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Chapter 427: Chapter 427, complaining to Qiao Nichang

The next day, after Qian Qingyu sent the second prince off, she arranged the books on the desk in the room. There were a few pieces of paper beside them, and the words on them were graceful and lively. It was obvious that they were good words.

Qian Qingyu took a look and realized that this was an article written by Qiao Nichang. She suppressed her article with a paperweight, afraid that it would be blown away by the wind.

After all, to the second prince, Qiao Nichang’s article should be very important.

Qian Qingyu went out of the room. When she returned to her room, she heard the second-class servant girl whispering in the courtyard.

“Really? Qian Qingyu has always been the eldest servant girl. These days, she has become the eldest servant girl by the second Prince’s side. The second prince trusts her so much. So she is such a fickle woman.”

“Everyone in West Mountain Academy knows about this. She is really capable. It is not enough that she seduced sir, but she has come to seduce His Highness!”

“Does his highness know about Qian Qingyu’s past?”

“His Highness brought her here from West Mountain Academy. How could he not know about this? We can not turn a blind eye to this matter. Miss Nichang is so good to us. Why don’t we tell Miss Nichang about this matter?”

“Qian Qingyu only got His Highness’s attention because of her resemblance to Miss Nichang. If Miss Nichang knew Qian Qingyu’s true colors, she would definitely advise His Highness to chase Qian Qingyu out of the imperial residence.”

Lucky walked to Qian Qingyu’s side and said, “You’ve been the eldest servant girl ever since you came to the imperial residence. These second-class servant girls already have complaints in their hearts. Miss Nichang is a reasonable person. You Don’t have to be afraid.”

Qian qingyu forced a smile and said, “Yes, I know.”

At worst, she would just leave the Prince’s mansion again.

Qian Qingyu returned to her room and looked at the moon cake that had gone cold last night. She could not bear to eat it. After all, it had been many years since the second prince gave her the moon cake. She had to keep it well.


There was a polo match in Chang ‘an today. Qiao Nichang and Qiao Nihong were naturally going to participate.

The polo matches in the palace today were attended by relatives of the royal family, so there were no separate teams for men and women.

Qiao Nihong’s polo skills had always been excellent, but Qiao Nichang was only average. There were no brothers or sisters in the match, and they were all members of the royal family and relatives of the royal family, so there was no need to be tolerant in a fight.

When a ball flew towards Qiao Nichang, Qiao Nichang forgot to swing her club and only knew how to Dodge. Unexpectedly, she almost fell off the horse.

At the critical moment, Qiao Nishang shouted, “Brother Ang!”

Lu Ang was too far away from Qiao Nishang. He could not rush over to save her. Qian Yu, on the other hand, anxiously got off the horse and caught Qiao Nishang. Unexpectedly, they were on a slope and he did not manage to catch Qiao Nishang.

Both Qiao Nishang and Qian Yu rolled down the slope.

With this incident, the Polo match was suspended. Qiao Nishang was worried about her. She was the first to rush down to watch. Qian Yu held Qiao Nishang tightly in his arms. 𝑖𝗻𝙣𝐫e𝙖𝗱. 𝚌𝗼𝓂

Nothing happened to Qiao Nichang. On the contrary, Qian Yu’s face had been scratched by the gravel, and his arm had also hit a rock..

The imperial physician rushed over to let Qian Yu take a look. He wanted Qian Yu to rest for more than half a year, which meant that he would not be able to write for more than half a year.

In the marquis an Yuan’s manor.

Qiao Nichang heard that the Xie family’s manor doctor’s words were no different from what the imperial physician had said, and her nose immediately turned red.

“Cousin Qian, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I’ve implicated you.”

Qiao Nishang’s eyes were filled with tears.

Qian Yu reached out his other good hand to wipe away Qiao Nishang’s tears. “Don’t cry. You’re the most beautiful woman in Chang ‘an. You’ll become ugly if you cry. My hand is fine as long as you’re okay.”

Qiao nishang said, “Cousin, I’m sorry. I’ve implicated you so much that you won’t be able to take the exam again until three years later.”

Qian yu smiled and said, “It’s alright. After all, I still have the title of nobility. The crown prince of the Prince’s mansion doesn’t care whether I can take the exam or not. Don’t cry. If you cry, it will hurt me.”

Qiao nichang asked in confusion, “Why does it hurt when I Cry?”

Qian Yu gently used his finger to scratch the tip of Qiao Nichang’s nose. “My heart will hurt.”

When Qiao Nichang heard this, her heart thumped rapidly. She did not know why it was like this, but this feeling was something that she had never felt in the past fourteen years.

Qiao ruoyi happened to see this when she entered the house. She could not believe that her big sister, who had always been dull, could give birth to such a Qian Yu.

She felt that in front of her little cabbage was a little fox. If she did not protect the little cabbage, she would be taken away by this little fox.


“Mother!”Qiao Nichang ran over to Qiao Ruoyi when she saw her.

Qiao ruoyi said a few words to Qian Yu and brought Qiao Nichang back to the Xie residence.

In the carriage, Qiao Ruoyi coughed twice and said, “Nichang, you are not young anymore. Mother wants to ask you, what do you think about the marriage in the future?”

Qiao Nichang Hung Her head shyly. “Mother, I am still young.”

Qiao ruoyi hugged Nichang in her arms and said, “Mother also hopes that you can always be young and stay on Mother’s wing. But, mother also knows that you will get married one day.”

Qiao Nichang lowered her voice and said to Qiao ruoyi, “Mother, I have a crush on brother Ang. I want to be brother Ang’s princess, but he only sees me as his sister. He likes me, just like a sister.”

Qiao ruoyi asked, “Then have you revealed your feelings to him?”

Qiao Nichang shook her head. “I don’t dare. I’m afraid that if I reveal them, he won’t talk to me anymore. He won’t even treat me as his sister. He won’t even bring me along to play.”

Qiao ruoyi asked again, “Then do you know what it means to have a crush on him? Will your heart beat like a drum when you see him?”

Qiao nichang said, “No. I know that I’m very happy when I see brother Ang because I know that he will give me a lot of delicious food and will even bring me along to play a lot of fun.”.

“But when I see cousin Qian, sometimes my heart beats like a drum...”

Qiao ruoyi patted Nichang’s head. “Silly girl, you’re still young and don’t know what love is. You might know it when you grow up.”

Nichang smiled and said, “I know that Father and mother are loving. Father loves mother so much. Why didn’t father come out with you today?”

Qiao Ruoyi did not answer Nichang’s question. Was It Love? Her Heart had died a long time ago. It was impossible for her to fall in love with Xie Yun. After ten years of being husband and wife, the so-called love was only in the eyes of others.

Nichang had just entered the Xie residence when the gatekeeper gave her a letter. “Miss, this was brought over by a servant girl from the second Prince’s residence. She said that you must take a look at it personally.”

Qiao Nichang opened the letter. “Who sent this letter to me?”?

As soon as Nishang entered the Xie residence, the gatekeeper gave her a letter. “Miss, a servant girl from the second Prince’s residence brought this over. She said that you must see it for yourself.”

Qiao Nishang opened the envelope. “Who sent me a letter?

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