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Chapter 28: The Courage of a Knight

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Because... because I was late...”

Monroe’s lips trembled, and the fear in his heart almost overflowed!

He looked at the calm face of Meng En, and endless regret emerged in his mind!

If he had the chance to do it again!

He would have rushed to the drill ground at the first moment Meng En notified the gathering!

Unfortunately, he had no chance

Meng En pursed his lips and took a long sword from Philip’s hand.

“It’s not because you’re late!”

“All of you deserve to die because you have no idea why you’re standing here!”

Meng En raised his long sword, frowned, and swung it down hard!

Blood soared into the sky!

Meng En pointed at another knight who was so scared that he almost fainted and asked Philip to bring him up.

There were 30,000 knights on the drill ground.

At this moment, there was no sound.

Everyone was staring blankly at Meng En who was holding a sharp blade on the parade platform.

“You don’t even know why you picked up the sword and spear in your hands!”

“You don’t deserve to be called Knights!”

Munn waved his sword again without changing his expression.

His head fell to the ground.

“You treat this military camp as a place to relax and play

“You don’t even know what kind of responsibility you are shouldering!”

Meng En’s sword continued to swing down, and three heads landed on the parade platform.

The corpses were dragged down by Philip’s men.

“You have no organization, no discipline, and even your orders can be treated as child’s play.

“If you don’t die today, you will die on the battlefield against the werewolves in the future.

“Some people may want to ask me, if everyone is like this, why can’t I?

“I have nothing to explain to you. I actually don’t feel good killing these people today.

“I really want to be a less strict commander and bring you to eat, drink, and have fun.

“But, if you do that, everyone will die!

“You will die! The millions of people in the capital will die! I will die too!”

The longsword kept swinging down, and waves of cries and shouts were gradually heard among the late knights in the middle of the drill ground.

They didn’t start to fear until now.

They didn’t dare to cry until now!

Meng En pursed his lips. A lot of blood were stuck on his arms and chest.

“What I want to tell you is actually very simple.

“From today onwards, everyone must unconditionally obey my orders.

“This is not because I want to use your power to do something outrageous

“It’s because if you don’t obey, then everyone will die

“The werewolves are going to invade the Kate Kingdom

“You are the ones who are blocking the front!”

Meng En paused and waved his sword again and again without any sense of beauty.

More and more heads piled up on the parade platform.

“I will teach you all kinds of battle formations and tactics, and I will charge in front of all of you.”

“But I can’t resist the werewolves by myself. I need all of you to charge with me!”

“That’s what I’m doing now!”

“I’m killing these people to achieve the same goal.”

Meng En waved his long sword again and slashed down!

His eyes were filled with a terrifying killing intent!

“Do you understand? !”

On the drill ground, other than the scattered cries and shouts,.

Meng En was the only one who spoke!

When his voice merged with the Holy Power and spread in all directions,.

A sudden voice came from the human wall around the drill ground!

“Red robe Meng En, please lead me to charge with you!”

The voice was hoarse, and in the blink of an eye, it attracted everyone’s attention.

Meng En turned his head and saw a young man who looked less than twenty years old.

He called this young man up.

“What’s your name?”

The Young Man’s face was red with excitement!

“Meng En, I’m Addison!”

“Good, Addison. Your bravery saved 100 Lives!”

“Of the 5,000 people below, 100 will be your subordinates. Go and choose.”

Meng En nodded and patted Addison’s shoulder.

“From today onwards, I will appoint you as the captain of the first team of the iron-blood Knights!”

Addison’s eyes revealed a look of disbelief!

Then, he immediately placed his hands on his chest, lowered his head and knelt down on one knee!

He gave Meng En the most solemn Knight’s salute!

“Addison, I am willing to fight for red robe Meng En!”

Meng En’s expression did not change. After nodding, he pointed at another knight who was late and asked Philip to bring him up!

This knight shook his head crazily. His face was full of tears and his expression was filled with extreme regret!

He knelt in front of Meng En. He could not even clearly beg for mercy!

Beside him, Addison had yet to step down from the stage to choose his subordinates. He could not bear it.

He opened his mouth and said.

“Red robe Meng En, this person... can I choose?”

Meng En turned his head and looked at him indifferently.

“Are you sure you want to choose him?”

Addison nodded heavily.

Meng En nodded slightly and put away his long sword.

“He is yours.”

Below the stage, everyone saw the scene on the parade stage clearly.

Everyone understood that as long as they stood out bravely, they could save the lives of those people in the middle of the drill ground!

They could even become the captain of a new knight regiment!

Many people’s thoughts were aroused.

However, facing these people’s fervent eyes, Meng En said calmly.

“Even if they were saved, they would still follow me and rush to the front!”

“Then, is there anyone who is willing to save these people?”

Meng En would not choose the new leader of the iron-blood knight regiment directly.

Because, if that happened, this iron-blood knights would still be a weak brigade without any fighting strength!

What he wanted was to be truly willing for his faith.

For the people, for the oath he made in front of the true God.

And for the Bravehearts who were willing to follow him at the forefront!

This was the battlefield of the Bravehearts!

Cowards were only qualified to stand below and be chosen!

“I! Red robe Meng En, am willing!”

A knight wearing mithril chain armor stood out.

He was one of the 3,000 mithril knights.

Over the past ten years, he had made many battle achievements and obtained countless riches and wealth.

However, there had never been a time like today that made his blood boil!

He even felt the power of faith!

It was as if he really understood why he fought and why he became a knight!

“Red robe Meng En, I am willing to charge with you! I will die with no regrets!”

Meng En nodded and asked.

“What is your name?”

“Troy, my Lord, my name is Troy!”

“Good! Troy, your bravery saved the lives of 100 people!”

“Go down and choose. Among these cowards, 100 of them will forever be yours!”


After receiving the order, Troy walked down the parade platform with a solemn expression and stood in front of the group of late knights.

“Those who become my subordinates will charge at the front! Is there anyone who wants to take initiative?”

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