her. Lady Jin, what do you think we should do about this?

Even if my parents were to give up their lives, I can’t make things difficult for them. I don’t even know how to properly handle this matter.”

Lady Qiao sighed and said, “No wonder Xie Yun would die together with Ruoyi. Xie Yun used his final life to make Qiao Ruoyi’s final life depend on him...”

Qiao Ruoyun said, “The problem lies here. I wonder if Ruoyi changed her mind in the end?”

Qiao jinniang said, “It’s actually not difficult to say this. Cremation is very popular in Lin ‘an now. When the time comes, half of the ashes will be left in Chang ‘an, and the other half will be brought back to Jiangnan to be buried together with Xie Yun. After death, they will all be like floating clouds. It’s just a thought of the future generations. This will fulfill ruoyi’s wish.”

Qiao ruoyun sighed and said, “Now it seems that this is the only way.”

At the beginning of April, the raging fire engulfed the two people holding hands. Thousands of people on Chang ‘an street were sent to the funeral. Qiao Ruoyi was the first female official and the Early Mountain Chief of West Mountain Academy.

The female students who sent Qiao Ruoyi’s ashes back to Jiangnan occupied almost a street.

There were also people who witnessed the cremation. Seeing that Xie Qiao and his wife were tightly holding hands, it was rumored that Xie Qiao and his wife loved each other very much.

In front of the Qiao family’s ancestral grave, they sent the ashes to the grave. After coming out, Qiao Nichang knew that mother had never loved father. She also did not know if mother had changed her mind when father died in front of mother..

Qian Yu patted Qiao Nichang’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go. The boat is about to leave. We still have to rush back to attend His Majesty’s wedding. Father and mother’s wishes have been fulfilled. There will be no regrets in heaven.”

After the funeral boat left Chang ‘an pier, a rumor was once again prevalent in Chang ‘an city.

“The first lady of Uncle Zhao’s mansion said it herself. I heard it personally at the funeral.”

“That’s right. The first lady of Uncle Zhao’s residence said that Lord Xie and Lord Qiao’s deaths were caused by Master Ling Xuan’s interference. It turns out that Master Ling Xuan was born with the fate of a lone star.

“One must become a monk in front of Buddha to cultivate. Once one renounces the secular world, it will interfere with the people around him.”

“But what does Lord Xie and Lord Qiao have to do with Master Ling Xuan?”

“Qiao ruoyi has nothing to do with Ling Xuan, but she has something to do with Princess Weiyang. Qiao Ruoyi is Princess Weiyang’s fifth aunt. With the imperial edict given to her as the emperor’s son-in-law, Qiao Ruoyi and her husband both died. wasn’t it because of Ling Xuan’s interference?”

“How could it be? How far are they related? Why aren’t Princess Weiyang and the prince affected?”

“At that time, because Princess Weiyang and the prince were from the Tian family, the royal family had God’s protection, but Qiao ruoyi and the Xie family didn’t! They died at such a young age.”

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