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Chapter 28: Where Is My Sachet?

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On April 28th, it was a good day. It was a sunny day but it was not hot at all.

Today, Qiao Jinniang arrived at the Tasty Pavilion, wearing a long red silk skirt with a fan embroidered with peacocks in hand.

The layout of the Tasty Pavilion was the same as the Myriad Taste in Lin’an.

The restaurant was opening today, and the waiters and waitresses were wearing new clothes.

Qiao Jinniang waited for the firecrackers to be set off in an auspicious hour. Outside of the restaurant, there were already many people standing outside waiting for the shopkeeper to scatter coins.

In the Guest Welcoming Building not far from the Tasty Pavilion, a thin man with very high cheekbones looked at the Tasty Pavilion in the distance with disdain. “That countryside girl is ill-bred indeed. I can’t believe the Duke is actually indulging her with a restaurant.”

A servant next to him fawned on him. “Exactly, how can a countryside woman know anything about running a restaurant? Master, don’t worry. Your wife’s sister is the concubine of the first son of Earl Cheng’en. For Earl Cheng’en’s sake, the nobles in Chang’an will definitely come to our Guest Welcome Building.”

Although the Duke and the Duchess both said they would invite their friends to attend the opening ceremony of the Tasty Pavilion, Qiao Jinniang was still a bit worried.

But at noon, Qiao Jinniang found her worries unnecessary.

Duke Anyuan personally came to the Tasty Pavilion, and he brought his subordinates in the Defense Ministry with him.

Princess Fulu even brought over her mother, Princess Shou’an. To add to that, even the Duchess’ brothers and sister-in-laws also came.

The Duchess was from the Zheng Family, the Duke Dingbei’s Mansion. Duke Dingbei’s Mansion had declined and only had the title of duke, so as soon as they were invited by the Duchess, the whole family immediately came.

However, this put even more stress on Jinniang. These people, who were accustomed to delicacies, must be very picky about their food.

“Jinniang, you don’t have to worry. I’ve tasted the dishes you made. I think the chefs in your restaurant can’t be bad either.”

Princess Fulu dragged Qiao Jinniang into the No.1 private room.

Qiao Jinniang saluted Princess Shou’an and said, “Nice to meet you, Your Highness. Sorry for troubling you for the matter of my sister Ruoyun.”

Princess Shou’an smiled and said, “Please arise. I often hear Fu Lu talk about you. Today, I finally see you, and you’re much more polite than my little monkey-like daughter. Is the tea Mingqian Longjing Tea?”

Qiao Jinniang replied. “Yes, this tea is a new product produced in my tea farm. It was specially prepared for you.”

Princess Shou’an said, “Oh, I forgot that you came from Lin’an. Do you have a tea farm of your own?”

Qiao Jinniang said, “Yes, the tea used in my restaurant was produced there. If Your Highness likes the tea, I’ll have my maid send some to your mansion.”

The princess smiled. “Then Fulu and I would eat, drink and take tea from you for free. That’s not good.”

Qiao Jinniang said, “Please give me a chance to express my gratitude to you, Your Highness. The tea was produced in my own tea farm, so it won’t cost me anything. I’m very glad you like it.”

The princess looked at Qiao Jinniang kindly. When Fulu talked about Qiao Jinniang, she was a bit disdainful of Jinniang’s identity.

But today, when she saw Qiao Jinniang in person, she found that although Qiao Jinniang was not raised by the Duchess, her temperament and manners were even better than ordinary noble girls.

She gave away the precious Mingqian Longjing Tea without hesitation. There was nothing petty about her at all.

The Tasty Pavilion combined Chang’an-style cuisine and southern style cuisine. But today, most people order the latter.

The nobles in Chang’an could rarely eat fresh shrimps, but the stir-fried shrimp with Longjing tea was the most popular dish today.

Many guests came to the restaurant when they heard that many nobles had come here. Soon, there were no empty seats in the restaurant.

There were still some guests in the Guest Welcoming Building, but they came just because there were already no seats left in the Tasty Pavilion.

The shopkeeper of the Guest Welcoming Building was so angry about this that he went back to discuss it with his wife.

“That Tasty Pavilion’s new shopkeeper is not as useless as I thought. I thought that the people of the Duke Mansion would disdain her for running a restaurant herself.

“Unexpectedly, Duke Anyuan actually came to join the opening ceremony in person, so did the noble ladies from Duke Dingbei’s Mansion, as well as Princess Shou’an and her daughter.”

His wife shook her fan and said, “What are you afraid of? They just went there today for the sake of Duke Anyuan, but no one is stupid. If the dishes in the Tasty Pavilion are unpalatable, will they still go there to waste their money?”

The shopkeeper said, “Why not? Do you know how many people in Changan who want to get to know Duke Anyuan but can’t find a way?

“Now that his daughter has opened a restaurant, they can just go to the Tasty Pavilion and order many dishes to please Duke Anyuan.

“No officials in Chang’an aren’t afraid of offending Duke Anyuan. They will definitely all patronize the Tasty Pavilion!”

His wife thought his husband was overthinking it and said carelessly, “His Majesty hates corrupt officials the most. If there is such a thing, I’ll ask my brother-in-law to report Duke Anyuan’s misdeed to His Majesty!”

Qiao Jinniang didn’t expect the restaurant’s business to be so good on the first day. Even the shrimps she prepared were sold out quickly.

Therefore, when she took Nuomi to the Duke Rong’s Mansion, she was in a very good mood.

However, her good mood was instantly gone as soon as she stepped into the Kylin Garden and saw Tuan’er crying.

She hurried over and took Tuan’er from Lu Chen. “Honey, why are you crying?”

Tuan’er complained to Qiao Jinniang with his cute voice, “Mommy, your dough figurine is gone. Daddy snatched it.”

Qiao Jinniang glared at Lu Chen. “How old are you already? How could you snatch your son’s toy?”

Lu Chen frowned. “I didn’t. He was holding that dough figurine constantly, even when he was sleeping. It was just that it was so hot that the dough figurine melted and was squashed by him when he fell asleep on the carriage.”

Tuan’er said pitifully, “Daddy wanted to snatch it. Tuan’er didn’t let go…”

Although Tuan’er couldn’t speak clearly, Qiao Jinniang figured out what Tuan’er meant.

Lu Chen tried to snatch the dough figurine from him, so Tuan’er was holding it tightly.

Qiao Jinniang glared at Lu Chen and wiped away the tears from the corners of Tuan’er’s eyes.

Then she softly comforted him. “Mom will have the master make a new one for you, okay? Don’t cry. I made a sachet for you, right? It smells so good. Why don’t you wear it, Tuan’er?”

Tuan’er blinked his innocent phoenix eyes. “Daddy is wearing it.”

Qiao Jinniang looked over. Lu Chen was wearing a white round-necked robe today, and the little tiger sachet she made was hanging on his waist!

Qiao Jinniang scolded, “Shame on you! Give it back to Tuan’er.”

There were only the three of them in the courtyard now.

Lu Chen sat on the round stool in the courtyard and asked, “Where is mine?”

Qiao Jinniang was stunned for a while, not knowing what Lu Chen meant.

Lu Chen poured himself a cup of tea. “In previous years, I was always the first to get the sachet you made, so I thought this sachet was for me. Since this one’s for Tuan’er, where is mine?”

Qiao Jinniang sneered. “Hmph, in your dream.”

This b*stard planned to demote her from his wife to his concubine. What made him think she would still make a sachet for him?

He must be daydreaming.

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