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Chapter 421: Chapter 421. It was sister who asked me to serve you

Xie Yun didn’t even give Hu Caiqin a glance. She just said one sentence and was about to leave, “Since your cousin asked you to stay, then you should stay in your courtyard.”

Hu caiqin said, “Brother-in-law, actually, I have another thing to tell you. Previously, when Luo Wei was around, he gave the Hu family a hundred taels of silver every year during the New Year. But this year...”

When Xie Yun heard the name Luo Wei, he stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Hu Caiqin. “Luo Wei gives you a hundred taels of silver every year?”

Hu Caiqin nodded. “Brother-in-law is a good person. Cousin has some misunderstandings because of what happened back then. Brother-in-law is much more reasonable...”

Xie Yun sneered. He did not want to comment on the good and bad of the deceased. However, at this moment, he only wanted to scold Luo Wei for being stupid. Giving the Hu family a hundred taels of silver every year was not a lot for the Qiao family.

But to the Hu family, it was already a huge sum of money. Every year, a hundred taels of silver was easily obtained, so how could they not be greedy?

No wonder, as soon as Qiao Ruoyi got married, they immediately came after her.

Hu Caiqin waited for Xie Yun to also say that he would give them a sum of silver, but Xie Yun did not show any expression at all. He only left Hu Caiqin with a back view.


Qiao Ruoyi was about to rest when Yan Yu came forward and said, “Madam, that Hu Caiqin finally moved today. Earlier, she made an earring and lost it. She found the outside of the son-in-law’s study and even met the son-in-law who had just returned to the manor...”

Qiao ruoyi thought for a while and said, “The Hu family really can’t change their ways. Did she do anything shameful?”

Yan Yu said, “Not really. But she told the son-in-law that when the general was around, he would give the Hu family a hundred taels of silver every year, as if to ask for silver from the son-in-law...”

Qiao ruoyi frowned. “Did Luo Wei give them silver in the past?”

No wonder they had not made a fuss over the past few years, but they had come to Chang ‘an this year.

Yan Yu said, “Yes.”

Qiao ruoyi sighed. Luo Wei was the most polite, so she would not blame him. She just asked, “What about Xie Yun?”

“Her son-in-law did not say anything, nor did he ask the accountant to give the Hu family silver.”

Qiao ruoyi said, “Keep an eye on him. If the Hu family can’t get the silver, they will definitely have a backup plan.”



Hu Caiqin didn’t see Xie Yun for several days. Her family urged her to get the silver. Hu Caiqin went to Qiao Ruoyi’s room in a hurry.

Seeing the luxury in Qiao Ruoyi’s room, Hu Caiqin was full of envy. It was freezing outside, but Qiao Ruoyi was already wearing spring clothes in the room.


Qiao ruoyi looked at Hu Caiqin and asked, “Is that ruffian still in Chang ‘an?”

Hu caiqin said, “I heard from father and mother that he is still there. Cousin, I have seen a woman beside brother-in-law these days. That woman’s age is about the same as brother-in-law’s age, and she is very close to brother-in-law. is that brother-in-law’s concubine?”

Qiao ruoyi knew that she was talking about Lanxin, so she said, “That is not a concubine, but the eldest servant girl who grew up with Xie Yun.”

Hu Caiqin lowered her voice and said to Qiao ruoyi, “Cousin, then you have to be careful of that servant girl. You’re pregnant now. If that eldest servant girl seduces brother-in-law, she and brother-in-law have a childhood friendship. In the future, she won’t climb onto your head.”

Qiao ruoyi slowly said, “That won’t happen. Lan Xin doesn’t have that kind of interest in Xie Yun.”

Hu caiqin said anxiously, “Aiya, cousin, aren’t you being silly? Back then, aunt was also a servant girl who grew up by the Marquis’side. In the end, she also ascended to become the Marquis’Concubine in one step.

Which servant girl wouldn’t be willing to be the master’s concubine? The lesson from the past is here. How can you not be wary of Lan Xin!”

Qiao Ruoyi’s heart was already boiling with anger. The Hu family had received all the benefits from aunt, but in the end, they still looked down on Aunt Hu in their hearts!

The Hu family did not know the hardships aunt Hu had suffered in this generation!

Qiao ruoyi took a sip of tea and suppressed the anger in her heart. She looked at Hu Caiqin with her clear and cold eyes and said, “Then in your opinion, what do you think should be done?”

Hu caiqin said, “As long as cousin is willing to believe me, I will definitely help you win over brother-in-law’s heart.”

“Okay.”Qiao ruoyi looked at Hu Caiqin calmly.

Hu caiqin said, “Cousin, but I can’t even enter brother-in-law’s study?”

Qiao ruoyi said, “Just go in my name.”

After Hu Caiqin left in high spirits, Yan Yu, who was at the side, asked Qiao ruoyi in puzzlement, “Miss, aren’t you afraid that your son-in-law will really be schemed against by Hu Caiqin?”

Qiao ruoyi said, “Can Hu Caiqin scheme against Xie Yun?”

It was just that Hu Caiqin wanted to embarrass herself.


When the sky had just turned dark, Hu Caiqin carried the lantern and the food box to Xie Yun’s study and said, “I’m here to deliver the pastries to brother-in-law under cousin’s orders.”

The guard at the door said, “Please Wait a moment, I’ll go in and ask the Master.”

Xie Yun, who was busy in the study, heard the Guard’s voice. Qiao ruoyi sent someone to deliver the pastries to him and said, “Let her in.”

The Sun would probably rise from the west tomorrow.

After the wedding, this was the first time Qiao Ruoyi had ordered someone to bring him pastries.

A pungent smell of ointment came from outside the study. Xie Yun frowned slightly and looked up. The woman in front of him was wearing makeup that was even whiter than a ghost’s.

Hu caiqin twisted her waist. She was wearing spring clothes during the first month of the Lunar New Year. She wore a skirt that reached her chest and was extremely low, revealing the beautiful scenery under her collarbone. “Brother-in-law, this is the pastries that sister asked me to bring to you. I made them myself.”

Hu Caiqin believed that her appearance was the best in the village. Qiao Ruoyi had been pregnant for a long time, and Xie Yun was a man who had sex before him. She did not believe that he could still hold himself back.

“Brother-in-law, this pastry is called the tender honey cake. The date cores in it were removed by my mouth one by one... have a taste!”

Lan Xin, who was lazily drinking pear red date soup outside the door, looked at the red dates in front of her and held onto a pillar and vomited..

Seeing that Hu Caiqin was getting closer and closer, Xie Yun raised his hand and picked up a fan at the side to block Hu Caiqin’s approach. He coldly spat out a word, “Get lost!”

Hu caiqin said indiscriminately, “Brother-in-law, don’t be so fierce to me. It was sister who asked me to come and serve you.”

Hearing this, Xie Yun became even angrier. He said to the outside, “Lan Xin, throw Hu Caiqin out. No, drive all the members of the Hu family out of Chang ‘an. Don’t let them enter Chang ‘an city again.

If they still won’t let it go, tell the outside world what Hu Caiqin has done in the Xie Family!”

After Lan Xin vomited, she heard the voices inside and ordered the secret guards to throw the cool-dressed Hu Caiqin out.

Xie Yun’s mind was still filled with that sentence. It was sister who asked me to come and serve you. She was so angry that she went to the courtyard where Qiao Ruoyi was!

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