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Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce

Chapter 450 - Don’t you want to see Ang ‘er in the future

Chapter 450: Chapter 450. Don’t you want to see Ang ‘er in the future

Lu Ang took the letter and hurried to the gate of Chang ‘an city. At the gate, he carefully watched the women pass by one by one. They were not Qian Qingyu.

“How can you be so stupid? Qian qingyu, you came out!”

The sky was completely dark, and Lu Ang was completely panicking. He gathered the soldiers of Chang ‘an’s three David and ordered them to find Qian Qingyu. They searched every neighborhood.

Chang ‘an was under martial law, and some people thought that something big had happened.

After some officials learned about this, they naturally went into the palace.

In the palace.

Qiao ruoyi said to Lu XI, “Your Majesty, His Highness Prince Pingliang sealed the city gate for a woman. He imposed martial law on Chang ‘an and went door to door to investigate.

“Even if we were to catch a key criminal of the imperial court, there wouldn’t be such a big battle. The people are anxious about this matter. I Hope Your Majesty Can Stop His Highness Prince Pingliang.”

Lu XI nodded and said, “Aunt, don’t worry. I Won’t let him do anything.”

Lu Xi personally left the palace and went to the city gate. She saw Lu Ang, who was extremely flustered.

There was no news about Qian Qingyu, so Lu ang became more and more irritable.

Lu Xi walked to Lu Ang’s side and said, “Ang-er.”

Tears rolled down Lu Ang’s eyes as he said, “Brother, just agree to let Qingyu become my princess consort. I really like her... really.”

Lu Ang held the envelope tightly in his hand. “It’s my fault. I didn’t tell her in advance and let her live in fear...”

“Where can she go? She’s pregnant and has no family. Don’t let her be bullied. She’s always been easy to bully.”

Lu Xi had wanted to persuade Lu Ang to withdraw his army, but seeing him like this, she let him be.

It had been almost 20 years, but Lu Xi had never seen her brother so heartbroken. It was clear how important Qian Qingyu was to him.

Lu ang searched for three whole days. Even his beard had come out, and he looked very haggard.

The ministers were already complaining about Lu ang. Even marquis an Yuan, who had been recuperating for days, personally went to the Prince’s mansion to persuade Lu Ang.

However, Lu ang still acted as if he had gone mad. He went out of the city gate of Chang ‘an and dug three feet into the ground to find Qian Qingyu’s whereabouts.

There was no news. After half a month and a month, he gradually became desperate.

Lu Ang drank all day long. Qian Qingyu hated him drinking the most and hated him being drunk the most. He drank so much today that Qian Qingyu could no longer tell him about himself.

Lu Ang looked at the letter left by Qian qingyu and sighed, “How could you be so stupid!”

The handwriting in the letter was beautiful, “Your Highness, I was no longer in Chang ‘an when you read this letter.

I was very happy to be by your side these few years, even though I knew that you liked Princess Nishang and you only treated me as a fake.

But I was willing to do it. I will never forget the kiss you gave me in Merlin for the rest of my life.

“I want to stay by your side for the rest of my life, but my status is indeed not worthy of you. The difference between you and Me is like the clouds and the mud. I don’t even dare to dream of having a concubine.

“However, I am going to be a mother. Your Highness, I know how much the three words “Treacherous child”have an impact on the child. Therefore, I have no choice but to leave you and leave Chang ‘an with the child.

“I hope that your Highness will live a peaceful life year by year and be able to find a princess who will be compatible with you for the rest of your life as soon as possible. Don’t worry.”

In just a few words, Lu ang remembered Qian Qingyu’s abnormality. This silly girl had no idea that he had never used her as a substitute.

He had always liked her, Qian Qingyu!

It was not because she was not qualified to be his concubine.

Lu Ang really regretted not explaining at that time. Qian qingyu would not have such a misunderstanding with just a few words of explanation. 𝙞𝚗n𝓇𝘦аd. 𝗰𝘰𝚖

She was nowhere to be found in Chang ‘an city. Where did Qian Qingyu go?


Lin ‘an city was very lively. Qian Qingyu had been on the boat for a month. She felt a little dizzy when she got off the boat.

Qiao Nichang and Qiao Nihong took Qian Qingyu to the Qian family.

Qian Qingyu declined their kindness. She had an ancestral home in Lin ‘an city. However, it was dilapidated after she went to the ancestral home. Half of the house had collapsed.

Qian Qingyu wanted to find her aunt, Granny Qian, but there was no one at her house and the house had collapsed. She asked her neighbors about her aunt’s whereabouts and said she didn’t know.

Qian Qingyu wanted to ask the nearby hundred savory restaurant. After all, people in the restaurant would know about this.

What Qian Qingyu didn’t expect was to see the Empress Dowager in the Hundred Savory Restaurant!

The retired emperor and the Empress Dowager had always announced to the outside world that they were taking care of their “Old age”in Luoyang’s temporary palace, even though they were far from the age to take care of their old age.., qian Qingyu did not expect the empress dowager to “Show her face in public”in the restaurant.

Qian Qingyu did not dare to disobey Qiao Jinniang’s orders, so she stayed in the guest room of the restaurant.

Living in the restaurant, Qian Qingyu had seen a lot of excitement.

Lu Weiyang brought a bowl of bird’s nest into Qian Qingyu’s room.

When Qian Qingyu saw the princess bring the bird’s nest over personally, she quickly stood up and said, “Your Highness, how can I Do This?”

“Don’t Call Me Your Highness. Just Call Me Weiyang. This is the bird’s nest that I specially prepared for you,”Lu Weiyang said. “Other than my grandmother, I usually can’t bear to give food to others.”

Qian qingyu said, “This is too precious.”

Lu Weiyang said, “You’re pregnant and have traveled a long distance, so you naturally have to take good care of it. The Doctor said that your fetus is unstable, so you have to nourish it as much as possible. If you don’t eat it, are you looking down on me?”

Qian qingyu scooped a spoonful of soup and said, “Thank you, Princess.”

Lu Weiyang asked Qian qingyu, “You can rest assured here and take care of the fetus.”

Qian qingyu pursed her lips and said, “But Your Highness, my child doesn’t have a title...”

“With your parents here, are you afraid of not having a title?”Lu Weiyang advised Qian qingyu, “Don’t worry. Even if my mother doesn’t recognize my second brother, she will recognize the child in your arms. Just rest assured and take care of the child.”

Qian Qingyu also couldn’t live free in the Hundred Savory restaurant. When her fetus settled down, she would help out in the restaurant. She couldn’t serve tea or water, but she could collect money.

Before she knew it, it was already half-july. Qian qingyu suddenly gave birth prematurely. Although it was premature, the baby was white and fat and weighed at least eight pounds.

Qian Qingyu did not dare to imagine that if the baby was born at full-term, she would have difficulty giving birth.

It was not the daughter of her dream, but a son. Qian Qingyu was not disappointed. Looking at the sleeping face of the baby, Qian Qingyu felt that although her life was full of suffering, it was worth it.

After Qian Qingyu’s baby was born, Qiao Ni and Qiao ni went back to Chang ‘an.

When the baby was about to be full moon, Qian Qingyu went to find Qiao Jinniang.

Seeing Qian Qingyu come out, Qiao Jinniang said, “You haven’t given birth yet? It’s not easy to come out. It’s a lifetime thing to be exposed to the wind.”

“Empress dowager, it’s not a long-term plan for me to keep disturbing you in the Hundred Savory Restaurant. The ancestral house next door has been repaired. I want to take the baby to live in the ancestral house.”

Qiao jinniang asked Qian qingyu, “Qingyu, do you really not want to see Ang ‘er in the future? Do you want to hide from Ang ‘er forever with your child?”

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