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Chapter 428: Chapter 428, I leave the mansion

Qiao Nichang glanced at the letter and said to Qiao ruoyi, “Mother, the letter says that brother Ang has a new servant girl who looks similar to me.

“This servant girl used to be in the West Mountain Academy. The letter says that she seduced a Mr. Music Theory with a wife in the West Mountain Academy... now brother Ang has asked this servant girl to be his personal servant girl.”

Qiao ruoyi glanced at her and said, “Don’t meddle in this matter.”

Qiao ruoyi still remembered the tragic scene when the Zhou family building was about to collapse. Lu Ang was a prince after all. Even the Empress did not interfere with the servants and palace maids in Lu Ang’s residence. How could niching interfere.

Niching agreed, but she was still a little curious. Why would brother Ang keep such a girl as a servant girl?

The next day, Qiao Nishang and Qiao Nihong went to the Prince’s mansion in Pingliang. Qiao Nishang was really curious about the woman who looked similar to her in the letter.

Qian Qingyu was on night duty last night, so she did not have to be on duty during the day. Just as she was about to rest and catch up on her sleep, Lucky rushed over and said, “Wake up quickly. The neon monarch and Miss Nishang are here. Miss Nishang wants to see you by name.”

Qian Qingyu connected the dots.

Seeing that Qiao Neon and Qiao neon were in the Flower Hall of the main courtyard and their master was not around, the two of them were pleased with their relationship with His Highness.

Qian Qingyu stepped forward and bowed. “This servant Qingyu greets Princess Neon, Miss Qiao.”

Qiao neon looked at Qian Qingyu carefully. “It’s You?”

Qiao nichang asked, “You Know Her?”

“Have you forgotten? When You Were Young, you were afraid of thunder. When aunt was not at home, Lu Ang wanted to take you away and had a servant girl replace you. It was her.”

To others, they would think that Qiao Nichang and Qian Qingyu were similar, but Qiao Nihon did not think that the two were similar.

Qiao nichang said, “I remember now. Later, she betrayed brother Ang and went to West Mountain Academy. Brother Ang was lost for a few days because of this!

“The Empress asked you to enter West Mountain Academy. How could you seduce Sir?

“Isn’t this embarrassing West Mountain Academy?”

Qian Qingyu’s face was pale, and her lips were pale. “I did not seduce Sir. Mr. Jiang was well-versed in music theory. Many students in the Academy liked music theory classes at that time.

“Mr. Jiang always praised my music theory and asked me to take music theory classes. Later, Mr. Jiang told me that he was happy with me and wanted to marry me.

“It was already difficult for me to get married without parents. I was already 14 at that time. When I reached marriageable age, I had to leave West Mountain Academy. My future was unknown, so I agreed to Mr. Jiang’s marriage proposal, “But I didn’t know that he had a wife at home.

“If I knew, I would never have dared to get close to him. He also never told me that he had a wife at home...”

Qian qingyu lowered her head guiltily and said, “I don’t know why his wife would hang herself and die like this. I didn’t mean to hurt Mrs. Jiang, but she did die because of me...”

Qiao Nishang and Qiao Nihong looked at each other.

Qiao nihong said, “I see. is that musician named Jiang still alive?”

Qian qingyu said, “I haven’t heard anything about him, but I heard from Ma Ya that he is quite famous in Chang ‘an and is highly appreciated by some noble families...”

Qiao nichang asked, “Is his name Jiang Wan?”

Qian qingyu nodded and said, “That’s right.”

Jiang Wan was good at music theory, and now he was in the limelight. The Princess of the Su King’s mansion appreciated this musician Jiang the most, and she often held banquets for everyone to enjoy.

Jiang Wan’s name was also widely known in Chang ‘an. Even Qiao Nishang had heard the music he played. It was indeed very good, but she did not expect it to be such scum.

Qiao nishang said, “I will verify this matter. Whether the truth is as you say or not, I will make that Jiang Wan lose his reputation and pay for his wife’s early death.”

Qian Qingyu looked at Qiao Nichang with gratitude and said, “Thank you, Princess Nichang.”

Back then, she was unable to defend herself in west mountain academy and everyone was scolding her. The family members of Jiang Wan’s wife also came to blame her, but no one blamed Jiang Wan.

Qiao nichang said, “If you really suffered such grievance, why didn’t you tell the mountain chieftain?”

Qian qingyu lowered her head and said, “The mountain chieftain didn’t want to make a big deal out of this matter in order to calm things down. There were also classmates in the Academy. Perhaps there was some misunderstanding with me...”

Some misunderstandings were not entirely true. She had entered West Mountain Academy back then because of the Empress’favor.

There were many branches of West Mountain Academy. At that time, it was already very difficult to enter the first branch of West Mountain Academy.

Those who entered the academy were all from wealthy families, and they had also used many connections to enter the West Mountain Academy.

Back then, Qian Qingyu easily entered the academy and attracted a lot of gossip. She did not know why, but her relationship with her other classmates had always been bad.

After ten years, she only had one good friend, Ma Ya. After the incident, there were many people who added insult to injury and made up stories about her seducing Sir’s student.

Qiao nihong said, “I will investigate this matter properly. If you are really innocent, I will clear your name!

“If you really have the intention to seduce teacher at such a young age, you should leave the Prince’s residence as soon as possible... Don’t let me tell the Empress.”

Qian qingyu bit her lips, “Yes.”

Qiao Nishang pulled Qiao Nihong’s sleeve, “Mother said that I am not allowed to interfere in brother Ang’s backyard.”

Qiao nichang comforted her, “Don’t worry. If she really is that disgusting person who would seduce Sir, if the Empress knew about it, she would never allow her to be by Lu Ang’s side.”

After sending Qiao Nichang and Nichang away, Qian Qingyu returned to her room without any drowsiness.

She took out the mooncake wrapped in a handkerchief. A tear fell on the mooncake.

Lucky pushed the door open and entered. Qian qingyu wiped her tears away.

Lucky saw Qian Qingyu holding a mooncake and said, “Why aren’t you eating this mooncake? If you put it down again, it will spoil. This mooncake will only last for five days at most. It has already been ten days. You can throw it away.”

Qian Qingyu hid the mooncake and said to lucky, “Your Highness is back?”

“Yes, you are not on duty today. If His Highness doesn’t tell you to go, don’t go. Otherwise, those people will gossip about you.”

Qian qingyu said, “Just say it.”

Anyway, she did not have much time left in the Prince’s mansion. She only wished that she could take a few more glances at the second prince.

It was not that Qian Qingyu did not trust Qiao Nihong.

It was that she knew how bad her popularity in the academy was. Back then, her classmates could falsely accuse her in front of the mountain chieftain. Now, it was hard to guarantee that they would not come and make up stories to blame her.

Over the past three years, it was not that Qian Qingyu did not want to explain, but that she had no way to explain herself.

Everyone had determined that she was the one who seduced the music theory master. There was nothing she could do to clear her name.

Even if Princess Nihon went to the academy to investigate, she would find out that she was the one who deliberately seduced the music theory master. i𝒏𝒏𝐫𝑒𝐚d. c𝐨𝗺

It was enough that Princess Nihon was willing to punish Jiang Wan.

Qian Qingyu then went to Lu Ang’s room.

Inside, Lu Ang was changing his dressing. He could not help but frown. “You don’t know how to be gentle at all. Where’s Qingyu? Let her change the dressing.”

Hearing this, Ruyi said repeatedly, “I know my mistake. I will go find Qingyu now.”

Ruyi saw Qingyu as soon as she went out. “You’re just in time. His Highness is asking you to change the dressing.”

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