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Chapter 25: Art of War and Formation

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Form up, charge over, and then... capture and kill.”

Philip thought for a moment and replied hesitantly.

Monn’s expression was calm, but he was a little surprised.

There were all kinds of battle formations and art of war in his previous life!

Moreover, the art of war and battle formations were discovered in the era of cold weapons!

Having a flexible and efficient battle formation allowed the same number of soldiers to unleash their combat strength, and the gap between opponents would increase by more than ten times!

And for commanders, whether they understood the tactics or not.

It would almost directly determine the direction and even the outcome of the war!

In this era... didn’t these things exist?

Monn still asked after thinking for a moment.

“Do you usually have a combination of knights? Are there any changes in the battle formations?”

Philip was even more confused.

What was that Cardinal Monn talking about?

They were knights with strong individual combat strength!

An ordinary attack would be many times more powerful than the formation of ordinary soldiers!

What formation did they need with such strength?

The Holy Knights would fight in small groups even when they were out to hunt dark creatures, especially when they did not usually have large-scale wars.

What kind of formation was needed under such circumstances?

“Cardinal Monn, the knights are powerful beings. They don’t need the formations you mentioned!”

Philip shook his head and replied.

He was a little apprehensive in his heart.

Cardinal Monn... could he be an amateur?

Everyone knew that the most feared thing when leading troops in battle was an amateur commanding an expert!

However, the highest commander of the Holy Knights had already become Monn with Andrew’s handwritten letter.

Philip could not say it out loud even if he had any dissatisfaction!

Monn was somewhat shocked after listening to his words.

He finally understood that this era was not without formations.

It was because the Holy Knights did not have formations!

They thought that they were powerful and disdained to use any military tactics or battle formations!

Monn sighed slightly upon thinking of that.

Too ignorant!

Be it large-scale battles, small-scale battles, or even small-scale battles.

A good array formation would be able to play a huge role!

The most famous battle formations in his previous life.

For example, the Three Talents Formation, the Six Alpha and Six Beta Formation, the Big Dipper Formation, and so on.

They were all the essence of battle formations that had been tested countless times!

Monn was an author of web novels in his previous life. He had done a detailed understanding of these battle formations!

Now, it was just the right time to use them.

“There’s no time to lose.” Monn thought for a moment and said directly.

“Philip, gather all the Holy Knights and gather at the drill ground!”

Military orders were orders that not to be questioned. Philip did not ask anything more. He immediately saluted and turned to leave.

Ten minutes later.

Monn came to the high platform of the military parade and looked at the drill ground, where soldiers were gradually gathering loosely.

There was no strict military discipline in that era!

The Holy Knights were not trained from some military academy since they were young.

They joined the Holy Knights because they already had a certain level of strength or because some of them had a hard life could not live on!

Although they would also go through some steps such as swearing an oath.

But to be honest, if these Holy Knights were said to have strong faith in the Orthodox Church...

Perhaps even Pope Andrew did not believe it!

But everyone was like that in that era.

Even the Kingdom of Kate’s army was the same.

Most of the warriors had joined the army because they were told to or because they have nothing to eat, so they were forced to join the army!

The military discipline was lax, and all kinds of bad habits were serious in the army!

And that era was an era where military force was respected!

Therefore, people did not care too much about the mental state of the soldiers at the bottom level.

Anyway, the main force would always be those powerful and powerless experts when they were on the battlefield!

The outcome of a war, or even most of the time, depended on the confrontation between the commanders!

Although the Holy Knights were individually strong, they were still similar to ordinary soldiers.

Everyone fought alone on the battlefield, except when they were surrounded by dark creatures in the dark calamity.

It was the commander who pointed out where everyone would charge in ordinary battle!

The army would immediately disarm and surrender if the commander died in the battle!

They might not surrender while facing the dark creature, but they would run away!

Such unorganized and undisciplined mentality could be seen from the speed at which the soldiers gathered!

Fifteen minutes had passed since Andrew gave the order.

Not even 3,000 people had gathered on the drill ground!

Many knights who were scattered from afar had not even put on their battle armors properly.

Monn also saw a few knights who were eating bread while laughing!

His face turned gloomy.

Such an army might not be able to achieve much on the battlefield when they had the advantage!

Not to mention, it might be the one who was at a disadvantage this time?

Since Monn had already promised Pope Andrew, it was his job to lead the Holy Knights well and win that war!

Not only that Monn would feel bad if he could not complete it well.

The [Clock-In and Out 9-to-5 from Work System] would not allow it either!

Only by working hard could he clock in and out!

“Go and call Philip over.”

Monn ordered a knight who had been standing beside him.

The knight quickly ran away after receiving the order.

Philip ran over from afar five minutes later.

“Cardinal Monn, you called for me?”

Monn nodded, his expression gloomy as he spoke in a deep voice.

“Holy Knights, has it always been like this?” 𝗶𝘯𝗻𝙧𝚎α𝘥. 𝑐o𝘮

Philip looked at the drill ground, his face full of confusion.

“What... like that?”

“I’ve already given the order to assemble 20 minutes ago. These warriors haven’t finished assembling yet! The opportunity to fight would be fleeting if this were on the battlefield. Don’t tell me that we should bear the loss of a battle just because they assembled slowly?”

“But everyone is like this...”

Philip scratched his head, somewhat unable to understand.

Not to mention these individual strengths, everyone had their pride of Holy Knights in their hearts.

A gathering involving close to 30,000 warriors would at least take more than an hour, even among the ordinary warriors of those kingdoms!

Was there a problem with that?

Monn took a deep breath. He could not express the anger in him.

“Now, Philip, I need you to use the fastest method to tell all the knights that I will kill one out of twenty of them if they don’t arrive at the drill ground in ten minutes and gather in an orderly manner.”

Monn’s voice was cold and stern!

Philip was shocked!

“No, Cardinal Monn! We can’t do this!”

“These knights are all loyal believers of the Orthodox Church. How can we kill them at will?”

Monn was too lazy to explain to him.

He turned around, and the holy power in his body rose.

“Philip, are you going to disobey the military order?”

Chill ran down Philip’s whole body, even if Monn only looked at him with words that did not seem to be threatening with the support of the Holy Rank’s power.

Philip immediately recalled what happened a day ago upon looking at Monn’s expression!

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