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Beast Evolution

Chapter 17 17 Kobolds

After bathing, ray sat down thinking of what to do next, "first I need to find a village or a city" then I can know where I am. Ray suddenly felt hungry, "time to go hunting" ray smirked as he walked forward.

Ray couldn't find a single catch in the forest, all he found was fruit that did little in replenishing his health. Ray walked a little bit then he saw a cave, he hid in bushes to inspect the cave.

To his surprise he saw some humanoid dogs walking in and out of the cave with weapons, what are those, ray knew he had seen them in one of his games but forgot their names.

He looked at one closely and saw kobold, "kobold are humanoid dogs that fight with spear and swords.

"I should move away from here" ray left and went back to the river to rest even though the kobold were not up to his level he didn't want to fight 20 or 30 of them at once.

Suddenly he heard footsteps coming behind him, "Hmm...?" He slowly turned his head and looked behind him. He saw five kobold coming out of bushes, they were armed with sword and spear.


The kobolds pointed their weapon on him. "hey,hey why are you pointing that on me? do you really want to die that much?.

The kobold looked at them selves, one of the kobold told the other one "do you understand what he is saying" no I don't, we should just kill it and continue searching for food because it doesn't seem eatable.

"What! this humanoid dogs are really getting on my nerves, how dare they call me it", the kobold couldn't not understand what he was saying so they raised their weapons and swung it aiming for his head.

Ray saw this and moved his body sideways dodging the sharp weapons, then he removed his spears and drew a a little distance to the kobold. "it's a fight, right? okay I'll give you what you want!" saying this ray charge straight on the five kobolds in front of him.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Metallic sounds echoed in the area near the river. Ray ducked down and used his feet to kick the knee of the kobold. He then moved his hands and swung his spear.


One of the kobolds protected its comrade by blocking his spear. swoosh! The remaining kobolds rushed at him and stabbed their spear in his direction. Seeing this, ray jumped backwards avoiding the sharp end of their spears.

"They have a good combination and I praise that but... that's all, increase" his blood spear increased to a normal spear length and with his agility he quickly zoomed the distance between him and the kobold.

He swung his spear with greater force than before.


One of the kobold tried to block him but was pushed backward by his strength. The kobold were pushed back to their comrades.

Ray smirked and he once again uses his speed.


He arrived in front of them in an instant and it caught the kobolds off guard. He raised his feet and swept the kobold in front sideways.


The kobold flew and crashed in the tree causing the leaves to fall. Ray followed up by swinging his spear to the next kobold and slashed its chest. It loosened its grip on the sword, then a heavy foot bent its body before flying a few meters away.

He moved his body and slashed the other kobold in his neck.


Blood spurted out from the neck of the kobold.

(You've earned 60 Exp for defeating kobold)

It was so fast the other two kobold didn't see it clearly. They were shocked that one of them got slain. There were five of them but they couldn't handle a single beast.

Two of them were down and one of them was dead, only two kobold were left. Ray looked at the remaining two kobold with a smirk on his face. There was only one system prompt which means two were alive but unconscious.

"It's time to finish this," ray waved his spear and dashed towards the kobolds.

(You've earned 70 Exp for defeating kobold)

(You've earned 40 Exp for defeating kobold)

(You've earned 60 Exp for defeating kobold)

(You've earned 50 Exp for defeating kobold)

Series of system prompt ringed inside his head.


Ray cleaned the blood stains on his spear and his body in the river. He knew the river was near the cave of the kobold. it's not that surprising that they came here.

"Should I go there?" he rubbed his chin and looked at his reflection on the water. "probably not..." after pondering for a while. "Nah, screw it, I will probably kill them all" ray said as he head toward the cave he saw earlier.

"Okay let's conquer and level up as fast as we can" ray shouted even though he was the only one here, he walked forward a bit and quickly draw out his spear.

Shing!! Clang!!

Ray blocked the sword of a kobold, putchi!! A dog head flew in the air and sprayed blood on the area below. "I forgot that I'm close to the kobolds cave." Ray sighed and gripped his weapon tightly as he saw four more kobolds.

He used his speed and crashed the enemies in front of him, giving him a bunch of Exp. He didn't show any mercy to these kobolds that wants to kill him. He killed them as if he was harvesting exp just like in a game.

(Blood spear mastery +1)

(Strength +5)

"Nice, I figured I have used the blood spear in almost all my battles, an increase in strength is just what I need" ray muttered as he saw the system interface.

Blood flow on the ground and it turned the green grasses into red blood colour. Today, the kobolds lost ten men and they will lose more when I raid their cave.

" Hu~ it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth".

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