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Chapter 30: Begin Training

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Go down and rest!”

Before everyone left the tent, they placed their hands on their chests and knelt on one knee.

They gave a solemn knight’s greeting to Meng En!

Meng En responded to them one by one.

Next, his fate and the fate of these soldiers would be linked together!

In the tent, only Philip and his deputy, Toan, were left.

Toan was a young man with a youthful and immature face.

But he was extremely talented!

Now, he had the strength of a primary amethyst rank.

“Philip, prepare some pen and paper for me. Send the food here at noon.”

“From now on, this is the command center!”

“Yes! Red robe Meng En!”

Not long after, Philip brought a pen and paper.

After they left, only Meng En was left in the tent.

He sat quietly in front of the table, a thoughtful expression on his face.

Meng En was thinking about all kinds of details!

Including the schedule, logistics, specific training content and training methods, as well as the battle formation!

In his previous life, Meng En was an author of web novels.

He had a detailed understanding of battle formations for a period of time.

He was very familiar with the three talents formation, the six shapes and six armors formation, and so on.

However, battle formations were the things that were most taboo to talk about on paper!

The authors of all kinds of ancient military tactics were all fearless people who had survived the battlefield and crawled out of piles of dead bodies!

It was impossible to train a powerful army by talking strategy on paper!

In the paladins, even the strength of ordinary warriors was very strong.

As for the formations in Meng En’s mind, the relatively important ones such as “Flexibility”and “Mobility” were not something to worry about for these knights.

What was more worrying was whether these knights would be able to carry out the orders resolutely!

A perfect battle formation required everyone to advance and retreat together!

This was not something that could be made up with the strength of a single person!

If they couldn’t follow orders and advance and retreat together!

Then, as long as there was a problem at any point, the battle formation would be a joke!

Meng En didn’t have any good ideas regarding this matter.

The warriors of the Holy Knights had already formed a fixed mindset!

On the battlefield, their mindset would not be able to change in the short term.

The only thing Meng En could do was to increase the intensity of the punishment.

He wanted to leave the impression that they had to obey orders or die.

Apart from that.

Trust in their comrades was also very important!

On the battlefield, personal will was not important!

No matter how brave a soldier was, when everyone around him was retreating, he could only retreat!

This was the “General trend” of the battlefield!

And this was the relatively complicated thought that Meng En was prepared to mix into the battle formation training.

Only after undergoing a lot of training.

Would these soldiers build up their absolute trust in each other.

Then, they would coordinate with each other to educate everyone about their beliefs.

Let them firm up their beliefs and not retreat on the battlefield.

That way, when the real war came.

Everyone would be united!

They would believe that their teammates would not back down! They would also believe that they would not back down!

Only such an army could be invincible!

Of course, this might involve the education of their beliefs, the fierce propaganda of the werewolves, the clarification of their thoughts, and so on. These were all very detailed things.

Meng En held a pen, thinking while writing and drawing on the paper.

He was not a professional soldier, nor had he come into contact with similar military construction.

What Meng En could rely on was only some knowledge and experience from his previous life.

The schedule was actually a relatively easy problem to solve.

These soldiers’physical fitness and strength were very strong.

The usual training tasks were not hard, causing them to develop the habit of laziness.

The first step was to get rid of these bad habits!

A soldier who was unwilling to even get up early was definitely not a good soldier!

Meng En completely synchronized their schedule with his own.

He gets up at 6:30 in the morning and sleeps at 9:30 in the evening!

At noon, there was a two-hour lunch break.

All the captain-level and commander-level knights got up and went to bed ten minutes earlier and ten minutes later respectively!

After making the schedule.

Meng En called Philip and Toan in to discuss the details of the training.

“Philip, how do they usually arrange the training?”

Philip stammered for a while and said with a bitter smile.

“Red robe Meng En, usually... when we go out to deal with Dark Creatures, it’s considered training.”

“Other training is not available in the paladins.”


Monn was really shocked this time!

As a paladin, they actually didn’t even have regular training?

No wonder they came so slowly when he gathered everyone!

Presumably, it was very likely because they have never encountered such a situation before.

After a few seconds of silence, Meng En sighed and said.

“Next, let everyone follow this schedule.”

“Do you have any suggestions on the daily training content?”

Philip Thought for a moment and replied.

“These knights are actually very strong. Ordinary training might not have much effect or pressure on them.”

“I suggest that we directly let everyone train in the form of a battle!”

“This way, not only can we increase their combat ability, but we can also give them some pressure!”

Monn nodded. This was a good idea.

Time was tight.

There was a conflict between normal training and battle formation training.

Since the normal training content was useless to these knights.

It was not a bad idea to start battle formation training directly!

After thinking for a while, Meng En said.

“Then let everyone practice the battle drill with added weights!”

“Go and arrange for the members of the Holy Choir to come over so they could heal injured paladins immediately”

“HMM... Let’s start with the smallest battle formation. In a while, call all the knights above the squad leader to the drill ground.”

“I’ll teach them a few commonly used battle formations first.”



After Philip left, Meng En’s train of thought was much smoother.

He took a pen and paper and wrote the words “Three talents formation” at the top of the paper.

Three talents formation was one of the small and flexible famous formations!

Usually, the three talents formation was formed by about a hundred people.

It was suitable for the current Holy Knight Regiment!

However, because of the individual strength of the Holy Knight Regiment, there were not many knights who actually had mounts!

Therefore, certain changes needed to be made to the paladins in the three talents formation!

It took Meng En nearly half an hour to write and draw.

Then, the three talents formation was redesigned according to the characteristics of the paladins in the regiment!

At this moment, the three talents formation.

From the front to the back, there were 20 light armored Knights, 40 heavy armored charge knights, 20 knights responsible for long-range casting of spells, and 20 reserve knights lined up on both sides.

At the beginning of the battle.

The Light Armored Knights were in charge of harassing and luring. Under the cover of the light armored Knights, the heavy armored knights would have enough time to complete the charge!

After the short-range contact, the knights in charge of long-range spell casting would heal or cover the heavy armored knights with firepower.

Finally, the reserve knights lined up on both sides would fill in any gaps that appear.

Among them, the heavy armored knights were the ones who were under the greatest pressure.

However, Meng En had also designed sufficient support for them.

The support came from the 20 light armored knights at the front, and their mobility was the strongest.

After the first harassment and Detour, these light armored knights had to immediately return to the rear of the heavy armored knights to provide support!

At the same time, if the battle formation was broken through,.

The last reserve knights has to immediately take over!

Although this three talents formation was simple, it had a variety of configurations such as guerrilla, support, charge, healing, reserve forces, and so on!

It could be said that even though a sparrow is small, it has all the vital organs!

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