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Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce

Chapter 440 - I want to marry Qian Qingyu as a princess

Chapter 440: Chapter 440: I want to marry Qian Qingyu as a princess

Qian qingyu asked, “Princess Weiyang? Isn’t she in Chang ‘an?”

Lu ang said, “No, she’s in Lingnan with her grandparents. After she went to Lingnan, I met her five times. Each time, I became more and more stingy. Usually, I don’t even want to write letters. I feel that writing letters to me is a waste of paper.”

“Every time, I wrote a lot of letters to her. In order to save some ink and brush, she answered several letters at the same time. Usually, it takes half a year to receive a reply from her.”

Qian qingyu said, “It’s a good thing that the princess is thrifty and doesn’t waste money.”

Lu ang smiled lightly and scooped out the noodles in the pot. “Here, try it. Don’t bite it off. You have to eat all of it.”

Qian Qingyu looked at the simple bowl of clear broth noodle soup in front of her. Her eyes were slightly red as she said, “This is your first time making longevity noodles for me. I’m a little reluctant to eat it.”

Lu ang touched Qian Qingyu’s head and said, “What’s there to be reluctant about? If you like it, I’ll make it for you every day in the future, Okay?”

Qian Qingyu hugged Lu Ang. “Thank You, Your Highness.”

Lu Ang also hugged her and said, “Qingyu, Happy Birthday.”


Because of the New Year’s Eve incident this year, Lu ang proposed to bring Qian Qingyu to the palace to celebrate the New Year.

Qian qingyu said, “How can that be? I have a lowly status, how can I enter the palace to celebrate the New Year?”

Lu ang said, “After I enter the palace, I still don’t know when I can leave the palace? “My brother always stays in the Changle Palace until midnight. If he doesn’t leave, I can’t leave either. “If you don’t follow me into the palace, you will have to spend the new year alone in the mansion.”


Qian Qingyu was still a little afraid of entering the palace.

Another reason why Lu ang wanted Qian Qingyu to enter the palace with her was to let his parents see Qian Qingyu.

After he got together with Qian Qingyu, Lu ang wanted Qian Qingyu to be his princess. However, he did not dare to speak to his parents rashly. The difference in status was too big.

Moreover, Qian Qingyu’s ancestors were not honorable.

Qian Qingyu did not mention it, but it was not difficult to find out her background. Her maternal grandmother was originally a brothel girl, her maternal grandfather was third master Xie, and her mother was an illegitimate daughter.

If she wanted to become a princess consort, it was not necessarily impossible for people to use her identity to say something.

Lu ang planned to let his parents and empress take a look at Qian Qingyu. As long as his parents agreed, it would not be difficult for him to marry Qian Qingyu.

Lu ang said, “The palace is not a tiger’s den that will eat people. Why Don’t you come with me to the palace for the New Year?”

“Okay,”Qian Qingyu agreed.

Lu ang happily picked up Qian Qingyu. “I have to find someone to dress you well. When we go to the palace, you have to follow me closely.”

Qian qingyu replied, “Okay.”

At the New Year’s Eve Palace banquet, all the guests were family members of high-ranking officials and nobles.

Everyone was surprised to see a woman sitting next to the second prince because they had never seen this woman before. She looked a little like Qiao Nichang, but she was not Qiao Nichang.

They were all curious about the identity of this woman.

Qian qingyu lowered her head more and more under the scrutiny of the officials and their families..

Lu ang looked at Qian qingyu and said, “No need to lower your head. Let them look if they want to.”

Qian Qingyu did not have the courage to raise her head.

Because she saw Qiao Nishang and Qian Yu sitting opposite her, she could not help but guess that His Highness had brought her to the palace banquet to make Miss Nishang jealous?

Everyone’s eyes sparkled as they looked at her and Miss Nichang. This made Qian Qingyu feel that she was just a fake..

After the palace banquet, Lu ang was going to bring Qian Qingyu to the Changle Palace. However, before they could reach the entrance of the Changle Palace, they were stopped by Lu Xi..

Lu Xi asked Lu ang, “It’s rare for our family to get together. Are you going to bring irrelevant people in?”

“What do you mean by rare? We usually get together every few days,”Lu ang said. “Besides, Qingyu is not an irrelevant person.”

Lu Xi said to Qian qingyu, “Miss Qingyu, it’s just a family banquet later. Please go back to the mansion first.”

Lu Ang looked at Lu Xi unhappily. “Brother!”

Qian Qingyu saw that Lu ang wanted to argue with the crown prince, so she said to Lu ang, “Your Highness, I’m not feeling well, so I’ll go back to the mansion to rest. I’ll wait for you in the mansion.”

Seeing this, Lu ang could only nod.

After Qian Qingyu left, Lu Ang said to Lu XI unhappily, “Why did you chase Qingyu Away?”

Lu Xi asked coldly, “Ang-er, she’s only your concubine now. No, she’s not even your concubine. She’s just a servant girl. Do you think it’s appropriate to bring her to see Father and mother today?”

Lu ang said, “I’ve never treated her as a servant girl. I want to marry her!”

Lu Xi said unhappily, “How old are you to be sure that she’s yours for Life?”

“She’s also very capable. Her status is as different as the clouds and mud from yours. Do you think it’s appropriate to have a mother who is an adulterer and a grandmother who is a servant girl of a brothel as the Princess Consort?”?

“Ang’er, the matter of the princess consort is of great importance. You have to think about it slowly. You and she are still young, so there’s no hurry to get married.”

Lu ang said, “I’m not young anymore. I know the decision I made. I want to marry her and spend the rest of my life with her!”

Lu Xi said, “What do you mean you’re not young anymore? You haven’t even gotten a crown yet. You’re just bewitched by her beauty for a while.”

Lu ang retorted, “No, it’s not bewitched by her beauty.”

Lu Xi said, “Do you dare to bet with me? I bet that three years later, if you still like her so much and decide that she wants to be a concubine, I’ll beg father and mother to agree to it.”

Lu Ang was not fooled. “Why should I bet with you? After the new year, I’ll tell father and mother that I want to marry Qingyu as my wife.”

Lu Ang was absent-minded when he entered. He answered Qiao Jinniang’s question incoherently.

Lu Chen looked at Lu ang and said, “Your mother is asking you a question. What are you thinking about?”

Lu Ang regained his thoughts. “Mother, what are you asking me?”

Qiao Jinniang smiled faintly and said, “Forget it. You should go back to the mansion. After all, if you don’t go back, the Prince of Pingliang’s mansion will face North.”

Lu ang asked, “Why would it be facing north?”

“Then how many times have you looked outside the Palace Gate?”Qiao jinniang smiled and said, “Go back.”

Lu ang bowed and was about to leave when Qiao Jinniang gave him two red packets and said, “This is the new year’s money.”

Lu ang asked curiously, “Why are there two?”

“And one is for the person you miss so much.”Qiao Jinniang smiled faintly.

Lu ang kowtowed to Lu Chen and Lady Qiao and left without stopping.

Lu Xi looked at Lady Qiao unhappily and said, “Mother, you spoil little brother too much. That servant girl’s grandmother is a brothel girl. How is she fit to be little brother’s Princess Consort? Little brother was just muddle-headed.”

Lady Qiao was surprised. “Ang-er wants to marry that concubine as a princess consort? But Yue Rong, that little girl, told me when she entered the palace that ang-er found that little servant girl as a substitute because Nichang and Qian Yu were together...”

Lu Xi said, “Yue Rong is right. The matter of wanting to marry the servant girl as the Princess Consort, perhaps brother is just trying to anger Nichang.”

Nichang, who was in the marquis an Yuan’s Manor, sneezed fiercely. Qian Yu hurriedly took off his outer clothes and put them on Nichang.

Qiao ruoyi and Xie Yun frowned when they saw this scene.

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