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Chapter 31: Qiao Ruoshui Is Seriously Ill

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Lu Chen looked down at Qiao Jinniang. He remembered that when they just got married, she would always adjust his belt for him.

When she was doing that, her little face would always be blushing with shame, making her look so cute.

Three years later, Qiao Jinniang had grown a lot, becoming more glamorous.

In this room, only Princess Fulu wasn’t aware of the real relationship between the two.

Fulu said with worry, “My mother said that Queen Mother is already determined to marry me to Prince Mediocre. But even if Prince Mediocre is good-looking, he is just a hypocrite. I would rather die here than marry him. Imperial Cousin, you’ve gotta help me.”

Lu Chen chuckled. “I think Prince Mediocre is even more reluctant to marry you.”

Fulu, “?”

Was she so undesirable?

Junior Duke Rong said to Lu Chen, “Seventh Brother, only half a year after you disappeared, Prince Mediocre, his followers and some veteran officials couldn’t wait to force His Majesty to pick another crown prince.

“They almost forced His Majesty to abdicate. If it were not for the fact that the Queen threw away her manners and quarreled crazily with them in the court, and the State Preceptor stating that the Queen’s madness was caused by Prince Mediocre, he might have already become the crown prince. ”

Zhou Siming nodded and said, “Many literati still feel sorry for Prince Mediocre even now.”

Qiao Jinniang had figured out that this Prince Mediocre was probably a deadly foe of Lu Chen.

Prince Mediocre had a good reputation among courtiers and was considered a virtuous prince.

There were often novels about a talented, virtuous prince who was not favored by the emperor and was persecuted by an incompetent crown prince and an evil queen, but successfully seized the throne in the end. 𝑖𝐧𝓷𝓇𝙚𝙖d. c𝚘𝐦

Prince Wise became Prince Mediocre due to the Queen’s manipulation.

This prince must have borne a deep grudge.

Holding the sachet in his hand, Lu Chen was in a good mood. “It must be for the throne that he returned before I could select my crown princess.

“But unfortunately, he doesn’t have a good mother. If he couldn’t get it when he was born, he won’t get it in his entire life.”

“Even if those literati feel pity for him, so what? Can they change his title back to ‘Wise’?”

Lu Chen spoke arrogantly, but Qiao Jinniang’s heart did a flip.

This was exactly the way those arrogant and incompetent crown princes spoke in those novels!

Qiao Jinniang would be happy if this jerk’s position was snatched by others, but she was worried about Tuan’er…

After all, he was Lu Chen’s son. If Lu Chen was no longer the Crown Prince, wouldn’t Tuan’er have to suffer too?

Lin Mo, the son of the Left Prime Minister, smiled gently. “Your Royal Highness, you’re His Majesty’s favorite son. No matter how hard Prince Mediocre tries, it won’t get him anywhere. Don’t be distracted by him, Your Royal Highness.”

Junior Duke Rong winked at Lin Mo.

Unfortunately, Lin Mo didn’t notice it. He continued. “The Queen Dowager wants Princess Fulu to marry Prince Mediocre because she wants Princess’ mother to shelter him.

“But I’m afraid that Prince Mediocre and his mother won’t accept her kindness and will marry the daughter of an important minister to win his support.

“Your Royal Highness, I think the daughter of the Xie Family is most suitable to be the crown princess.”

Hearing that they began to talk about the choice of the crown princess, Qiao Jinniang saluted and left.

As soon as she went out, she saw her servant, Bajiao, and some other servants.

Bajia hurriedly said, “Master, Xiaohui said that she just saw your husband.”

“But when Xiaohui called him, he just ignored her.”

Xiaohui nodded and said, “Master, I can’t be wrong about this. The man who entered the No.1 private room just now is your husband.”

Qiao Jinniang said coldly, “He is not my husband. My husband is dead. He is the Crown Prince, so don’t say any improper words. Otherwise, you may be executed.”

Xiaohui was surprised. “Oh, His Royal Highness really does look alike to your husband, Master.”

Qiao Jinniang glanced at the people in the private room, who were still discussing the choice of the crown princess. She knew that no matter what, the crown princess wouldn’t be her.

However, even if Lu Chen begged her to be his crown princess, she would disdain it.

Back at the Duke Mansion, Qiao Jinniang saw one of her mother’s mammies, Mammy An, who was responsible for watching Qiao Ruoshui in the manor.

“Mammy An.”

Seeing Qiao Jinniang, Mammy An said a bit guiltily, “Second Miss, Fourth Miss accidentally fell into a river in the manor and suffered from a high fever for two days. And since the manor is not a place to recuperate, Madam let her back. ”

Just at that moment, Qiao Ruoshui’s maid helped the pale-faced Qiao Ruoshui out of the carriage.

She seemed to be seriously ill indeed.

Qiao Ruoshui’s former arrogance was gone. She coughed. “Sister, I’m sorry. I was being stupid. I shouldn’t have said those words to you.

“But now I am seriously ill and the manor is not a place to recuperate.

“I already know that I was wrong. I shouldn’t have been so unfriendly to you. I beg you to allow me to come back home to recuperate, please!”

With that, Qiao Ruoshui was about to kneel down. It was bustling at the entrance of the Duke Mansion, so Qiao Jinniang hurriedly stopped Qiao Ruoshui from kneeling down.

Qiao Jinniang gently wiped the corners of her eyes with her handkerchief and sobbed. “What are you talking about, Ruoshui? I’ve been missing you ever since you went to the manor. As your elder sister, even if you bullied me and insulted me, I should have endured it! Please come in, my dear sister!”

Qiao Ruoshui glared at Qiao Jinniang, gnashing her teeth.

This countryside lowly b*tch was really cunning.

She planned to give people an impression that Qiao Jinniang had bullied her, but she didn’t expect Qiao Jinniang to cry before she did.

If it weren’t for the upcoming selection of the crown princess on June 21, she would definitely not endure Qiao Jinniang.

What her mammy said was right. She should endure Qiao Jinniang for now. Once she became the crown princess, she would have plenty of time to take revenge on Qiao Jinniang.

After Qiao Jinniang entered the Duke Mansion, she didn’t put down her handkerchief and went to the Duchess’ courtyard.

She squeezed out tears. “Mother, the fault is all mine. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have punished Fourth Sister and she wouldn’t have fallen into a river and become seriously ill.”

The Duchess said, “You don’t have to feel guilty, Jinniang. You were ill too. Don’t be sad anymore. Your Fourth Sister just got what she deserves.”

How could the Duchess not love Qiao Jinniang who was so caring and sensible?

However, she was also worried about her seriously ill youngest daughter.

She entered Qiao Ruoshui’s room only to see that Qiao Ruoshui was pale.

Qiao Ruoshui shouted, “Mother, I miss you so much. Why were you so cruel to me? Cough, cough!”

The Duchess came up to her. “It was because you insulted your sister. I sent you away to the manor to reflect on your mistake.”

“She must be very happy to see me become seriously ill!” Qiao Ruoshui said.

Thinking of Qiao Jinniang who was panicking just now, the Duchess said with distress, “Happy? Jinniang was very worried about you when she heard that you were seriously ill. How could you talk about her like that behind her back? Treat your sister better. Otherwise, even if you are sick, I won’t let you come back.”

Qiao Ruoshui was exasperated. Thinking that if she could become the crown princess, she would definitely make her mother regret that she petted the wrong daughter!

After the Duchess left, Qiao Ruoshui’s mammy, Mammy Zheng, said, “Miss, why were you so hasty to talk badly about Qiao Jinniang in front of Madam? It would only annoy her.

“Be patient. My son overheard that His Majesty wanted to become in-laws with His Excellency.

“Just endure her for this period of time. It won’t take long before you become the hostess of the Eastern Palace. Then you can punish whoever you want.. At that time, you will have plenty of chances to teach that countryside woman a lesson.”

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