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Chapter 445: Chapter 445. Qian Qingyu wanted a status

Qian Qingyu didn’t care about her status as long as she could stay by Lu Ang’s side.

But if she had a child and had no status, what should she do with the child?

In the future, Lu Ang would have to marry a concubine.

It was fine if she had a daughter, but if she had a son, the future princess might be able to tolerate Lu ang having a bastard son? 𝚒𝚗𝒏𝐫e𝒶𝙙. 𝒸o𝑚

Lu ang saw that Qian Qingyu was not smiling and asked, “Aren’t you happy that we have a child?”

Qian qingyu forced a smile and said, “Yes, why wouldn’t I Be Happy?”

Lu ang put his hand on Qian Qingyu’s abdomen and said, “I don’t know if it’s a son or a daughter. Do you like a son or a daughter?”

Qian qingyu said, “Both are good. I prefer your Highness.”

Lu Ang was very satisfied when he heard Qian Qingyu’s words. “I hope the first one will be a girl. It would be even better if she looks like you.”

Qian qingyu frowned slightly when she heard this. She gently stroked her belly. She could be willing to be Lu Ang’s substitute, but she did not want her daughter to live in the shadow of a substitute.

After the pregnancy, the trip to Lin ‘an could not be carried out.

Lu Ang went to the palace to find Lu Xi. “Brother, I’m about to become a weak tiara. Qingyu is pregnant now. Please help us!”

Lu Xi frowned. “You’re quite capable. Do you still think that a mother is expensive because of her child?”


Lu ang said, “It’s not that a mother is expensive because of her child. Qingyu and I are in love with each other. Brother, do you have the heart to let your little niece be born with the reputation of an illegitimate daughter?”

Lu XI said, “You can take her as a side concubine first. After all, given her background, the position of side concubine is already considered very good.”

Lu ang frowned. “No, the position of side concubine is not enough. If that’s the case, you can only watch as your first little niece is born with an illegitimate daughter!”!

Lu Xi was really helpless, but she was also not threatened by Lu Ang, “That is your child. Although he is my nephew, he is your biological child. Think carefully about whether you want to give him the position of imperial consort or a side Consort.”

Lu ang said, “When Qingyu’s fetus is more stable, I will take her to Lin ‘an to find her parents. Why didn’t I think of it earlier? How can you decide my marriage?”

Lu Ang had been following Lu Xi since he was young. He had forgotten that marriage was supposed to be arranged by his parents. What did his marriage have to do with Lu Xi? His parents were both there!

His mother had always doted on him and felt guilty towards Qingyu. If he had told his mother, perhaps his marriage with Qingyu would have been a success!


In the imperial residence, Qiao ni Hong and Qiao ni Shang heard that Qian Qingyu was pregnant, so they came to the imperial residence to look at her.

Qiao nishang said, “I’m going to be an aunt. By the way, you already have a child. Doesn’t Lu ang plan to give you a status?”

Qiao nishang also said, “Brother Ang already told us to call you cousin-in-law, but you don’t even have a status. What kind of cousin-in-law are you?”

Qiao Nishang said to Qian qingyu, “Qingyu, it’s fine that you didn’t ask for a status before, but when you have a child, you can’t not ask for it. You know that it’s not acceptable to have children in this world.”

Qian qingyu nodded and said, “Thank you for your advice, Princess Nihon. I understand.”

She didn’t care about it herself, but she had to care about the child.

But she didn’t know how to tell Lu Ang. After all, she had told Lu ang that she didn’t ask for status. She was also afraid that if she asked too much, Lu ang would hate her, and then she wouldn’t be allowed to stay by her side.

Over the past few years, Qian Qingyu had gotten used to this warmth. She did not know what she would do if she was chased away by Lu Ang?

With this thought in mind, she would rather not have this child.

However, the child was already here. She could not bear to not have this child. This was His Highness’child..

Qian qingyu felt uncomfortable in her stomach and vomited.

Lu ang walked to Qian Qingyu’s side and handed her a glass of water without even frowning. “Why are you vomiting so badly?”

Qian qingyu said, “The imperial physician said that this is normal.”

Lu ang touched Qian Qingyu’s stomach and said, “Be good. Don’t make your mother feel uncomfortable.”

Qian Qingyu leaned against Lu Ang’s embrace. She did not know how to say what she wanted. She just hugged Lu ang and said, “Your Highness, Do You Know My Mother?”

“She was born an illegitimate daughter of a prostitute. She was supposed to be the high and mighty young lady of the Xie family. At that time, third master Xie was in control of the Xie family. Even Xie Yun had to disguise as a woman.

But he refused to acknowledge my mother. The prostitute saw that my mother couldn’t let her enter the Xie family, so she sold my mother to my father as a child bride.

My mother learned how to make jewelry in the Qian family. Later, she couldn’t stand my father anymore, so she left. I don’t even remember her when she left.

“When I was young, everyone said that my mother didn’t want me anymore. But later, when my mother came back, I knew that she loved me...”

“Qingyu is so good. Your Mother Must Love You,”Lu ang advised Qian Qingyu. “However, your mother may have her own difficulties, right?”

Qian qingyu nodded. “Yes, my mother has her own difficulties. Your Highness, I’m going to be a mother soon...”

Lu ang asked, “What do you want to say?”

Qian qingyu still found it hard to say that she hated a title. “Nothing, just rest.”

Lu Ang had decided to wait for Qian Qingyu to vomit better and the fetus to stabilize. Then, he would go to Lin ‘an and ask for his parents’consent. At that time, he could get married in Lin ‘an.

Winter passed and spring came. The Imperial Court’s annual Hunt began at least once a year.

Lu Ang did not bring Qian Qingyu with him before he went hunting. He was afraid that the hunting ground would be blind. It would be bad if he slept with Qian Qingyu.

Qian Qingyu stayed in the Prince’s mansion to make a round-necked robe for Lu ang. After three years of recuperation, her hands had recovered a lot. The jade muscle scar removal ointment was really effective.

However, after a long time of not embroidery, Qian qingyu found that her skills had become rusty. She did not know if Lu ang would dislike her skill in this dress.

Lucky came in and said, “Madam, the sky is dark. If you continue to embroider, it will be hard for you to free your eyes. Why Don’t You Embroider Again Tomorrow?”

Qian qingyu also felt a little sore at her waist. She touched her belly and said, “Well, okay.”

At night, Qian Qingyu had a nightmare. She dreamed that after her daughter was born, she was laughed at by everyone. Qian Qingyu was woken up by the cries of adulterers, and her head was full of cold sweat.


She didn’t want it. She didn’t want her daughter to be reduced to the appearance in the dream.

She wanted a title. She had to quickly seek a title. She didn’t want any other title, as long as she was a concubine.

As long as her daughter had a legitimate birth, even if Lu Ang would despise her, at least she would not be laughed at by others.

Qian Qingyu made up her mind to tell Lu ang about this when Lu ang came back.

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