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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime

Chapter 262 - Dolly Cant Have Children?

Chapter 262: Dolly Can’t Have Children?

Andrea was pursuing Bobby.

Everyone except Bobby could see it.

Because Monn and Bobby were not.

Natives of Shenluo continent.

Naturally, their meridians in the body,

Were very different from those in Shenluo.

Bobby suffered more than Monn.

Wasn’t just because of the difference in their meridians.

It was because Bobby had far more impurities than Monn.

Even though Bobby had undergone a simple purification.

With the blood of the Prophet of the Devourer.

But after all, he was only the offspring of orcs and humans.

He was inherently flawed with more genetic problems.

He hadn’t been trained well for many years.

Being full was the best embodiment of life.

All kinds of ailments and wastes were in his body.

Of course, they were much more than the ones in Monn’s body, who had the system helping him.

In fact, Bobby already had a high pain tolerance.

It was precisely because he had a high tolerance that Andrea felt even more distressed after seeing him.

The person she had waited for over two hundred years.

Because of this person, for the first time, she had the urge to transform into the human form.

Because of this person, for the first time, she had the thought of accompanying this person and walking out of this continent.

Instead of continuing to stay in the Shenluo continent and become the overlord.

Actually, Andrea knew.

Far more than any living creature on this continent.

Not only did she know that the spiritual energy and magic elements were richer and purer on this continent.

She also knew that all the creatures on the Shenluo continent.

Absorbed the spiritual energy faster than the species in other regions.

And they had a better grasp of the magic elements than the species in other regions.

Because Andrea had not only the memory of the Wise Man’s Lineage but also the memory of the Devouring Dragon’s Lineage.

The memory of the two powerful dragon clans.

Made Andrea understand it very well.

The existence of the god in the other world outside the Shenluo continent was completely different from here.

Also, their dragon clan was a different existence. No matter which continent the Dragon clan was on, they were all true experts.

They were superior to any other creatures.

Unfortunately, few people knew.

Such a powerful and invincible Dragon clan also had a weakness.

And this weakness was not difficult to hit.

Finally, one day, the Dragon Clan’s weakness was found by the persistent human clan.

And whoever found the Dragon Clan’s weakness became a Dragon Slayer Knight.

With the existence of the Dragon Slayer Knight.

The Dragon Clan’s mortal enemy also appeared.

The Dragon Clan was no longer the most powerful.

With the existence that truly restrained them.

Slaughtering the dragon clan became the symbol of honor of the Dragon-Slaying Knights.

The Dragon Clan became the slaughtering object of others.

Every part of a dragon is a treasure.

The greedy clans had naturally coveted them for a long time.

Now the opportunity was right in front of them, if they would let it go.

No one knew whether after this batch of dragon-slaying knights.

There would be more powerful dragon-slaying knights born.

Although everyone knew that as long as the method of dragon-slaying remained, dragon-slaying would no longer be a dream.

The strength of the dragon race was obvious to everyone.

The Shenluo continent was still safe because there were no dragon-slaying knights.

And the Dragon-Slaying Knights in other places had become a symbol.

They were not afraid of thieves stealing but afraid of thieves marking them as a long-term target.

Humans were indeed a race that could speak words of wisdom.

“Bobby, don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Andrea said.

She had never hoped that she would have a useless healing constitution like Aude.

Andrea stretched her small body.

Perhaps in order to protect this silly dog that she wanted to protect,.

She should show a little of her strength.

Otherwise, those who were targeting her might also be targeting this silly dog.

Bobby was too trusting.

He was too easy to show his good to others.

This Bobby was too good, so good that people wanted him to be their own.

Even if she can’t have all of him, but she didn’t want him to be seen by others.

Andrea’s heart calmed down. 𝒾𝓃𝓷𝘳e𝗮𝒅. 𝐜૦𝒎

When she left Bobby’s room, she felt that she was still surrounded by the smell of Bobby’s blood.

It was the smell of Bobby’s blood.

She was stained with the smell of Bobby’s blood.

It made Andrea more irritable than she had ever been before.

She had lived in the Shenluo continent for more than 200 years.

No one really knew what her magic attribute was.

Even all the creatures in the Shenluo continent thought that she was actually a weak dragon with only a smart brain.

“Foreign species were like this when they first arrived in the Shenluo continent.”

Dolly could see that Andrea was restless.

“How can you bear to see someone suffer such pain when you have them in your heart?”

Andrea’s eyes were deep.

She stared at Aude’s dragon body.

But she was talking to Dori.

This made Aude very irritable.

His daughter had been close to Dolly since she was young.

It was fine when she was young.

Now that she had grown up, how could she still be like this.

To her eight-legged uncle, her daughter was full of the attitude of a protector.

Otherwise, how could a silk-spitting snake follow their dragon clan every day.

God knows how many people on the Shenluo continent stared at Dolly with jealousy every day.

They wished at every moment that they could kill this silk-spitting snake and replace it.

If it weren’t for Andrea who always brought the snake with her,.

The snake would have died many times over.

After his daughter grew up, she couldn’t listen to his words anymore.

On the contrary, her relationship with Dolly became better and better.

If they didn’t look at their race and talent awakening.

No one suspected that these two people weren’t biological father and daughter.

Aude looked at his own daughter who was cold to him.

To her eight-legged Uncle Dolly, she spoke in a polite and intimate manner.

“Damn it. Whose daughter are you? ! I’ve fed my flesh to the dogs, it’s better than feeding it to you.”

Aude was so angry that foul words came out of his mouth.

Andrea stared coldly at Aude.

“Uncle Dolly hasn’t laid an egg all these years.”

Aude’s figure was reflected in an Daqian’s emotionless vertical pupils.

But Aude felt his back turn cold.

He didn’t believe that his daughter would know about that.

After all, he didn’t force Dolly into this matter.

It was Dolly who agreed to it.

“At first, I thought it was Dolly who didn’t like children.”

“But Dolly’s attitude towards me all these years made me change my mind.”

“The silk spitting snake left Dolly because Dolly refused to have his own eggs.”

“The little green snake left Uncle Dolly because Uncle Dolly refused to have his own eggs.”

“At first, I thought it was because he had eight spider legs, so he was worried that the child he gave birth to would be a mutant like him and be rejected.”

“I promised him that it wouldn’t matter even if the baby was a mutant.”

“As long as it was uncle Dolly’s baby, I would help take care of it.”

“But Uncle Dolly still refused.”

“I had someone secretly searched about it.”

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