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Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce

Chapter 443 - having a child!

Chapter 443: Chapter 444, having a child!


Lu Ang had naturally heard of the rumors. He had not brought Qian qingyu out of the manor for the past few days because he was afraid that Qian Qingyu would feel uncomfortable when she heard those words.

Qian Qingyu was playing with the parrot that Lady Qiao Jin had given her in the manor. Suddenly, it jumped out of the parrot’s mouth. “A woman from a brothel, an adulterer who has given birth to a daughter. She is just a servant girl who can not even earn the title of a concubine.”

When Lucky heard this, he immediately chased the parrot away and walked to Qian Qingyu’s side. He said to Qian qingyu, “I don’t know what this damn parrot is talking about!”

Qian qingyu lowered her head and said, “Lucky, I know that outsiders always say this about me, right? That’s Why Your Highness isn’t willing to take me out these days. With My Background, Your Highness will also feel embarrassed, right?”

Lucky said, “Don’t let your imagination run wild. Why would his highness care about these things?”

Qian qingyu sighed heavily. She did not want to fight for any status, but she was really afraid that because of her identity, she would attract the ridicule of outsiders towards Lu Ang.

She did not want Lu Ang to be ridiculed because of himself.

From then on, even if Lu ang wanted to take Qian qingyu out of the mansion, she was also unwilling and stayed in the mansion.

She was really afraid that she would attract ridicule from others if she left the mansion.

Until Qiao Nichang and Qian Yu made a marriage agreement and a banquet was held in the Marquis an Yuan’s mansion, Lu ang was determined to bring Qian Qingyu along.

Lu Ang’s idea was very simple. Qiao Nichang and Qian Yu made a marriage agreement, and all the elders in the marquis an Yuan’s mansion would be present. His grandparents would also be present.

It was just a few months away from his weak crown. He would first introduce Qian Qingyu to his relatives in the Marquis Mansion.

Qian qingyu said, “Your Highness, there is a lot of discussion about my background. If I were to go out, I would embarrass you.”

“Who is talking nonsense in your ear?”Lu ang said, “Everyone in the Marquis an Yuan’s residence is their own relative. No one will talk about your background. We will go together. Don’t tell me you won’t listen to Me?”

Qian qingyu helplessly agreed.

It was very lively in the marquis an Yuan’s mansion. Qian Yu and Ni Shang’s engagement was a joyous occasion, so they invited their relatives and friends to come.

Qin Miaomiao and Yue Zhan’s family also came.

Qian Qingyu followed Lu Ang gently and carefully. After a banquet, she didn’t say anything at all. After eating wine, her face was slightly red, so she walked to the lakeside to relax.

Yue Rong walked to her side and said, “Sister Qingyu, you are so pitiful. His Highness Prince Pingliang is really a scum. Your background is so tragic, but he still treats you as a substitute.

Today, sister Nichang and brother Qian Yu are engaged. He brought you here to help him save face by treating you as a substitute. He deliberately embarrassed brother Qian Yu and sister Nichang!”

Yue Rong said indignantly, “Sister Qingyu, you should do your best. Don’t be used as a stand-in by His Highness anymore. After all, a stand-in is still a stand-in. A fake is still a fake.”

Qian qingyu found it interesting when she heard Yue Rong say this at such a young age. “I’m willing to be a stand-in for his highness. As long as His Highness is happy, it’s good enough.”

Yue Rong frowned. “AH? Why?”

Qian qingyu said, “Because His Highness is the first person who treats me very well.”

Yue Rong did not understand. “Why is this different from what is written in the script?”

“What script?”Qiao Nihong came over and asked.

Yue Rong did not say another word.

Qiao Nihong said to Qian qingyu, “The outside world is talking about you now. You Don’t have to hide in the mansion and not come out. If anyone dares to say these things in front of you in the future, you can call them. If it doesn’t work out, come find me.”

Qian Qingyu looked gratefully at Qiao Nihong and said, “Thank you, Miss Nihong.”

Qian Yu and Qiao Nichang’s wedding date was set for the year after next. After the wedding date was set, Qiao Ruoyun’s family returned to Lin ‘an and Qian Yu returned to Lin ‘an to prepare for his exams.

Qiao Nichang usually played around with Qiao Nihong so that she would not miss Qian Yu. However, their little brother was still young. Sometimes, when they went out, their parents would not feel at ease.

They had to find Lu ang.

After Lu Xi ascended the throne, Lu Ang was much busier than before, so he did not have time to take them out to play.

Qiao Nishang went to find Qian Qingyu. If Qian Qingyu wanted to go out to play, she did not believe that Lu ang would not have time to take Qian Qingyu Out?

These days, Qian Qingyu often played in Chang ‘an city with Qiao Nishang and Qiao Nishang. Later on, even if Lu Ang was not allowed to take them to places, the two sisters would come to find Qian Qingyu to play with.

Lu Ang had not seen Qian Qingyu many times when he went back to the mansion. He only heard that it was Qiao Nihong who took Qian qingyu away.

It was the same today. Qian Qingyu did not come back until it was dark, she saw Lu Ang and said with a smile, “Today, Princess Nihong took me to Hibiscus garden. It was the first time I saw so many hibiscus. It was like entering a fairyland. At night, when the lanterns were lit, the hibiscus flowers were of different colors and were very beautiful.”

Lu Ang saw that she hadn’t been so happy for a long time and said, “If you like it, get someone to plant hibiscus flowers all over the manor.”

Qian qingyu said, “Not good. I prefer the red plum forest in our manor.”

Lu ang looked at Qian Qingyu’s red lips and said, “Me too. I like the red plum forest the most, and I like you even more in the Red Plum Forest!” 𝓲𝗻𝚗𝑟𝑒𝓪𝑑. 𝘤𝚘𝚖

Qian qingyu lowered her head and said, “I wonder when the plum blossom will bloom?”

Lu ang said, “It should be soon, but how about I bring you to Lin ‘an city for the New Year?”

Qian Qingyu said with some excitement, “Lin ‘an? That would be great. Although my father doesn’t treat me well, I haven’t gone to his grave to pay my respects for more than ten years...”

Lu ang said, “Then I’ll take you back to pay my respects. I went to Lin ‘an once when I was young. The winter in Lin ‘an is warmer than in Chang ‘an.”

Qian qingyu said, “I almost forgot what Lin ‘an looked like. I almost forgot the dialect of Lin ‘an when I was young.”

“I remember when we first met, you spoke in Lin ‘an dialect.”Lu ang recalled what happened when he was young.

Qian Qingyu had been looking forward to returning to Lin ‘an for the new year. She wanted to see her hometown, which had become blurry. She didn’t know if her aunt was still there or how her cousins were doing now?

However, Qian qingyu kept vomiting when they were about to leave in December.

After the imperial physician came to check her pulse, he was not sure if she was pregnant. But when he asked about the situation, it was almost the same as being pregnant. He said, “Your Highness, from the look of madam, she may be pregnant. But her pulse is still shallow. We have to wait for a month to take a look.”

When Lu ang heard the imperial physician’s words, he knew that it was almost certain that she was pregnant. He hugged Qian qingyu excitedly and said, “Qingyu, we finally have a child.”

Qian Qingyu’s body had been damaged by three years of harsh treatment in the West Mountain Academy. It was difficult for her to have a child. However, she finally had a child today.

After having a child, no matter how much the royal brother disagreed, he had to agree to his marriage with Qingyu!

Qian Qingyu was held by Lu Ang and reached out to touch her abdomen. She did not know whether she should be happy or sad..

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