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Chapter 26: Whoever Runs Dies

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Yesterday, Meng En kicked a black gold rank guard to the brink of death!

In this era where there was no entertainment, this matter quickly became the “Headline”in everyone’s hearts!

Many people were discussing it.

They did not expect the usually kind-looking red robe Meng En to have such a bad temper!

Of course, there were also some people who said that this was because the red robe Meng En had been framed by the red robe Kinnear!

Even a clay figurine still had some anger!

Not to mention a person of high status like the red robe Meng En!

And regarding Meng En’s strength, many people also had their own guesses.

Of course, most people guessed that he would at the peak of the amethyst rank.

However, only people like Philip, the other two cardinals, and Andrew, whose strength was already at the amethyst rank or even the saint rank, could see how terrifying that kick was.

To be fair, Philip couldn’t have done it with all his strength!

That is at least saint level above the strong can do!

At this time, see Grace calm and indifferent eyes.

What Philip felt was the pressure of a saint!

“Philip wouldn’t dare! Carry out your orders!”

After saying that, Philip stopped running around to inform everyone.

There was only a total of ten minutes!

For those who hadn’t arrived at the drill ground in ten minutes, Philip didn’t doubt at all that Meng En would really dare to kill them!

“Everyone! Red robe Meng En has given the order, gather at the drill ground immediately!”

“Those who haven’t arrived in ten minutes, choose one out of twenty and behead them!”

Philip infused his voice with holy power and shouted loudly!

Instantly, his voice spread throughout the entire paladin base!

Countless knights were stunned.

Many knights who were still walking slowly towards the drill ground heard Philip’s voice.

They looked at each other and sneered.

“What? In less than 10 minutes, choose one of the 20 and behead them?”

“Is this red robe Meng En crazy?”

“We’re paladins. Even if he’s a cardinal, he can’t kill people just because he wants to!”

“Pope Andrew won’t give him such power!”

“He probably can’t wait any longer and wants us to gather there as soon as possible.”

“HMPH! I don’t believe this! I’d like to see if he really dares to kill so many people who are late!”

There were indeed many idiots among the knights.

But most of them were still frightened!

This was an era where force reigned supreme!

If the red robe Munn had a legitimate reason, they would not be held responsible for killing them directly!

The fact that they were late for the gathering was undoubtedly a good reason to kill them even though it did not seem like much to them!

Even if these knights were not stupid.

They only thought that the red robe Munn had just taken over the paladins and wanted to establish his authority!

But no matter what.

After Philip shouted, the knights gathered faster!

In less than five minutes.

Nearly 20,000 people had gathered on the drill ground!

As the saying goes, a crowd of 10,000 people is a sea of people!

At this moment, more than 20,000 knights were standing on the vast drill ground.

At a glance, Munn felt as if he could not see the end of the line!

Munn ignored the chaos of their formation, picking up his pocket watch and glancing at the time.

Three minutes.

Three minutes!

25,000 horsemen assembled on the drill ground.

Around, Philip’s face is still very grim, but it is not so gloomy!

In his opinion, to assemble more than 25,000 knights in ten minutes.

Was already a rare “Godly speed” in this era!

Perhaps, Munn was just trying to establish his authority?

However, just as Philip was about to plead for those who were late...

Munn’s faint voice sounded.

“Philip, spread everyone out and form a human wall around you.”

“All the knights who are coming to the drill ground next, gather in the middle of the drill ground!”

“In addition, send 50 experts of the Black Gold Knight order to guard the surroundings. Kill all those who escape!”

A voice that seemed to carry the smell of blood entered Philip’s ears!

Philip’s expression suddenly changed!

Red robe Meng En was really going to start a massacre!

He did not dare to refuse. He immediately walked down the high platform of the military parade and found his confidants and those team leaders.

Then, he ordered them to quickly lead people to form a human wall around the drill ground.

He also sent 50 Black Gold Knights to guard the surroundings!

Then, he personally went to the entrance of the drill ground. Every soldier that came, he would give a fierce kick.

He roared angrily.

“Hurry the f * ck up! Red robe Meng En is going to kill you, do you understand? !”

“Behave yourselves later!”

“Otherwise, if Meng En doesn’t make a move, I’ll kill all of you too!”

The soldiers who were late were all stunned!

They looked at the gradually forming human wall around the drill ground!

Then they looked at the center of the drill ground, which seemed to be an “Execution ground” specifically made for them!

Many soldiers were so scared that their legs went weak!

“Regiment commander! Regiment commander, Save Me! I know I’m wrong!”

“I’m sorry, Regiment Commander, I’m sorry! Save us, we didn’t mean to be late!”

“There wasn’t such a rule in the past!”

“Yeah! We’re not sure. Please help us plead for mercy and don’t let red robe Meng En kill us!”

Philip sighed. In this situation, there was nothing he could do!

If the red robe Meng En was determined to kill and establish his authority.

His status would be inferior to the other party, and his strength was also inferior to the other party. What could he use to block them?

“Hurry up and get in! Choose one out of twenty. All of you, keep a low profile!”

“Who told you to be late? It’s useless even if I shout it myself!”

“Whoever you choose, just accept your fate!”

Philip usually had quite a good relationship with the paladins.

But at this time, it was useless even if he had a good relationship with them!

Many of the soldiers looked as if they wanted to run away!

Philip sighed in his heart towards these knights!

If he knew this would happen, why didn’t he rush over earlier!

He didn’t even remind them that they might not die if they went in, but they would definitely die if they ran away!

Red robe Meng En gave a death order. Anyone who ran away would be killed on the spot!

Close to 5,000 soldiers came in one after another.

Many who were still behind also felt that something was wrong.

A strange atmosphere spread among all the soldiers who were late!

Not long after, an extremely ferocious-looking knight suddenly raised the long sword in his hand and shouted!

“Meng En wants to kill us! We’re just late, and he wants to kill us!”

“This knight, I won’t do it anymore!”

“Brothers, are we going to let him kill us just like that? Follow me and charge out!”

“Charge out!”

“Charge out!”

This knight took the lead. Among the knights who were late, many of them were already on the verge of breaking down.

Hence, the followers were as numerous as the clouds.

For a moment, they even gathered nearly a hundred ferocious-looking knights who held sharp blades in their hands!

Then, they charged straight out of the drill ground!

However, what awaited them were nearly fifty black gold-rank knights!

These knights had also been given a death order by Philip!

Those who ran away were to be killed without mercy!

If one of them escaped, one of them would be beheaded!

Thus, a massacre officially began!

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