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Beast Evolution

Chapter 13 13 Ice Cave

Ray opened the door, and immediately a chill breeze blew upon him and he shivered, he still proceeds into the dungeon, the dungeon was cold and the wall was lit up with some kind of crystals that Ray had not seen before.

The system rang in his head as the blue light appeared.


Raiding: clear the dungeon Failed

"Wait how did I fail?" Ray asked the system.

Failure to defeat dungeon boss, the system said.

"So if I don't defeat the boss, it means I failed," Ray thought as he held his chin.

Medium level dungeon

Boss: Ice mage

Quest(s) Received

Wolves: Defeat a pack of wolves

Reward: 100 Exp 1 Ap

Raiding: Clear the dungeon

Reward: 200 Exp 1 Ap and 1 Sp

The system alerted him.

"Medium level dungeon, ice mage, and new quest, nice"Ray muttered as he moved forward. He was walking on a straight path and was shivering every now and then.

The path ended and in front of him were three paths. He heard a howl but wasn't sure which of the path it came from. He took the straight path and kept walking, the more he walked the path became large till a wolf was now in sight.

"Wow! such a beauty", the wolf was white in color and was very furry. "Too bad you are going to die," Ray said as he removed his spear. "0hh no" four more wolves joined the first one making them a total of five, Ray looked at the wolf, and his skills activated.

Name: /////

Race: Ice wolf

level: 4

skills: 1

"level 4, we are the same level," Ray said, he was expecting them to be low leveled, "system upgrade my inspect skill with two skills point."

Skills: [Inspect] level 2 +1+1

[Inspect]level 4: view stats of anyone within range by looking directly into their eyes. stamina cost 0

The wolves were preparing to attack,

Name: ////

Race: ice wolf

Level: 4

Health: 40/40

Strength: 6

Agility: 15

defense: 3

Skills: Dash

"They are not that strong," Ray said, their speed is the problem and I wonder what their skills do, "system improve my agility with all my attribute point."

Agility +4

Agility: 16

Ray smiled and took a battle stance, the wolves rushed toward him and attacked, Ray was quick and dodge their attacks.

Ray swung his spear towards one of the wolves to slash it but two other wolves held the spears in their mouth, as Ray looked at the wolves the other three attacked him.

Ray jumped backward, the wolves holding his spear dropped it and they all faced Ray ready to attack again.

"So this is the power of a wolf pack" Ray muttered as his spear appeared, in a blink of an eye one of the wolves dashed forward with full speed and before Ray could react, the wolf already slashed him on his chest.

HP -5

HP: 35

"What!" Ray shouted as the wolf slashed him, blood dripped from his chest but the wound was not deep. Ray was shocked by the speed of the wolf then he remembered the skill he saw, dash.

"Shrink," Ray said and his blood spear reduced in size, "if I want to fight those I need a short weapon, not a long one".

"Five on one," I need a plan ray muttered to himself, the wolves attacked him but normally this time, Ray used his spear to block their attacks, ray kicked one of the wolves and it fell down, "I got you now," Ray thought but dash, the wolf moved and avoided Ray's spear.

The wolf was now at Ray's back, he turned so he could face both sides but the wolves attacked him, the wolf at his back charged towards him and he attacked back.


The other wolves used their claws to slash Ray's back, "Argh!" ray turn to attack them, the wolf he attacked also slashed him on his back as he turned, Ray used his hands to support himself as he fell to the ground and dropped his spear.

HP -5

HP -10

HP: 20

The wolves were charging toward ray to deliver the finishing blows, "Activate power punch" Ray said.


Ray struck the ground with his power punch and the ground vibrated a little stopping the wolves, Ray used that opportunity to charge toward the wolf that was alone, on reaching the wolf he leaped in the air and jumped it.

Ray ran towards the path he came from, the wolves were all surprised but they gave chase, the path Ray was running to was a straight path that was not big so it could not fit 5 wolves at once.

The wolves ran side by side after Ray, soon only two were in front and the other was at the back because the path could not fit all of them.

Ray stopped and turn to face the wolves, they were almost near the other paths, Two wolves were in front and they attacked Ray, "increase" Ray shouted as he charge toward them.

One of the wolves dashed forward, Ray slashed the air before the wolf could reach him, and the wolf fell to the ground as Ray's spear slashed the face of the wolf.

Ray quickly strike the wolf on the ground before it could gain its composure, the path was small so the wolves could not synchronize their attacks.

(You've earned 40 Exp for defeating ice wolf)

The system prompt came in, and Ray charged toward the other wolves, "shrink" Ray's blood spear reduced as he charged toward the wolves, they were no space for the wolves to use their skills and they could only attack two at a time from the same direction.

(You've earned 40 Exp for defeating ice wolf)

(You've earned 40 Exp for defeating ice wolf)

(You've earned 40 Exp for defeating ice wolf)

(You've earned 40 Exp for defeating ice wolf)

Experience (330/500)

Ray sat down and rested his back on the wall as he heard the last system prompt,

Quest completed

Wolves: Defeat a pack of wolves

Reward: 100 Exp 1 Ap




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