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Chapter 434: Chapter 434, the fate of marriage

The Yuan Xi Temple had always been bustling with incense.

As soon as the carriage stopped at the door, Qiao Nihong’s maidservant carried a lot of gold ingots folded in yellow paper into the temple. Qiao Nihong’s maidservant did not want to be outdone and carried a lot of fruits.

A young novice monk came forward to welcome them. “Amitabha, His Highness the second prince, the princess, Miss Qiao, Young Master Qian, please come in.”

Qian Yu curiously asked Qiao nihong, “This Yuan Xi temple has always been seeking marriage. Aren’t the two sisters here to seek success next year? They should be seeking bodhisattva Wenshu from Wenchang.”

Qiao nihong said, “There are also two bodhisattvas from Wenshu and Wenchang in the Yuan Xi Temple. Moreover, these two bodhisattvas in the Yuan Xi temple usually don’t have anyone to worship them.

“Suddenly, there are such generous devotees like us who come to worship them. Bodhisattvas will naturally protect us.

“Unlike other temples that are full of worshippers, Bodhisattva Wenshu won’t be able to control Wenchang.”

Qian Yu:”...”Qiao Nihong had a point.

Lu Ang was deeply influenced by Qiao Jinniang. He was not a Buddhist. Usually, he came to the temple because Qiao Nihong did not have a biological brother. He only came to accompany the two Qiao cousins.

However, after entering the temple, he went to worship the bodhisattva with respect and drew a lot.

When the lot fell out, Lu ang handed the lot to the little novice monk beside him. The little novice monk flipped through the corresponding lot and copied down the lot.

Lu Ang saw that it was a good lot and said, “Today’s luck is not bad.”

The abbot walked over, he gave a Buddhist proclamation to Lu ang and said, “Amitabha. What Your Highness has is a good fortune in marriage. The heaven-fake good fortune is a good match, and the two families are most compatible. The zither tune and the rustling are set before the real one, and the weta is summoned to be stung.”.

In this fortune, it was said that your highness and the woman with the same mind were destined to be together. In this life, the zither and the rustling would definitely be harmonious, and they would grow old together. There would be many children and grandchildren.

“Congratulations, Your Highness, your marriage is coming.”

Lu ang said, “Master, this time, it won’t work. I don’t have anyone who shares the same heart and mind, let alone a woman who loves each other. This fortune doesn’t allow it.”

The abbot just smiled and said, “Your Highness, keep this fortune. Whether it’s accurate or not, we’ll see in the future.”

Most of the people who came to the Yuanxi temple were people who sought marriage. Therefore, there was a marriage tree here. Legend had it that by stepping on the Plum Blossom Stakes, one could safely hang the red rope on the marriage tree. The higher the red rope was hung, the more they could be together for life.

Lu Ang did not believe in these things.

On the other hand, Qiao Ni-hong and Qiao Ni-hong were having a great time. The two of them were competing to see who could hang the red rope higher.

When they left Yuanxi Temple, Qiao Ni-hong bought four marriage talismans and gave them to each of them. “Take this with you. This is for me. When I have a marriage, you can take it off.”

Lu ang sighed. “It can’t be forever, right?”

Qiao Nihong snorted. “It seems that you want me to tear down your mansion, right?”

“Come on, I’m afraid of you. I’ll take it day and night and pray for you to get married soon. I’ll have to find someone to control you.”

Lu ang hung the marriage talismans in front of the sash.

They didn’t go back to the Marquis Mansion of an Yuan and the Xie mansion directly. Instead, they went to Lu Ang’s mansion.

Lu Ang was not weak yet. He could have stayed in the palace until he was 20 years old. But last year, he begged his parents to come out and live in the mansion.

Living in the palace was not as free as living in the mansion.

Qian Qingyu heard that Lu Ang had returned and went to the front yard to welcome him. Lu ang saw Qian qingyu and said, “You came at the right time. Go to the wine cellar and bring the peach blossom wine to Qingfeng Garden.”

“Yes,”Qian Qingyu replied.

Qian Yu said to Lu ang, “Your Highness, is it inappropriate to drink? Nichang is still young.”

Qiao nichang said, “Brother Yu, why are you nagging like Father and mother? It’s not easy for us to come out for a day. It’s fine to drink a little.”

When Qian Yu heard what Qiao Nichang said, he could only agree. “Then you can only drink a little. You’re not allowed to drink too much.”

Lu ang said, “Don’t worry. I Won’t get drunk.”

When Qian Qingyu brought the wine over, she had already placed the wine in the warm wine pot to warm it. Lu ang said, “There’s no need to warm the wine. We all like to eat cold things.”

Qian qingyu gently smiled and advised, “Your Highness, drinking cold wine is not easy to get rid of. Moreover, it’s already winter. The princess and Miss Qiao shouldn’t eat raw cold things, let alone wine.”

Lu ang said, “Then let’s drink warm wine.”

Qiao Nihong tilted her head and looked at Lu Ang. “When did you become so obedient? Aunt Empress has always told you to drink warm wine, but you did not listen...”

Qian qingyu smiled and said, “Your Highness is not obedient, but you feel sorry for the two young ladies.”

Qian qingyu gave Lu ang wine. The four of them could not hold their liquor well. At first, they swore that they would not get drunk, but later, apart from Qian Yu who was still a little sober, the rest were extremely drunk.

When Nanny Ning came over, she scolded Qian qingyu, “His Highness wants to drink wine, how can you really give him wine? This wine is from the Crown Prince’s palace. Serve His Highness back to his room to rest first.”

She could only send the two Miss Qiao home by herself. His Highness had brought his two younger sisters to get drunk and spread it to the palace, so he should be punished again.

Qian Qingyu looked thin and weak, but after three years of hard work, she was quite strong. She did not need help from others to help the half-drunk Lu ang back to his room.

When they reached the room, Lucky brought a bowl of hangover soup. “I forgot to tell you, when His Highness wants to drink, you must stop him.”

Lucky walked up to him and said, “Your Highness, drink the hangover soup first before you sleep.”

Lu ang said, “I’m not drunk... Don’t drink the hangover soup. It’s too fishy, I don’t need to drink the hangover soup.”

Qian qingyu said to lucky, “Give me the hangover soup.”

Qian qingyu took the hangover soup and said softly, “Your Highness is not drunk, but if you don’t Drink the Soup Tomorrow, you will have a headache. Just drink some.”

Lu ang frowned, but he still drank the antidote in one gulp.

Qian Qingyu then took off Lu Ang’s clothes. When she took off the ribbon, she saw the marriage talisman hanging on it. She took off her outer clothes, and there was a fortune sign hidden in her sleeve.

Lucky asked softly, “This fortune sign is a good fortune? What does it mean?”

Qian qingyu looked at the meaning of the fortune sign, and felt happy for her highness, she said to lucky, “It says that his highness will be able to get married to a woman who is connected to him in his life. He will also be able to play the zither, play the zither, and sing until he has a full family. That is such a good thing.”

Lucky asked, “Then who is the woman who is connected to him?”

Qian qingyu said, “I just saw that the marriage talisman on Miss Nichang’s body is the same as the one on his highness’waist. There is no other woman who is connected to him other than Miss Nichang.”

Lucky looked at Qian qingyu curiously and said, “Aren’t you disappointed? I can see that you like His Highness.”

Qian qingyu said, “His Highness is so good. Who can not like him? But I know my own limitations. It is enough that I can serve him by his side. It is already my fortune to be his servant.”

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