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Chapter 7: Alma

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Just as Andrew and the Holy Saber were shocked by the effect of Monn’s God Rank Spell.

Monn was already flying at high speed towards St. Servant with an anxious look on his face!

He was worried about his daughter...

A little girl was abandoned at the church’s entrance two years ago when Monn had just transmigrated.

Her name was Alma. She was seven years old that year.

Although Monn himself was in a mess at that time, he could not back his and watch when he saw the cute and pitiful Little Alma.

The little girl said in a strong voice when Monn asked where her home was.

“Uncle, my parents don’t want me anymore.”

“Can you adopt me? I eat very little...”

At that time, the little girl was tearing, but she pretended to be strong, which was heartbreaking.

Therefore, Monn adopted the little girl when even he was not familiar with this world.

Monn could only let Little Alma live in the church when he adopted her. But he was a man who had never been in love, so how would he be able to take care of the child?

Fortunately, he later met a nun. Monn pleaded and ordered the nun with his status as a cardinal to make her help him take care of Little Alma for a while.

Monn had a weekly salary of 37 pounds, and almost half of it was spent on Little Alma!

Monn then saved more than a year’s salary and finally bought a small villa in St. Servant City, which provided Little Alma with a home to stay!

Now, Monn found a private primary school for her in St. Servant City.

Monn would send Little Alma over every morning, and she walked home by herself in the evening. At noon, she ate at the school.

Monn had always been unwilling to work overtime and go to and from work on time. Besides being tired of working endlessly in his previous life, picking up Little Alma and cooking for her was also one of the important reasons!

Usually, Little Alma would leave school at five in the evening and be at home at around five twenty.

Monn had already prepared food for her every day at this time. Then, he would wait for a discount at the vegetable store, beef shop, and bakery to buy the ingredients for the next day!

However, that was the second anniversary of Monn’s clock-in and out system. He was so eager to test his strength that he forgot the time!

It was already past six. Little Alma must have starved herself to death!

Monn, who was flying rapidly in the air, looked regretful. He sped up once again!

When he returned to his small villa in St. Servant City.

It was already 6.05 pm!

He saw a small figure sitting in front of the door from afar. Her hair was braided. She carried a small schoolbag, and her head was between her knees.


Monn quickly landed and walked quickly to the little girl sitting in front of the door. He called out apologetically.

“Father Monn...”

The little girl raised her head. It was a chubby and cute little face!

Little Alma’s face was full of grievance at the moment.

Her lips pouted!

“Father Monn, you’re late again!”

Monn heaved a sigh of relief instead when he saw that the little girl still had the energy to get angry at him.

“Little Alma, it’s Father Monn’s fault. I was delayed by something today!”

“Are you starving?”

After hearing Monn’s apology, the little girl did not pursue the matter any further.


She nodded heavily and touched her little belly again.

“When I went to buy lunch at noon, I was late, so I didn’t eat much!”


Monn laughed heartily and rubbed the little girl’s head.

“Let’s go. Father Monn will cook something delicious for you!”

“Father Monn, you are going to cook beef soup, baked bread, and boiled vegetables again, right?”

The little girl’s face was gloomy, and she looked extremely helpless.


Monn cleared his throat and opened the door, pretending to be serious as he spoke.

“Father Monn is cooking that for your health!”

“Beef is for protein, bread is for energy, and vegetables are for vitamins. What a balanced combination!”

“You’re saying something I don’t understand again...”

Alma acted like a young adult and shook her head.

“Father Monn, just admit it!”

“It’s because you don’t know how to cook other dishes!”


Monn was instantly embarrassed...

Alma was right.

He was just a web novelist and an otaku in his previous life!

How could he know how to cook any complicated dishes!

The three dishes that Alma had just mentioned were the dishes he learned from his neighbor, Aunt Susan, for a few days.

“Don’t you know that kids shouldn’t be picky with their food!”

Monn rubbed the little girl’s head hard and helped her carry her school bag.

There were many rooms in the small villa. Upstairs was Little Alma’s bedroom and two guest rooms other than the master bedroom where Monn lived...

Downstairs were bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, study rooms, and so on.

He casually put Little Alma’s school bag in the living room.

Monn took off his apron from the wall and walked into the kitchen.

“Little Alma, do your homework first. The food will be ready soon!”

“Okay, Father Monn!” Little Alma’s voice was long and weak.

Monn smiled helplessly and took out the beef, bread, and vegetables he bought yesterday from the cabinet above.

Monn went to the beef store, the vegetable store, and the bakery to buy at the last moment of discount every day because of certain reasons.

One of the reasons was to save money.

He only had a salary of 37 pounds a week.

It was no problem for him to use it in his daily life.

But Monn thought that he should save more money now.

So that he could send Little Alma to a better grammar school when she reached 13 years old.

It was not easy to go to a grammar school in that era!

There were strict requirements for money and status!

His status was enough. He was a cardinal of the Orthodox Church, after all.

But the problem was that the tuition fee of close to a thousand pounds every six months was almost equal to Monn’s salary!

No one would believe that a grand cardinal would worry about money if someone knew about that.

The other cardinals were indeed not worried about money.

After all, the reward for killing vampires, werewolves, and other dark creatures were high!

But Monn had not gone out to deal with dark creatures for two years...

Other than saving money, the reason why Monn spent every day shopping for the next day’s dishes was...

There was no refrigerator in this era!

Bread could be kept for about three days.

And food like beef, which was easy to rot, could not even be kept for two days!

It could only be said that if it wasn’t because Monn didn’t have so much knowledge in him.

He would have wanted to climb the technology tree directly!

At least, he had to invent a version of the Holy Power Refrigerator!

Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to invent it...

When Monn’s mind was running through all this nonsense.

Monn didn’t stop!

He chopped up the beef, threw it directly into the pot, poured water, and turned the heat up to the maximum!

He just had to cook it!

Put the bread on a square plate and place them in the oven!

Just bake it!

Wash the vegetables, tear them into pieces, put them in the pot, pour the water, and keep the heat down!

Just cook it!

Yes! Monn only knew how to cook these dishes and rice...

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