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Chapter 12: I Must Become the Crown Princess

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

After Qiao Jinniang finished the meal, she felt that she ate too much, so she was asked by Princess Fulu to take a walk together.

The palace was heavily guarded, so there was no danger even at night.

Princess Fulu kicked the pebbles on the road as she walked and said, “Actually, I am not attending the royal banquet today because I am afraid that Her Majesty will choose the crown princess for my imperial cousin.

“Today your sister came out of the carriage of my imperial cousin.

“I’m afraid that it won’t be long before she becomes the crown princess. ”

Qiao Jinniang rarely saw Princess Fulu ever be so serious.

Fulu continued, “I’ve known since I was a child that my imperial cousin is a very excellent man.

“He is beyond the reach of mortals like the brilliance of the sun and the moon, so I think if I become his wife, I’ll be envied by everyone.

“In fact, I’m not sad that my imperial cousin doesn’t like me. I just don’t want to be laughed at by Qin Miaomiao and her gang.

“But I don’t want Qiao Ruoshui to be the crown princess. She doesn’t like Tuan’er at all.

“When Qiao Ruoshui has a child of her own, given that she has Duke Anyuan behind her, what will happen to Tuan’er? Although Tuan’er was not born by the crown princess, he is still my imperial cousin’s eldest son, so he’ll be a thorn in Qiao Ruoshui’s side.

“I said all these things to you because I think you are different from Qiao Ruoshui.”

Qiao Jinniang carried the lantern and said, “Princess, I know you’re worried about the little imperial grandson. But he is still His Majesty’s grandson and is much loved by His Royal Highness. Even if Qiao Ruoshui marries into the East Palace, it will not necessarily affect his status.”

Qiao Jinniang couldn’t help thinking whether that jerk would find Tuan’er a stepmother since he had divorced her.

Would he love Tuan’er like the Crown Prince?

After sending the princess back to the palace, Qiao Jinniang was about to go back to the manor.

From afar, she heard a group of mammies shouting, “Little imperial grandson, please don’t run so fast.”

Qiao Jinniang quickly looked back and saw a little chubby boy who was about two years old. Tuan’er was a little chubby too, but he looked completely different from this little imperial grandson.

Sure enough, she thought too much.

After Qiao Jinniang left carrying the lantern, Princess Consort Qi (Prince Qi’s wife) hurried over and hugged her son, Bao’er. “This is the paddock. Don’t run around. If your grandfather knows about this, he will scold you!”

“If only you could be favored by your grandfather like Tuan’er.”

When Qiao Jinniang returned to the manor, the Duchess and Qiao Ruoshui had both returned.

At the gate of the manor, Qiao Jinniang saw a few men in palace costumes. With different voices from normal men, they seemed to be eunuchs.

When Qiao Jinniang entered, she heard some maids in the manor talking triumphantly.

“Her Majesty actually granted our Fourth Miss an agate head ornament, which is very valuable!”

“It seems that it won’t take long for the Fourth Miss to become the crown princess.”

Several maids and mammies were talking happily.

“That slave-raised woman from the country locked up Qian Gui’s wife! Her mother-in-law is Fourth Miss’s nanny!”

Qiao Ruoshui was in the limelight at the royal banquet today.

When the banquet was over, the Queen rewarded her with many jewels.

Qiao Ruoshui was very smug about this, but when she returned back to the manor, her nanny came up and said, “Miss, please save my daughter-in-law! She was caught by the Second Miss.”

Qiao Ruoshui shouted angrily, “That lowly b*tch from the countryside! I was laughed at because of her and now she even dares to touch my maid?”

The Duchess hurried to Qiao Jinniang’s courtyard as soon as she came back, but there was only Luhe in the courtyard.

“How is Jinniang? Why doesn’t she stay in her room since she’s sick?”

The Duchess looked quite worried.

Qiao Jinniang came in from outside the courtyard and saluted the Duchess. “Sorry to make you worry, Mother. I was walking with the princess after dinner. I’ve already recovered.”

The Duchess patted her hand. “That’s great. Is the princess you are talking about Princess Fulu?”

Qiao Jinniang smiled. “Yes, Princess Fulu is different from the women I’ve seen before.”

The Duchess smiled and said, “Fulu is cheerful and straightforward. Although she is not on good terms with Miss Qin, they are both good girls. You are about the same age as them. You should hang out with them.”

Qiao Ruo rushed into Qiao Jinniang’s yard huffily and yelled, “Qiao Jinniang, how dare you! Who the hell do you think you are?”

“How dare you detain my nanny’s daughter-in-law?”

Qiao Jinniang held the Duchess’s hand and said, “Mother, I was just about to tell you about it. The cooks in the manor said that I was not worthy to eat the food they cooked and humiliated me for being raised by slaves…

“I don’t mind it, but if these words spread to the Duke Qin’s Mansion, what trouble will Ruoyun face?”

The Duchess was infuriated when she heard Qiao Jinniang’s words. “You are not worthy? Then who is worthy? Those damn servants are getting more and more outrageous!”

The Duchess immediately ordered to catch those cooks.

Qiao Jinniang beckoned Nuomi to bring those people up. “Mother, these are the people who insulted me just now. I’ve already caught them.”

Qiao Ruoshui took a look. “That one is my nanny’s daughter-in-law. Qiao Jinniang, what do you mean?”

Qiao Jinniang didn’t know that this woman had such a relationship with Qiao Ruoshui. No wonder this woman was so arrogant and even dared to insult her.

The Duchess glared at Qiao Ruoshui. “Let’s talk about your mistakes first. I grounded you at home, but you sneaked out and deliberately appeared in front of the little imperial grandson.

“Qiao Ruoshui, you are the daughter of Duke Anyuan. Take a look at your current style. How is it different from a prostitute’s? ”

Qiao Ruoshui snorted and said agitatedly, “If it weren’t for you to be so unfair, I wouldn’t have done this!

“Now His Royal Highness likes me, so does his son!

“Her Majesty even granted me a phoenix hairpin today!

“Mother, just go ahead and dote on that precious daughter from the countryside of yours!

“When I become the crown princess, let’s see who can bring you greater honor! ”

The Duchess clutched her heart. “How did I teach a daughter like you! You, you…”

Qiao Jinniang hurriedly offered the Duchess a cup of tea. “Mother, calm down. Don’t be angry.”

Qiao Ruoshui said, “Mother, you have educated a crown princess. Countless people in Chang’an city envy you!”

The Duchess said angrily, “What are you talking about? Are these words what a noble young lady in Chang’an should say? Do you think it’s so easy to be the crown princess?”

Qiao Ruoshui said disapprovingly, “My father is a marshal, and my sister will be the next Duchess Qin.

“If it weren’t for Qiao Jinniang, this slave-raised b*tch, who ruined my reputation, isn’t it for sure that I’ll be the crown princess?”

The Duchess almost fainted in anger but she still remembered to comfort Qiao Jinniang. “Jinniang, don’t take her words to heart…”

Qiao Jinniang gently patted the Duchess’s back and said, “Mother, I won’t.”

Qiao Jinniang said to Qiao Ruoshui, “Yes, Father is a marshal. But what if you compare this title with a princess?

“Or Earl Cheng’en, who is the Queen Dowager’s nephew.

“Not to mention that the daughters of some of the most powerful families in the Tang Dynasty also want to be the crown princess.

“Sister, do you think your family background is better than theirs?

“If you blame me for your inability to be the crown princess, that really does me wrong.

“You don’t take me as your sister, it’s fine, but I can’t bear this injustice in vain.”

Qiao Ruoshui couldn’t refute what Qiao Jinniang said, but being scolded by Qiao Jinniang, she was utterly upset. “Stop cursing me. I must be the crown princess!”

At that time, she would show her mother which daughter was better.

“If you dare to touch Qian Gui’s wife today, I will never let you off!”

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