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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime

Chapter 263 - The Legacy of the Silk-spitting Snake

Chapter 263: The Legacy of the Silk-spitting Snake

“The result really surprised me.”

There was a hint of disgust in Andrea’s cold voice.

It was as if she was ready to unleash a deadly beast at any moment.


Dolly frowned. He felt that Andrea’s state right now is abnormal.

In the past, no matter what Andrea did, she had never let her emotions out like this.

When Andrea heard Dolly call out to her, her already cold and emotionless vertical pupils blinked.

But she only continued to stare at Aude.

After Devouring Dragon’s lineage awakening in her bloodline, her feelings were minimized, to begin with.

If not for Dolly’s overly open and talkative personality, she would have become a cold god long ago.

The reason why she had not become a god was not that she did not have the opportunity to become a god.

And it wasn’t because she didn’t want to become a god.

It was because she couldn’t bear to part with Dolly.

She knew that if she became a god, she would leave the Shenluo continent.

If she left this continent, with her current strength,

She wouldn’t be able to protect Dolly in other regions.

Especially after Dolly had found his lover, a treant, in these years.

She had one more person to protect.

So she wanted to build up her strength.

She wanted to be the strongest god among her peers.

She wanted to be a god who could challenge those of a higher level and be invincible.

Before Bobby appeared, she wanted to be subtle.

She wanted to pretend to be a pig that can eat a tiger.

Facts proved that she was right.

It was because of this choice that she met Bobby.

She received Bobby’s gentle care.

“I am your father. That thing is just a silk-spitting cicada raised by our family.”

Aude’s face could not be even described as ugly.

He had really underestimated his daughter.

He had always thought that he had done this very secretly.

He thought it would not be discovered.

But he had never thought that his daughter would still discover it.

And she discovered it without him noticing.

The scarier thing was that Andrea, who had always been attracting attention,

did not show the sign of such knowledge at all.

No wonder Andrea had rarely let his wound heal completely over these years.

The wounds on his body that had been bitten by Andrea had always healed at the same speed as she create new ones.

Now when he fought with Andaqian,

It was rare for him to get the upper hand.

With Vivian and Dolly present,

Andrea would still be at a disadvantage as before.

But even if she was at a disadvantage, she would still bite down the same amount of flesh on his body.

This was very annoying.

He was clearly the winning side, but it looked like a pyrrhic victory.

When he made that decision, he had already thought about it.

No matter what, he could not let Dolly have children.

Of course, there was also his own selfish motives.

Dolly’s existence had a special significance to Vivian and Andaqian.

If Dolly had his own family.

Not to mention others, even those who came for simply the name of the dragon could form a long line.

When the time came, Dolly would not be able to get rid of all those who wanted to cling to their family.

And for the sake of Dolly, whether it was Vivian or Andrea.

They would not refuse.

Dolly would become the trouble for their family.

But at the same time, it also would raise Dolly’s status.

He was already very famous as the mutated eight-legged silk snake on the Shenluo continent.

Now even more famous as the uncle of the wise successor.

He was highly regarded.

Aude couldn’t cause trouble for his family for no reason.

And Aude couldn’t let Dolly borrow the power of the Dragon Clan again and again.

So he made an agreement with Dolly.

As long as Dolly stayed by Andrea’s side,

He couldn’t have his own children.

Dolly agreed very quickly.

This was something Aude didn’t expect.

What Aude didn’t know was that Dolly had considered these issues earlier than Aude did.

Even if Aude didn’t bring it up, Dolly had his own plans in mind.

Now that Aude took the initiative to bring it up, he naturally wouldn’t refuse.

On the contrary, he felt that this wasn’t bad.

It saved him a lot of trouble.

God knows how much pressure he was under.

His Silk-spitting snake Clan all wanted to change their fate and identity through him.

They didn’t want to continue being the silk-spitting cicada of the dragon clan.

But their silk-spitting snake clan probably forgot that the reason they existed…

Was because the dragon clan wanted to have clothes that met their requirements.

That’s why they nurtured the Silk-spitting Snake’s ancestor.

With the silk-spitting snake…

The silk-spitting snake had been the cicada of the dragon clan for generations.

It was impossible to get rid of this identity.

Even though he had been by Vivian’s side since he was young, and later Vivian had a family,

She had Andrea.

He had always looked after Andrea.

But no one knew that even though his relationship with Andrea was extremely close,

All these years, he had never forgotten his duty.

After Vivian got married, the silk used to make her clothes was no longer his.

But ever since Andrea was born, the clothes she wore, the quilt she used, even if it was just a handkerchief.

They were all made of Dolly’s silk.

Silk-spitting snakes were both the cicadas raised by the dragon clan and the embroiders of the Dragon Clan.

They were born to know how to use their own silk to make all kinds of objects that were not only beautiful but also strong and defensible.

Others might not know that Andrea could transform into human form.

But Dolly knew.

Although he had never seen Andrea transform into human form.

But he still made clothes for Andrea from the quilt for human infants,

All the way to clothes for adulthood.

There was a big wardrobe in Andrea’s room.

The wardrobe was full of things she had never worn before.

From clothes for infants, full moon, first year, one year to her 200s.

Every month Dolly would make clothes for her based on the seasons.

For more than 200 years, there had been no break.

Dolly treated Andrea as his own child.

He doted on her very much.

He knew that his child had a huge secret in her heart.

He never asked.

The thing he said most to Andrea was the same.

“You must protect yourself.”

And Andrea had never promised anything to Dolly.

She had never promised anything to Dolly.

For Dolly, that was enough.

He believed that Andrea was a child who knew what was important and what was not.

A dragon with the Wise Man’s Lineage.

She must have thought more than he, a silk-spitting snake who only knew how to make clothes.

But what Dolly didn’t think of was that.

Andrea was a dragon.

No matter how inconspicuous she was.

She was also a proud dragon.

Dragons had their own pride and forbidden scales.

A dragon could kill anyone who touched their forbidden scale.

Before Bobby appeared, Andacan’s forbidden scale was Dolly, who took care of her without any complaints.

After Bobby’s appearance.

Bobby became another forbidden scale for Andrea.

Now Bobby was facing a life-and-death crisis.

Andrea could not be calm no matter what.

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