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Chapter 20: Went Back to Lin’an

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Qiao Jinniang never thought that an hour could be so short.

It seemed like only the blink of an eye before Junior Duke Rong came in from outside the courtyard and said, “Second Miss Qiao, the imperial grandson has to go back to the East Palace.”

Qiao Jinniang hugged Tuan’er tightly. Although she had been holding him for an hour and her arm was almost numb, she didn’t feel tired at all.

Seeing this familiar face, she asked: “Who are you?”

Junior Duke Rong said, “I am Junior Duke Rong. Thank you for saving me in the North Mountain.”

“Since you and the Crown Prince have met again, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for you to meet in the future. It is getting late. If you stay too long outside, the Duchess may be worried about you.”

Qiao Jinniang reluctantly handed Tuan’er to Junior Duke Rong. “Tuan’er, go home first. I’ll bring you your favorite Orange Red Cake next time.”

Tuan’er didn’t want to leave Qiao Jinniang. “Mommy, stay with me.”

Qiao Jinniang clenched the handkerchief in her hand and tears started to appear in her eyes again. “Tuan’er, be good. I’ll come to see you tomorrow.”

Junior Duke Rong held Tuan’er and left, but when Tuan’er saw that his mother didn’t follow, he cried out to his mother in tears.

Qiao Jinniang’s heart broke when she heard him crying. She hurried forward and said to Junior Duke Rong. “Wait, let me put him to sleep first.”

She really couldn’t bear to hear Tuan’er’s sad cries.

He had always been as good as gold and seldom cried when he was with her.

For the sake of Qiao Jinniang’s life-saving grace, Junior Duke Rong handed Tuan’er back to Qiao Jinniang.

Qiao Jinniang held Tuan’er with one hand and wiped his sweat from crying with a handkerchief.

Tuan’er squeezed Qiao Jinniang’s collar tightly, fearing that Jinniang would give him to others again.

Qiao Jinniang sat down and began to sing a Southern folk song softly. In the past, Tuan’er would fall asleep soon when he was listening to this song.

But today, Tuan’er’s watery phoenix eyes were wide open, and he hummed the song with Qiao Jinniang from time to time.

Seeing that another quarter of an hour passed, Junior Duke Rong was afraid that the gates of the imperial palace would be locked up. “Second Miss Qiao, it’s getting late…”

Qiao Jinniang said to Junior Duke Rong, “May I take him to the gates of the East Palace?”

Even a little more time with Tuan’er would be good.

Junior Duke Rong nodded and had someone drive the Crown Prince’s extravagant carriage over. When Qiao Jinniang carried Tuan’er inside, she was surprised at the spaciousness of the carriage. The carriage was made of precious Gold Phoebe wood.

The carriage was covered with fine silk blankets inside, looking very luxurious.

There were fruits, pastries, and fine tea in the carriage. Qiao Jinniang looked at the luxurious carriage. She had never imagined these items could be placed in a small carriage in the past.

After getting on the carriage, Tuan’er gradually closed his eyes.

Qiao Jinniang breathed a sigh of relief. However, Duke Rong’s Mansion was not far away from the East Palace, so it took less than two quarters of an hour to reach the gates of the East Palace.

Hearing the voice of Junior Duke Rong coming from outside, Qiao Jinniang gently kissed Tuan’er’s forehead. No matter how reluctant she was to leave her son, she could only leave.

When getting off the carriage, Qiao Jinniang looked at the majestic palace gates, which was heavily guarded and looked very solemn and awe-inspiring. So this was the imperial palace…

Nuomi supported Qiao Jinniang and said, “Miss, shall we return to the Duke Mansion?”

Duke Anyuan’s Mansion was not far from here. Qiao Jinniang didn’t get on a carriage but walked back step by step.

She needed to adjust her emotions on the road. The Duchess cared about her so much that she would definitely notice that her emotions were not right.

Qiao Jinniang didn’t want the people of the Duke Mansion to know what happened between her and the Crown Prince. “Nuomi, don’t tell anyone that my ex-husband is the Crown Prince.”

Nuomi nodded and said indignantly, “Yes, Miss. Even if he is the Crown Prince, he shouldn’t dump his wife and seize the child… How could he do this to you?!”

Qiao Jinniang’s nails that were painted with nail polish dug deep into her palm. God made jokes with her one after another.

The man who had been her husband for three years turned out to despise her.

From the time Lu Chen regained his memory, he treated her with nothing but contempt. If he had the slightest bit of affection for her, he would not have hidden his identity from her.

And he even gave her a divorce letter.

He had agreed to let her be his First Concubine only because he learned that she was actually the long-lost daughter of Duke Anyuan.

In Lu Chen’s eyes, she was never his wife…

Although her heart was bleeding, Qiao Jinniang still tried to look calm.

As soon as she was back in the Duke Mansion, she heard Qiao Ruoshui’s scoffing voice.

“Oh, you finally came back from Duke Rong’s Mansion. Qiao Jinniang, you’re really scheming. It’s been only a few days since you returned to Chang’an but you’ve already planned to steal Sister Ruoyun’s husband?”

“You claim that you did everything for Sister Ruoyun’s own good, but you took her back to the Duke Mansion, which would only make the Qin family hate her. I know what you’re thinking of. You just want to take Sister Ruoyun back to the Duke Mansion so that you can be Qin Shu’s wife in her place, right?”

Qiao Ruoshui deliberately waited at the gates of the Duke Mansion. Both her grandmother and her mother thought Qiao Jinniang was clever and praised that she dealt with this matter perfectly.

However, Qiao Ruoshui felt that only she knew what Qiao Jinniang was up to.

“You are really vicious. Because of your return, Sister Ruoyun had a miscarriage, and now you even want to steal her husband!”

Hearing these shocking words, the concierge and the servants all bowed their heads and wished that they were deaf.

Nuomi blushed with anger. “Fourth Miss, you’re going too far. Miss has never done anything to you, but you humiliated her repeatedly !”

“How could you, a distinguished young lady, have such dirty thoughts?!”

Qiao Ruoshui frowned, raised her hand, and was about to slap Nuomi hard. “You lowly slave, you don’t get to talk to me!”

Before Qiao Ruoshui’s hand fell, Qiao Jinniang held her hand tightly and pushed her to the ground. “Idiot, do you think you’re humiliating me?

“What good will you have if the Duke Mansion’s reputation is tarnished? Do you think it won’t affect you if you ruin my reputation?”

Qiao Ruoshui cried when she caught a glimpse of a corner of a red cloud brocade skirt. “How can you beat me over and over again? Your maid insulted me first. I can’t believe I’m bullied like this in my own home. Let me die!”

The Duchess came over and said angrily, “What’s going on here? Why do you make such a scene at the gates of the Duke Mansion?”

Qiao Ruoshui cried. “Mother, ask your beloved daughter what a vicious plan she has. After being exposed by me, she was exasperated and tried to beat me. Why don’t you send such a person away to a manor? It’ll only bring us trouble to keep her in the Duke Mansion!”

The Duchess noticed that Qiao Jinniang’s face was pale. “Jinniang, were you wronged in the Duke Rong’s Mansion?”

Qiao Jinniang shook her head, “No.”

“Mother, if Sister really can’t stand me, I can go back to Lin’an…”

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