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Beast Evolution

Chapter 28 28 A Harem Of Dream Girls

"I'm actually going to the capital tomorrow, if you are going we should go together," the girl told Ray, "yes, I would love that". 'Phew she didn't suspect me, I'm really lucky' Ray thought inwardly.

"Are you an adventurer?" Ray asked.

"No, am actually going to the capital to apply for the knight academy"

"huh! knight academy" Ray was surprised, "which capital are you from" she suddenly asked, ray was dumbfounded by the question.

"I knew you were lying when you said you were from the capital," the girl said, "then why did you let me in", " I got a good feeling from you".

"Good feeling, what if I attacked you when you let me in and stole all your stuff", "you can't beat me, and besides what stuff would you steal?" the girl said.

That was when Ray looked around and saw that the room was empty except for the chair that he was sitting on, "where are all your stuff or don't you have any?" Ray asked.

"I told you I was going to the capital tomorrow"

"yes, what of it," Ray said, "I sold all my stuff", "what! why".

"To pay for transportation and food of course, where are you from? tell me the truth" the girl asked ray.

"You wouldn't believe even if I tell you", "tell me..." she said drawing her words a little, "I'm from another world actually," Ray said looking down.

"what! haha" the girl laughed at Ray's word, "another world, so how did you end up here," she said with laughter in her voice.

"I died and found myself here," Ray said with a serious expression, "wait, really" she saw that he wasn't joking.

"I don't know how I came here or how to go back," Ray said, "well.. keep thinking about that, I'm going to sleep, I have to wake up early tomorrow" she headed towards the bedroom.

"Do you have a bed?"

"Yes, I'm going to sleep on it" she replied to him, "So where am I going to sleep", "right here" she pointed at the ground.

"Here! on the ground" Ray was surprised, "sorry, do you want to sleep outside," she said in a stern voice.

"No, I'll manage" he replied.

"Good night" she closed the door behind her, "Woah, she's scary, at least I'm not sleeping on a tree or in a cave" Ray mumbled, he sneaked outside and went to where he left his pet.

The little wolf saw Ray and began to wag its tail, "shhh..." Ray told the pet and it didn't make any noise till they were inside the house.

Ray didn't really understand how the little wolf understood him, 'maybe it's because of the system' Ray thought, "man, that girl is really beautiful, I didn't even ask her name" Ray mumbled as he drifted to sleep near his pet wolf.


"Master, I'm first," a sweet voice said to Ray, Ray looked around him and found out that he was surrounded by four beautiful girls, they all looked like goddesses with each having a unique figure.

"Master, remember you promised" another of the girls spoke, "did I".

"Yes, you told us that today you were going to have a good time with us," the third girl said.

Before Ray could answer his shirt had already been taken off, "wait, shouldn't it be one at a time, so you can all have a good time" Ray said, "wow, master you are so brilliant". πš’π“·πš—πš›πšŽπ™–π. 𝒄૦𝓂

"I want to go first", "no I'm first" they all argued about who was going first, 'wow, this is so great, I love this world' ray said inwardly.

'But how did I get here, well not my concern, my main concern is my beautiful servants that are arguing over me, this feels great' Ray smiled.

"Stop, she's first," Ray said as he pointed to a blond, "yes" the blond shouted, she held Ray's hand and took him to another room.

'wow, a bedroom' Ray thought went wild as he saw the room, the blond girl looked like a goddess up close, her blond hair was lustrous and it fell down to her waist, she had a shapely figure and wore tight fitting clothes that show all her curves.

Her pale white skin was radiant enough to blind someone's eyes, Ray was sure if she existed in the modern world billionaires would fight for her, Ray was lost in his thought when she pushed him onto the bed.

Ray fell like a piece of clothing on the bed and the girl climbed on him, Ray's eyes widen as he felt pressure building between his legs, her hands traced on his chest, and then she removed the button on her clothes one after the other.

Ray was waiting patiently in anticipation, her clothes were finally removed and Ray could see her the white material that she wore barely covering her D cups.

"Do you like it master?" the girl said as she sway her boobs, "yes" he replied quickly, "should I take them off" she pointed to her bra, "huh.. yes"

She reached behind to take the bra off and then Ray vision was blurred and he couldn't see a thing, "Hey, wake up, wake up" Ray heard voices in his head.

Ray sat up and looked at the girl waking him, "oh, my lovely servant" Ray said as he grabbed the girl in front of him.

"What is wrong with you" the girl shouted as rayy dragged her down to where he was, ray was still half asleep and thought he was still in bed with the blond girl.


A heavy slap landed on the face of Ray and his eyes were clear immediately, both of them were on the ground and he was staring at her.

"I'm sorry," Ray said in a small voice, "if you are sorry maybe you should get your hands off my butt," the girl said in a loud voice, Ray looked down and saw his hands holding onto her butt, "ohh sorry" Ray quickly removed his hands.




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