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Chapter 21: Cardinal Monn’s Leisurely Life

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Andrew said solemnly.

“Even if the Pope comes to St. Servant Cathedral, even if Commander Lucius comes along!”

“This battle will ensue in a bloodbath if the werewolves make a comeback!”

Andrew sighed softly after saying that.

Balo’s expression was serious!

He did not expect there to be so much more in it!

The dark calamity from 70 to 80 years ago ended with the deaths of more than 100,000 warriors on both sides!

The reason why the capital, St. Servant, did not suffer too much destruction and attacks was all because the Orthodox Church had lured the werewolves and vampires away!

Balo was filled with respect at that moment!

Andrew continued.

“The details of this battle were kept under wraps by the three previous popes.”

“Even the royal family, only Aldrich’s grandfather knew about it!”

“The werewolves and bloodsuckers have suffered great losses since that battle. They have almost disappeared without a trace in the past few decades.”

“Even if there were a few small groups of werewolves and bloodsuckers causing trouble, they wouldn’t be able to cause much damage!”

“However, if the werewolves make a comeback!”

“I believe that they will learn from the previous lesson.”

“The forces that invaded the Kingdom of Kate this time are much stronger! Furthermore, there’s no way that they would be lured away by the Orthodox Church by other things!”

“They will directly besiege the capital!” 𝗶𝓃𝓷𝒓𝘦a𝐝. 𝗰𝒐𝗺

“Our situation will be even more difficult when that time comes!”

Balo’s eyes were already filled with a trace of despair as he stood by the side!

The werewolf army with great individual strength and large numbers would once again invade the Kingdom of Kate if what Andrew said happened!

Then, what should the Kingdom of Kate use to stop them?

Should they still rely on the Orthodox Church?

However, the Orthodox Church could not completely defend such a big place like the capital!

“Pope Andrew, do you have any thoughts…regarding this matter?”

Balo could only place his hopes on Pope Andrew at such moments.

Andrew sighed and said softly.

“Now, after 70 to 80 years of rest and recuperation, the Orthodox Church has a total of more than 100,000 warriors, bishops, archbishops!”

“We could still quickly gather temporary legions of tens of thousands of people from the subordinate churches of the various bishops once a large-scale battle occurs.

“The Orthodox Church alone would be able to kill them if it is only the thirty thousand Silver Frost Troops of the werewolves!”

“But what I’m afraid of is it will still be the combined forces of the bloodsuckers and werewolves this time!”

“Moreover, we don’t know the extent of their strength and the scale of their army!”

“This war will not be an easy war!”

Even Andrew did not have much confidence.

But for now, there seemed to be no other way other than mobilizing all the forces!

Balo no longer had any other thoughts of wanting to get more manpower from Andrew after knowing the secret of the last dark calamity.

It was because there was no need!

Once the war started!

The entire Orthodox Church would have to throw themselves into the battle!

That was a war that involved the fundamental human race. The Orthodox Church could not be left alone!

The Orthodox Church was bound to the Kingdom of Kate whether it was from interests or other aspects!

Andrew and Balo continued their discussion.

However, the content of the discussion was not scheming each other anymore. Instead, it was sincerely sharing information!

Andrew gave a rough description of the Orthodox Church’s foundation and strength.

Balo also gave Andrew a thorough understanding of the experts and warriors that the royal family had secretly recruited and trained over the years.

The role that ordinary warriors could play in such a war was also huge!

Although it was destined to be tragic!

Even ten ordinary warriors would not be able to fight against one werewolf while facing the powerful werewolves and bloodsuckers.

But this was a war, and it was not transferred by individual will!

Warriors, since they were warriors, at such a time.

They had to take the lead!

Even if they had to pay with their life, even if they had to pay with 10 to 1 or even 20 to 1 loss!

They could not retreat!

That was the fate of warriors!

While Barlow and Andrew were having a secret meeting...

Monn had already brought Little Alma home.

Monn did not have to continue cooking beef soup, toast, and boiled vegetables since they had eaten dinner...

That night, Monn played ten games of Five in a Row with Little Alma.

He only won one game.

And it seemed that Little Alma felt that Monn was too pity and let him win!

That made Monn extremely speechless, but he couldn’t do anything about it!

Not winning the game was not winning it!

At 9:30 p.m., Monn, who had put Little Alma to sleep, also washed up and laid on his bed.

Then, he fell into a deep sleep.

The incident that afternoon did not affect Monn at all, whether it was the threat from Quiniel or the threat from that stupid prince.

Monn did not take them seriously!

Monn, who had the strength of a Holy Rank, could obtain an extremely high status anywhere in this era where ability was respected!

He was somewhat satisfied with Andrew’s final method of handling it.

Monn might take off his red robe on the spot if Andrew came over and criticized him.

He would quit!

Cardinal was just a job with a decent salary to Monn!

Monn could join the Army or the royal family even if he quit the Orthodox Church.

The worst-case would be he could open his martial arts school to teach people martial arts.

He would not starve to death no matter what!

Monn did not have any big ambitions.

He had a stable job, a good life, and a cute and sensible daughter.

He would be satisfied!

Scheming and flattering were not impossible for Monn.

In fact, Monn worked in a bank before he became a full-time web writer in his previous life.

Bank Account Manager!

To put it bluntly, it was a career that gave the clients services.

The client would often treat Monn like he was nothing, but he still had to smile and greet him!

He had no choice. To make money and to work.

The competition was fierce among his colleagues, and the leader was also a stupid idiot with no brains.

Monn had enough of the scheming at that time!

So, Monn would not repeat the mistakes of his previous life since God gave him a new life.

That was the confidence that his ability gave him!

Monn fell into a deep sleep with these thoughts in his mind.

The sky was already bright when he opened his eyes again!

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