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Chapter 1975

The three divine astralships were part of Skywolf’s fierce counterattack. Tianming looked up and saw that corpses of specters were still falling; the Primordial Demon boasted terrifying capabilities. However, Tianming noticed that a large number of specters were rushing toward the second astralguard formation and readying themselves to slaughter the sun's population.

"Looks like the specters are going all out with the last few sovereigns and divine astralships they have." The only ones that could push a force that was eight times the size of the celestial orderians' into a corner would be the sun emperor, Tianming, and Lingfeng. The three of them made for an unlikely, yet devastating combination. The Flameyellow Guard Formation's destruction of Skywolf Frost and the appearance of the Primordial Demon, especially, were among the biggest blows suffered by Skywolf.

With the specters going all out, they seemed even more savage and unrestrained. The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb fired a nine-colored beam of light toward the place where Sovereign Boundless had crossed the astralguard formation.

Tianming wasn’t worried about the enemy attacking the Sky Palace Formation, but rather that they would scatter and wipe out those living in small settlements across the territory of the Myriad Solar Sects. Those places were completely helpless against divine astralships, not to mention the sixty million specter elites within them. Should they be allowed to scatter, there would be real trouble. No mercy would be shown in a time of war.

"Feng, hold on a little longer! Hold them back as much as you can!" Tianming didn't care if Lingfeng was able to understand him, but he had Yin Chen relay it nonetheless.

The storm caused the flaming clouds to seep into the ocean of darkness and the sky itself seemed to be blacked out. The entire world had turned dark, yet specter corpses continued raining down. Some, however, managed to avoid that fate and burst through the two astralguard formations. Like hungry wolves that found themselves amidst a herd of sheep, they began their slaughter!

"It is... over there!" Yin Chen reminded Tianming to change direction. The divine astralship of the enemy quickly moved away from its former position. Fortunately, Yin Chen had many bodies in the surrounding area, ensuring that Sovereign Boundless' ship was constantly being monitored.

"Got it."

Meanwhile, on the celestial orderians' side, they were being attacked by the Starvore and the ship of Sovereign Redforge, one of the six rexes. If Tianming was able to get rid of Sovereign Boundless, it would be a gigantic boon to the sun. With the Flameyellow Guard Formation and Primordial Demon sealing off any avenues of escape, the enemy ships were essentially locked in.

"Get a lock on its position."

"Got it."

As long as they were fighting on the sun, Tianming's position would be shrouded while Sovereign Boundless' would constantly be available to him. The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb flew toward the position where Sovereign Boundless's ship was and saw a gigantic crater far below him on the ground. It contained white frost that killed anything it touched. The corpses of the many beastmasters and lifebound beasts were quickly reduced to ash.

"Dammit!" The enemy had already begun their vengeful slaughter. An entire city was gone just like that. If nothing was done to stop the specters, such sights would be commonplace across the territories of the Myriad Solar Sects. The death toll of astral wars went up to the billions, and anyone that wasn't an ascendant would easily perish from a divine astralship attack.

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"It is... not far!"

The enemy didn't know that Tianming already had a lock on them, so their ship wasn't in a hurry to leave. Instead, it cruised along as it continued its bombardment, which exposed its location even more easily.

The ship was shaped like a gigantic metal bird, sporting platinum feathers on its wings. The head, however, was that of a wolf. Like the Greenvoid Abyss, it also had some degree of close combat capability, which was a specialty of specter divine astralships. Its name was the Boundless Flamehawk, fitting for its appearance. The apex predator menacingly soared through the skies, its feathers sharp and firm. The wolf head seemed almost perfect for the purpose of hunting.

Tianming no longer cared about how they looked at this point and charged at it at full speed. The Boundless Flamehawk was about to destroy another city, only for the ones inside to notice the commotion. Sovereign Boundless and the rest turned back and saw the incoming ship! 𝘪𝓷𝘯𝙧ℯ𝗮𝘥. 𝗰૦m

Tianming had been charging up a Ninedragon Apotheosis while he was still quite a distance away, so by the time his ship entered the enemy's sights, it was sent blasting out. A gigantic nine-colored flaming sun went flying and the sovereign's eyes were immediately blinded as he turned back. Without another word, he quickly used evasive maneuvers. The ball exploded right beside the Boundless Flamehawk, sending it spinning out of control before it smashed into the ground, flattening some mountains with its tough body. However, the ship itself was fine and it flapped its wings and surged its nova source to rise back up.

"Sovereign, why don't we engage? The Boundless Flamehawk's pretty powerful, isn't it?"

"Engage my ass! Did you forget how Sanctquility and Bluedepths died? Do you want all of us to die?!" the sovereign snapped.

"But we’re the hunters of Skywolf! We attack the enemy camps! We can't let them run—"

"There's no choice. We ran into a hard wall. Let the Starvores take care of it! All we have to do is keep this ship occupied. When the others kill the sun emperor and the rest of our troops breach the astralguard formations, it’ll be over for the sun. They'll have to pay back multiple times the nova source they stole!"

A sovereign of Skywolf wouldn't lightly turn their back on an enemy. Tianming was someone they couldn't afford to overlook. Sovereign Boundless knew that his abilities weren't too far off from the other six rexes. Even though he wasn't under threat from the flaming beasts or the Primordial Demon, he still didn't dare to engage the youth.

"Go! Go!"

The metallic wolf-hawk freely soared through the sky. As its wings flapped, loud metallic rubbing sounds boomed out as its divine astralship formation increased its acceleration more and more. In terms of agility, this ship definitely exceeded the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb's. It could eventually shake off Tianming with enough twisting course changes. "In the air, you won't be able to match my speed!"

Tianming was rather frustrated. It was clear that the enemy was a seasoned pilot, given the complicated arcs his ship traced across the sky. Many of Tianming's attacks were easily evaded. Without aid from the flaming beasts and the Primordial Demon, it would be nigh impossible to destroy divine astralships with the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb alone.

"While giving chase will limit the damage they cause, it'll cost all of my time. I can't afford that if the sun emperor runs into trouble on his side."

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