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Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce

Chapter 431 - Lu Ang’s support

Chapter 431: Chapter 431, Lu Ang’s support

The temperature of autumn had dropped, and the night air was cold. Qian Qingyu had been treated harshly for the past three years, and the worst part was that it was autumn. Every time the sunflower water came, the pain would be unbearable.

Lucky saw that Qian Qingyu’s face was pale, and he looked like he would collapse at any moment, so he asked, “Do you want me to invite a doctor to take a look?”

Qian qingyu shook her head and said, “No need, I’ll be fine after resting for two days.”

The first time she came to sunflower water, Qian Qingyu did not know that it was sunflower water and thought that she had some serious illness.

At that time, she thought that it was a relief.

There was nothing left for her in this world.

It was only when she found a bloodstain on the clothes of the washing lady that she found out that it was sunflower water that the lady would come to every month.

Ma Ya told her that she could not eat raw and cold water when she came to sunflower water, but she could only eat raw and cold water on a daily basis. As for cold water, she could not avoid it.

More and more of the female students who came to West Mountain Academy were the pampered daughters of the manor. The academy did not allow maids to accompany the students, so naturally, someone had to wash the clothes.

When Qian qingyu came to sunflower water, it was impossible for her not to touch the cold water. Perhaps because of this, the root of her illness fell and she would be in pain every month, but the pain of autumn and winter was especially severe.

“Sister Qingyu, His Highness is calling for you.”

Lucky said to ruyi at the door, “Go and report to His Highness. Qingyu is sick and needs to rest for a day.”

Ruyi replied, “Okay.”

Lu ang heard that Qian Qingyu was sick in the study and said, “Let the female doctor in the Xuanshang Palace take a look at her.”

Ruyi bowed. 𝑖𝑛𝐧𝓻e𝒶𝗱. c𝚘𝙢

After Ruyi left, Lu ang looked at the drawings of the Ministry of works for a while and then went to Qian Qingyu’s room.

The female doctor was checking Qian Qingyu’s pulse. Everyone saluted when they saw His Highness coming over.

Lu ang said, “There’s no need to salute. How is Qingyu?”

The female doctor sighed and said, “Miss Qingyu doesn’t take good care of her body. It’s because of the cold evil palace. So every time she comes to the sunflower water, she will be in great pain. Miss Qingyu should take good care of her body. Otherwise, it will be difficult for her to have children in the future.”

“Miss Qingyu, you are so young. How can the Cold Palace be so serious? Sigh, I will give you a few prescriptions. Miss Qingyu, remember to drink them every day. Only by taking good care of yourself can you have hope of having children...”

Qingyu thanked him weakly, “Thank you.”

Lucky sent the female doctor out and Ruyi helped to get the medicine. Only Lu ang and Qian Qingyu were left in the room.

Lu Ang was a little embarrassed when he heard about this illness, so he changed the topic, “Five days later, the princess of the Su King’s mansion will hold a banquet and invite the young masters and Daughters of the noble families in Chang ‘an to listen to Jiang Wan’s music. Neon dress and the others will avenge you. Do you want to go with me?”

Qian qingyu nodded and said, “Okay.”

She was not afraid of confronting Jiang Wan. She had suffered for three years, and she also wanted to see how Jiang Wan’s reputation was ruined.

Lu ang asked Qian qingyu, “When you went to the West Mountain Academy, you should have had a better life. Why did you make yourself so miserable and become my servant girl? If you had known, would you have regretted leaving?”

Qian qingyu nodded and said, “Yes, but according to the rules of the palace, I could not stay. Moreover, the Empress was doing it for my own good. How could I let her down?”

After saying that, Qian Qingyu took a deep breath in pain. His palm-sized face was almost scrunched up.

Lu ang asked, “Is it really that painful?”

Lu Ang did not know when to do it, but he remembered that his mother would also have abdominal pain after eating ice in the summer. His father would put his big hand on his mother’s lower abdomen, as if it could alleviate the pain.

Lu ang put his hand on Qian Qingyu’s lower abdomen. “This way, can it be better?”

Qian Qingyu’s face instantly turned red. “Your Highness, this can’t be.”

“What’s not acceptable? If you can feel better, then so be it.”

Qian Qingyu looked up at the side of Lu Ang’s face and pursed her lips. She secretly warned herself that her highness only saw that she was in great pain. Her Highness’Princess Consort was Qiao Nichang.

She was just a servant girl. Even if she had long been tempted, she should not have thought too much about it.

This kind of warmth, it would be fine after a while.

However, this was the first time Lu ang felt that a woman’s waist was only so thin. He did not know what kind of life she had been living in the academy all these years.

Lu Ang remembered that there was a person who begged the medical woman to save her that day. It seemed to be someone called Ma Ya. He should have found her and asked her about it.


Ma Ya was a little scared when the second prince called her over to the Prince’s residence of Pingliang. However, she wanted to see how Qian Qingyu was doing.

Ma Ya arrived at the main hall of the Prince’s residence and knelt down before Lu ang, who was seated at the seat of honor. “Your Daughter Greets Your Highness Prince Pingliang.”

Lu ang said, “No need for formalities. I called you here today because I want to ask you what kind of life Qian Qingyu has been living in the academy these past few years. How did she end up with such a set of problems at such a young age?”

Ma Ya lowered her head and said, “If it were a court official or a daughter, she would have died a long time ago during these three years in the academy. Granny Wang beat and scolded her. There were at least a thousand people in the academy. Even if every student changed their clothes every three days, she would have to wash three to four hundred sets of clothes every day.

“From morning to night, she would have to chop firewood and wash the shoes for those students. Not to mention washing the bed sheets and bedding for the students in the academy. She could only sleep for six hours every day for the past three years, “The rest of the time, she was busy all the time.”

“There were times when I went to visit her. She was just too tired. After a short rest, she would be whipped. In winter, it was needless to say that her hands were not only swollen from blisters but also full of frostbite.

She was an embroidery expert praised by Mr. Lin. It was said that her embroidery skills could not even be matched by the beautiful women in the palace. However, over the years, her hands were unable to embroider anything. They were all calluses, if she was not careful, the silk thread would be destroyed.

There was not a single piece of good skin on her body. It was all beaten by Granny Wang with a whip. Not long ago, on a rainy day, Granny Wang’s whip almost killed her.”

Lu Ang had watched Granny Wang beat her that day. He was quite regretful that he had not been able to go out and stop Granny Wang. If he had known that she would be like this when she went to the West Mountain Academy, he would not have let Qingyu leave no matter what he said.

Lu ang asked again, “How much do you know about Jiang Wan?”

Ma ya replied, “It was Jiang Wan who deceived qingyu, whose future was uncertain at that time. The women of the same level in the academy were jealous of Qingyu’s appearance, and they casually slandered and slandered her. The three of them became tigers, and Qingyu was killed.”

Lu Ang went to find nanny Ning and said, “Go to West Mountain Academy, arrest Granny Wang, and send her to the government. Also, find the mountain chief of West Mountain Academy.”

When the mountain chief of the West Mountain Academy arrived at the second Prince’s residence, he trembled.

Lu ang saw the middle-aged woman kneeling on the ground and said coldly, “Back then, mother managed the West Mountain Academy to Save a girl who had nowhere to turn. Now, it has become a good place for some rich family’s daughters to gild their gold. Do they even need someone to wash their clothes?

“Qingyu was specially sent to the West Mountain Academy by Mother’s order, except for slaves. Who allowed you to force her to be a slave?”

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