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Beast Evolution

Chapter 4 4 Dungeon


He landed with a thud as his body felt like it was dropped from a skyscraper, "Argh! I hate this" Ray shouted then he looked around himself and noticed his surrounding.

The damp air felt heavy in his lungs, thickened by the scent of wet earth and dust and his mouth was filled with the taste of iron.

"Dungeon?" Ray thought in his head as that was the most appropriate word that describes his surrounding.

He gathered his strength and stood up, they were two torches that lit up the room and two in his line of sight that lead to a way but the end was not visible.

Low level Dungeon

Boss: giant stone golem

Quest(s) Received

Golem: Defeat two stone golems

Reward: 50 Exp and 1 Ap(Attribute point)

Raiding: Clear the Dungeon

Reward: 100 Exp and 1 Sp(Skill point)

"So this is really a Dungeon!" and the quest, look at the awesome reward, with this Exp I can level up and even have some evolution crystals.

Then his eyes drifted to the top of the status screen, "Boss giant stone golem, so to clear the Dungeon I have to kill that, how do I even kill a normal stone golem this is getting harder by the minutes" Ray muttered.

"First things first kill a stone golem, that will be easier because of my new skills power punch" Ray smiled.

"And with that, I can level up and think of what to do next," Ray began to walk towards the only path he saw that was lit by touches by the side.

Ray eventually came across an iron door by the side of the path that he took, 'this door looks suspicious' Ray thought as he looked through the keyhole and noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

His curiosity got the better of him as he eventually opened the iron door, Ray looked around and carefully search the dimly lit room from the entrance of the door. π˜ͺ𝑛𝒏r𝘦𝚊𝐝. 𝒄o𝐦

His eyes darted left and right, finally settling on a moving stone at the other end of the room, the light from the flame revealed a dull, off-colored brown stone golem that immediately stood up upon seeing Ray.

Ray's breathing became slow and calm, he knew the stone golem's defense was much more tougher than his and fighting would be impossible without a weapon.

As he reasoned in his mind, his heart began to beat faster, his blood rushed through his body and his mind was filled with delight. He knew this would be a tough fight, but his instinct filled his body as he readied himself for the battle.

The Stone golem charged toward Ray with a powerful tackle he grabbed Ray from his waist, and lifted him up, and wanted to toss him across the room.

But Ray was quick as he placed his legs on the chest of the stone golem and wrapped his arm around the golem's neck, it became a battle of strength as both sides struggled to gain the upper hand.

Finally, Ray slammed himself along with the stone golem on the hard concrete floor,


Ray shouted due to the impact he hit the ground with.


The sound of stone breaking echoed throughout the room as the stone golem landed face down on the ground, Ray stood up despite the pain he felt in his back.

Ray was waiting for the system notification on the monster he just defeated but the screen didn't appear.

Scratching sound filled the room as the stone golem stood up again, "nothing comes easy around here" Ray said as he readied himself for another attack from the stone golem.

The crack mark on the forehead of the golem was visible and Ray knew that his attack earlier had an effect on the golem.

The golem charged toward Ray but this time he swung his fist toward Ray, Ray's beast was cat-like so it was very nimble and Ray's earlier improvement on his agility help him evade and dodge the golem's attack.

Seeing that his attack was not going to do the trick the golem charge toward Ray and grabbed him, "haha" this was what I was waiting for Ray said as he allowed the golem to grab him.

Instead, the golem held Ray on both arms and stretch it attempting to tear Ray into two, "Argh!" Ray shouted as he felt his arm coming off.

With his strength, he tried to drag with the golem but it was not enough, Ray used his legs to kick the golem repeatedly on his chest finally he landed a powerful kick that made the golem fall to the ground and Ray was free.

Ray's arm was feeling so weary, he couldn't be sure if he could punch another time, but this feeling ignited his memory of the trump card he possessed.

"Activate power punch!"

Immediately he began to feel strength in his arms, he looked at his hand to discover that it was slightly glowing, "the stone golem wouldn't know what hit him!", he saw the golem standing up for the third time.

"Come on, attack me," Ray said to the golem but knew it was incapable of hearing, the golem attacked Ray with a swift right punch but Ray dodged and took advantage of the golem's momentum and landed a blow on the chest of the stone golem and it shattered to pieces of stones.

A dinging sound pierced Ray's mind as he defeated the stone golem.

You have earned 10 Exp for defeating a stone golem

Experience (40/100)

A sigh escaped Ray's mouth as he fell down unto the now-disintegrating stone golem. All his stamina has been used up, causing his body to refuse his command to stand up.

After a few minutes of rest, Ray stood up and inspected the sole surviving crystal of the stone golem's existence, he picked it up and wanted to absorb it, but then he remembered the pain he went through the first time.

"That pain was excruciating! I don't want to go through that again" Ray said but there was no way he could keep the crystal so after a long debate he swallowed it.

Ray curled himself on the ground waiting for the pain to come but it never did, the blue screen appeared

Stone golem crystal absorbed

Evolution crystal: (2/10)

Stamina +1

Stamina refilled: 7/7

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