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Chapter 6: Even A Holy Rank Experts Would Have a Headache

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They looked at the stone platform that had directly turned into a fine dust when the mighty wind blew past.

Errol’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the excitement in his eyes did not disappear even after some time!

“Andrew, have you ever heard of such an expert in the Kingdom of Kate?”

Andrew was also amazed.

He shook his head, “I’ve never heard of him!”

“I just don’t know if it’s an enemy or a friend!”

The two were guessing who the owner of that God Rank Spell was.


Errol’s eyes focused!

“There’s something under the stone platform!”


Andrew and Vernal exclaimed at the same time.

Errol had been training his saber intent for decades.

Therefore, he was superior to Andrew when it came to sensing auras.

The other two would not have any doubts about Errol’s words.

“Vernal, blow up this pile of rock powder!” Andrew ordered in a deep voice.


Errol raised his hand to stop Vernal!

“The situation of the person below it is unknown. We can’t directly destroy it. We have to dig bit by bit!”


Andrew and Vernal were stunned!

In terms of strength, the weakest of the three people present had the ability of an Amethyst Rank!


Whether it was Vernal or Andrew, they both cultivated the Orthodox Sect’s spells. They were related to the Light Elements!

Andrew was good at attacking and healing.

But digging...

The two looked at Errol.

The Holy Saber looked calm.

“What? You want me to dig?”

Andrew turned his head in annoyance.

The Holy Saber had trained all his life on a single saber.

Errol’s saber was incomparable in terms of lethality and offensive power.

But when it came to digging...

He was probably inferior to the other two!

Andrew cleared his throat helplessly and said.

“Vernal, you can only dig…if we have no choice.”

“I remember that you once cultivated the Holy Sword of Light?”

“Just use that as a shovel and dig...”

Even Andrew himself couldn’t hold it in any longer after he finished speaking.

On the other side, the corners of Vernal’s mouth twitched crazily!


“Don’t waste time! The situation down there isn’t certain yet!” Andrew said solemnly and loudly!

“... Yes, Your Holiness!”

Helpless, the aggrieved Vernal could only raise his hand and release a Holy Sword of Light!


He began to dig up the stone powder!

Twenty minutes later, Vernal’s forehead was drenched in sweat, and he looked exhausted!

Naturally, releasing the Holy Sword of Light would not exhaust him so much.

But the problem was!

An ordinary Holy Sword of light would be non-exhausting if were shot out!

No one would have to maintain the Holy Sword all the time like him.

Moreover, he had to use the Holy Sword as a shovel and dig stone dust!

Vernal probably would not have been able to hold on if it was not for the abundant holy energy in him!

“Vernal, are you done digging?”

After a while, Andrew asked loudly with a helpless expression.

He did not want Vernal to dig it up either.

There was no other way...

He would wait for those priests who could not even fly to come over even if he went back to the church to call for help.

It would probably take even more time!

“Your Holiness, I should e able to dig it out soon. I can feel the power of a Holy Rank!”

Andrew nodded slightly. He saw the calm Errol and immediately snorted coldly just as he was about to praise Vernal.

Vernal’s surprised voice was heard after a few minutes!

“Your Holiness, Senior Holy Saber, come quickly. I’ve found it!”

Those who did not know better would think that he had found some treasure...

Andrew and Errol quickly walked forward. The stone dust hill had already been dug by Vernal into a big pit.

A body that had been cut neatly into two halves lay quietly at the bottom of the pit.

“This... This is a werewolf?” Andrew looked surprised!

The Holy Saber Errol nodded, his expression solemn. He opened his mouth and said, after sensing for a while.

“It should be a werewolf that is preparing to advance to the Holy Rank... I don’t know!”

“I didn’t expect that the werewolf clan had an Amethyst Level expert that we didn’t know had the strength to advance to the Holy Rank!”Andrew’s expression was gloomy.

Although there were many races in this world, the territories and resources of most races didn’t overlap.

Therefore, most races were relatively peaceful with each other. At least there weren’t many large-scale wars.

However, werewolves, bloodsuckers, and humans were almost like blood feuds!

It was said that werewolves and bloodsuckers were mutated from humans in ancient times.

However, although they were three races of the exact origin, werewolves and bloodsuckers often turned around and slaughtered humans for some unknown reason!

Werewolves would often sneak into human villages and towns. Then suddenly transform into incomparably brutal werewolves on a full moon night, starting a crazy massacre of the entire human race in the village!

As for the bloodsuckers, there was no need to mention them. They relied on human blood for a living and had already reached the point where their strength would deteriorate if they did not drink human blood for a long time!

Therefore, whenever dark creatures were mentioned in the Orthodox Church, they referred to werewolves and bloodsuckers.

The kingdom and the Orthodox Church offered extremely high bounty rewards for these two races!

And a werewolf that had never been seen before had advanced to the Holy Rank and lurked in a place less than 50 kilometers away from the Kingdom of Kate...

What did this mean?

Andrew and Errol looked at each other with serious looks in their eyes!

“Vernal, go to the temple immediately and report this matter to the pope. The werewolves may be making a big move against the kingdom and the Orthodox Church!”

Andrew was the first to speak and ordered Vernal to and gather reinforcements at once!

Vernal nodded and bowed. Then, he did not return to the church and directly flew towards the north at high speed!

The two people on the spot cast their gazes on the corpse at the bottom of the pit.

The werewolf was neatly divided into two halves as if it was cut vertically from the middle of its body by a sharp blade!

The smoothness of the cut made the two existences with high-level Holy Rank experts speechless for a long time.

“This... doesn’t seem to be the effect of that God Rank Spell, right?”

Andrew was the first to speak. Although he didn’t like Errol, he didn’t doubt Errol’s strength and vision.

“Hmm, it looks like a Wind Blade or a Light Blade, but in fact, this move already involves the rules of space!”

“Could it be another God Rank Spell?”

“No, it should be a Holy Rank Spell... but even I can’t create such a powerful Holy Level Spell!”

Errol’s eyes filled with undisguised admiration and respect.

He no longer had any desire of competing with that mysterious Holy Rank existence after seeing these two spells if he had any desire of that just now!

“I, Errol, admit that I’m inferior to this expert’s strength!”Errol said calmly.

Andrew’s eyes widened upon hearing that, and his face revealed a surprised expression.

He had known Errol for so many years, but he had never seen him submit to anyone!

Errol still dared to slash at him even if the person at that time was much stronger than him!

Errol had never said that he admitted that he was inferior even if the person’s ability was high!

“Is this person so terrifying? He’s stronger than you?”

Andrew asked in puzzlement.

Although he also had the strength of an Advanced stage Holy Rank, he had cultivated all the spells passed down from the Orthodox Church after all. There was only one type of Holy Rank Spell that he created himself.

Andrew admitted that he was inferior to Errol in terms of strength!

Errol only lived for the saber all his life., Andrew had never seen anyone better than him in the path of the saber!

As far as he knew, the saber technique that Errol created himself also only had one type, but it was the type that was infinitely close to a God Rank Spell!

He was stuck at this level for more than ten years!

However, this did not mean that Errol’s strength was not strong!

On the contrary, Errol’s talent was simply at the monstrous level to be able to create a blade technique that was infinitely close to a divine level spell when he was at the Holy Rank.

Now, Errol even admitted that he was inferior. It seemed that he had underestimated that mysterious Holy Rank expert before!

“Andrew, I just don’t know who this person is, whether he is an enemy or a friend.”

Errol sighed with emotion and said, “If I can ask him for advice, perhaps I would be able to create the God Rank technique!”

“I only hope that he is not an enemy...”

“Otherwise, we will all have a headache!”

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