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Chapter 432: Chapter 432, punish Jiang Wan

i𝚗n𝘳𝙚𝑎𝗱. 𝑐𝗼𝒎

The mountain chieftain kneeled on the ground and could not stop trembling, he said repeatedly, “Your Highness, I forced her to be a slave in order to calm things down. After all, she seduced the teachers in the academy. If we don’t punish her, I’m afraid it will destroy the reputation of all the students in the West Mountain Academy...”

Lu ang said angrily, “As the mountain chieftain, don’t you believe in your own student?”?

Even if Qingyu had seduced Jiang Wan and Jiang Wan did not want to divorce his wife, his wife would not die. The main culprit was Jiang Wan. What did qingyu have to do with it?

Back then, she was only fourteen years old and had yet to reach marriageable age. Jiang Wan was ten years older than her, yet she did not blame Jiang Wan, but Qingyu? How could there be such a reason?

The mountain chieftain said, “Your Highness, I know my mistake.”

Lu ang said, “You don’t have to be the mountain chieftain anymore. I will report this matter to my mother. From today onwards, West Mountain Academy will be closed for half a month.”

The original intention of West Mountain Academy was for women to be more knowledgeable. Over the years, there was no lack of academic excellence in West Mountain Academy.

However, as the reputation of West Mountain Academy grew, there were many daughters of wealthy families who came to west mountain academy to be gold-plated, deviating from the original intention of his mother when she ran West Mountain Academy.

If this matter was not resolved, the reputation of West Mountain Academy would truly be ruined.

After the second Prince entered the palace, Ma Ya went to Qian Qingyu’s room. When she saw Qian Qingyu, she hurriedly said, “Qingyu.”

After Qian Qingyu Drank the medicine, she was already much better. When she saw Ma Ya, she said with some excitement, “Why are you here?”

Ma Ya smiled slightly and said, “It was the second prince who announced me to come. The second prince is really good to you. No wonder you have been unable to forget him. His Highness ordered the punishment of Old Wang and even dismissed the mountain chieftain for investigation.”

When Qian Qingyu heard this, she felt even more grateful towards the second prince.

Ma ya smiled and said, “Now that I have seen His Highness the second Prince’s feelings for you with my own eyes, I can rest assured in the future. You can finally have a place to stay in the imperial residence.”

Qian qingyu only smiled slightly. She did not know how long she could stay in the imperial residence, but she would be satisfied if she could stay for one more day.


The beginning of September was a good day for autumn.

Princess Qing Yuan of the Prince Su’s mansion was holding a banquet in a mountain villa on the outskirts of the city today. She invited people from Chang ‘an city to listen to Jiang Wan’s music.

Qian Qingyu sat outside the carriage and watched the scenery along the way.

After entering the West Mountain Academy, she had never left the west mountain. When she arrived at the Lu Ang’s mansion, she had never left the mansion. She had been in Chang ‘an for more than ten years, and this was the first time she could see the prosperity of Chang ‘an.

King Su had always been a man with his tail between his legs in Chang ‘an. However, because his only daughter was Qing Yuan, he doted on her very much.

When Qing Yuan was very young, he had given the imperial manor to Qing Yuan.

The people who came to the banquet today were all descendants of the royal families, and the outside of the manor was filled with horse carriages.

Princess Qing Yuan welcomed them at the door. When she saw Lu ang coming over, she said, “Second brother, you are here. I have been waiting for you for a long time. Last time, I told you to let Jiang Wan into the palace’s teaching workshop. You said that you wanted to hear Jiang Wan’s songs first. Finally, you have come. After you hear it, you will definitely be amazed.”

The Chang ‘an teaching workshop was divided into two types of teaching workshops. However, there was a difference. The teaching workshops in the palace were dedicated to performing songs for the Emperor and the Empress. There were grades.

The second type was for high-ranking officials and nobles who could be hired as long as they paid money. Usually, the emperor would let them perform for the common people and soldiers. There was no rank. They were just singers.

Qing Yuan wanted Jiang Wan to enter the palace and become a musician in the academy, but it was not so easy to meet the musicians of Tian Yan

Lu ang said, “If he is really capable and has a good character, there is no harm in entering the palace.”

Qing Yuan said happily, “I knew that second brother is the best.”

Qian qingyu lowered her head and followed beside Lu Ang. She did not dare to raise her head to look at the nobles in the garden. After the banquet started, the sound of zither could be heard from afar. In the river in the manor, a small boat could be seen coming from the mist.

The music was moving, as if it was a fairyland.

After the song, Jiang Wan got off the boat in white. She walked to Lu Ang and knelt down to greet him. “I, Jiang Wan, pay my respects to Your Highness, Second Prince.”

Lu Ang sat on the throne. Qian Qingyu stood behind him and looked down. When she saw Jiang Wan kneeling at her feet, even if she was not the one kneeling, it was still very satisfying.

After the matter was exposed, his wife’s relatives came looking for him. Jiang Wan did not have a man to take responsibility for it. He pushed all the responsibility onto himself.

After his wife died, he said that it was because Qian qingyu forced him to divorce his wife. But before that, Qian Qingyu did not know that he had a wife.

Princess Qing Yuan said in front of everyone, “Second Brother, you also heard the music he played. His ability is not inferior to the musicians in the palace’s teaching workshop. Do you think he could enter the palace as a musician?”

Qiao Nihong stood up and said, “I think it is inappropriate to let him enter the palace as a musician.”

Princess Qing Yuan said, “Nihong, what right do you have to say that?”

“The musicians in the palace’s teaching workshop not only have to be skilled, but they also have to have a good character. Jiang Wan abandoned the chaff and seduced the female students in West Mountain Academy when she was teaching. She disregarded human relations and was worse than a pig or a dog!”

Princess Qing yuan frowned and said, “That was because that female student had no sense of shame and seduced Jiang Wan. Jiang Wan pitied her for having no parents, but who knew that the female student would go so far as to seduce Jiang Wan, causing Jiang Wan’s wife to commit suicide out of jealousy. What does this have to do with Jiang Wan?”

Qiao nihong said, “How is it not related? If he doesn’t want to divorce his wife, how could that female student threaten Jiang Wan? Moreover, that female student didn’t even know Jiang Wan was married. She was the victim.”

Jiang Wan quickly said, “Princess, no, she was the one who seduced me! “It was all done by Qian Qingyu. She was also the one who forced me. If I didn’t want to divorce my wife, she would tell everyone that I was disrespected as a teacher and humiliated her. I was threatened by her, so I had no choice but to divorce my wife.”

Qian qingyu frowned and said, “Nonsense, Jiang Wan. At that time, I didn’t even know that you had a wife. How could I threaten you? You lied and harmed people’s lives. Aren’t you afraid of retribution?”

Jiang Wan looked up and saw Qian Qingyu. She was slightly stunned. “Why are you here?”

Qian Qingyu looked at Jiang Wan and felt very disgusted. “I dare to swear that everything I said is true. Do you dare to swear?”

Jiang Wan said, “Of course I dare to swear. If it weren’t for you seducing me and threatening me, I would have gone crazy to do such an indecent thing. Now you still want me to go down with you? Don’t even think about it!”

Qian Qingyu was extremely anxious. It was as if she had returned to that day when no one believed her and everyone came to mock her..

Qing yuan also said, “So that little slut is you. You came out just in time. You almost ruined Jiang Wan’s reputation. If you dare to cause trouble again today, I will make sure you die a horrible death.”

Lu ang said lightly, “Sister, you have such a big mouth. How can you make a move on my people? Jiang Wan forced his wife to die first and lied to the female students later. His crime is unforgivable. Men, drag him away and send him to the border.”

Qing Yuan said anxiously, “Second Brother, how can you let Jiang Wan leave without any reason?”

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