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Beast Evolution

Chapter 16 16 Ice Attribute

A loud scream from the ice mage stopped ray In his tracks, two large mirrors of ice appeared near the ice mage, "huh! what is that" Ray muttered.

Swoosh!! Swoosh!! Swoosh!!

Hundreds of ice spears fired upon Ray from the large mirrors that the ice mage created, the spear was so fast that ray couldn't dodge them.

"Weak," the ice mage said as Ray was on the ground with blood dripping down his body, the boss breathing was heavy, and it was clear that she wasted a lot of mana to cast the spell [Berserk ice spear].

Ray tried to breathe on the ground as one of the spears pierced his stomach but luckily it didn't hit any vital part or else he would already be dead.

"Die..." the ice mage shouted as she shot an [air wave] to crush Ray.

HP 17/100

User health critical

Blood rage activated

Ray felt power flowing through him and he grabbed his spear tightly.


Ray disappeared from his position and appeared ten meters away. He moved so fast that even the boss couldn't see him.

"whattt" the ice mage shouted as a spear flew in her direction, she activated her last skills [Ice shield] and blocked the spear.

HP -1

The spear appeared in Ray's hand as he jumped and used both spears to shatter her [Ice shield], the boss was pushed backward and fired an [air wave] towards Ray. She was sure it would kill him because of the close distance between them.


Ray once again moved so fast it looked like he disappeared, he appeared in front of the boss, "what!!" the ice mage shouted as she used her hands to stop Ray's spear from cutting off her head.

HP -1


Ray slashed both hands of the ice mage off, "Argh!!" the ice mage shouted as she ran away from ray. Ray's spear pierced one of her legs causing her to fall to the ground.

Blood swap

HP +3

The spear in her leg disappeared as ray held her on her neck and raised her up, "what did I do to you" the ice mage shouted as Ray held her up, "nothing, I wanted to leave this dungeon and you just happened to be my way out" Ray said softly.

"Argh!" the ice mage shouted as Ray's spear pierced her stomach and he attached her to the wall. She could not remove the spear because her hands had been cut off.

"shrink" ray muttered as his blood spear decreased in size, "so this is my end" the ice mage muttered as blood dripped down her stomach, slash! slash! slash! ray used his short spear to repeatedly slash the ice mage as she finally died.

Blood swap

HP +1+1+1+1+1+1

(you've earned 300 Exp for defeating ice mage)

Quest completed

Quest: Defeat dungeon boss and conquer the dungeon

Reward: 500 Exp 1Ap and 1Sp

The system prompt ding in his head, "deactivate blood rage" Ray muttered, he felt strength leave his body as he slumped to the ground.

Fighting the boss took almost all his stamina and almost killed him, some of his wounds had healed because of his blood swap skill, well he also gained a lot of exp and he could finally leave the dungeon.

"well played Ray..." he said to himself as he looks at his stats

Name: Ray

Race: Demi beast

Level: 10(1000/5000)

Evolution crystal: (10/500)

Health: 34/100

Stamina: 12/50

Mana: 30/30






Free attribute point(s):[7]

Skill(s): [Power punch] [Inspect][Night vision][mana manipulation]

Free skill(s) point:[4]

Weapon: Blood spear

Weapon skill(s):[Ownership] [Blood swap] [Blood rage]

Ray was happy with his steady improvement, right now all his stats were balanced except the dexterity. Dexterity and agility were somehow connected as he wouldn't be able to control his speed properly without raising his dexterity, he didn't have to worry about strength as he has his blood spear.

Ray closed his eyes pondering what he would do next, first he needs to exit the dungeon. While thinking this he fell asleep because of his tiredness.


Ray woke up after some hours


He yawned and stretched his body before he got up. He fell asleep in a dungeon, well he was in a boss room so no monster would come here except if they wanted to be killed.

Ray looked around and saw something familiar, a portal at the end of the room, ray walked towards the portal and his eyes saw the magical circle drawn on the ground, it was still emitting a faint light.

"The mage is dead, why is this still active," Ray said as he bent down to take a closer look at it, ray could feel the mana around it and he placed his hands on it.

It felt as if his hands were been drawn toward the circle, he removed his hands and stood up then the light from the circle vanished.

(You've obtained ice attribute +1)

The message shocked Ray as he now knew why the light vanished, "so do I have ice magic?" Ray asked the system.

(No, user has ice attribute not ice magic)

"Damn, I was looking forward to learning a spell" Ray muttered as he walked towards the portal.

The sun struck him as he closed his eyes to adjust to the sun, Ray looked around and a cool breeze blew upon his body, "Ha~ nice" Ray muttered, he was in a forest but not where he entered the dungeon.

"water, I need to wash my body.." he looked at himself full of dirt and the river close to him, he entered the river after taking off his pants and his spear, his top was ruined when he fought the wolves back st the dungeon.

After bathing, ray sat down thinking of what to do next, "first I need to find a village or a city" then I can know where I am. Ray suddenly felt hungry, "time to go hunting" Ray smirked as he walked forward.

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