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Chapter 19: Demanding for Overtime Pay

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The young bishop was stunned for a long time!

In his heart, he had even pieced together the real truth!

In fact, it was not much different from what everyone had thought!

In order to welcome Prince Burton, Quiniel had everyone come over to wait.

When Prince Burton arrived, he happened to bump into Cardinal Monn who had just finished work.

Cardinal Quiniel went up to negotiate with Monn, wanting him to come and pay a visit to Prince Burton.

In the end, Cardinal Monn was not willing!

Thus, a conflict arose.

The young bishop really wanted to shout to everyone that they were all wrong!

This matter was not that complicated at all!

It was just that Cardinal Monn did not want to work overtime!

But looking around, even the priest who had advised him this morning not to get involved in Cardinal Monn’s matter, was loudly denouncing Quiniel and shouting the greatness of Andrew and the innocence of Cardinal Monn.

In the end, the young bishop fell silent.


On the spot, Monn was also feeling a little emotional.

The main reason for today’s matter, to be honest, was naturally that he did not want to work overtime and was not willing to pay a visit to that stupid prince.

But the fundamental was it was really that Idiot’s own decision!

Why would you flatter a completely worthless worm like Prince Burton?

What benefits would it bring you?

Regarding Pope Andrew’s final handling of the matter, Monn didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with it.

Moreover, he could understand the reasoning behind it!

In the end, it was to regain the face of the royal family from Quiniel!

Furthermore, he was trying to pin all the blame on Quiniel.

In this way, the dignity of the royal family was preserved, because they were deceived!

Monn was also fine, because he was humiliated!

The only one who was hurt was Quiniel.

But he had asked for it!

He looked at Quiniel, who stood where he was, as if he had lost his soul. His eyes were lifeless, and his face was ashen.

Monn pursed his lips.

It served you right for flattering!

Flattering would kill!

He picked up his pocket watch and looked at the time. It was 5:40.

Monn calculated that he had been forced to work an extra 40 minutes.

He worked eight hours a day, six days a week, for 37 pounds a week.

That 40 minutes of overtime was about six shillings.

But he was forced to work overtime. He needed three times the overtime pay, which was one pound and six shillings!

After thinking for a while, he called over a bishop and ordered.

“After the meeting between Pope Andrew and the royal family, please tell Pope Andrew that I need one pound and six shillings for overtime pay.”

After the bishop nodded blankly, Monn turned away and left!

He still had to pick up Little Elma!


He arrived at the monastery.

Monn picked up Little Elma and slowly walked home.

On the way, Monn asked gently.

“Elma, did you behave at Aunt Millie’s house today?”

Little Elma raised her small face slightly, looking very cute and well-behaved!

“Of course! I also helped Aunt Millie do the housework and tidy up the house. Aunt Millie praised me for being a good girl!”


Monn laughed heartily.

God had let him live again, and he had an adorable daughter like Little Elma.

Monn felt that everything was satisfactory!

“Let’s go, Daddy Monn will bring you to eat a big meal today!”

“Wow! Really?!”

Little Elma looked surprised!

Munn nodded and smiled.

“Daddy Monn worked overtime today and earned some overtime pay!”

“Daddy Monn is the best!”

Little Elma happily grabbed Monn’s big hand and quickly walked to the city!

Finally, Monn took Little Elma out for a big barbecue meal!

And in the Orthodox Church’s Saint Servant Cathedral, a secret meeting was underway!

The two parties in the meeting were Andrew and Barlow!

The content of the meeting was the werewolf corpse that Andrew, Vernal, and Errol had discovered a few days ago, not far from the capital, Saint Servant!

Sitting in the secret room of the meeting, Andrew poured a cup of black tea for Barlow.

Then, he took the lead to speak.

“Teacher Barlow, His Majesty asked you to come over this time. Do you have any thoughts?”

Barlow picked up the teacup, nodded and said.

“His Majesty attaches great importance to the matter of werewolves!”

“Since the establishment of the Kingdom of Kate, it has been constantly harassed by werewolves and vampires.”

“The number of bloody cases that have resulted from this is uncountable!”

“For so many years, if not for the Orthodox Church standing in the way, I’m afraid that there would have been even more bloody incidents in the Kingdom of Kate!”

Barlow was not fawning over these words, but he was sincere!

The Kingdom of Kate was governed by a separation of church and state.

The Orthodox Church was the only true God sect in the kingdom.

It was not an exaggeration to say that from the level of personal and elite force, the Orthodox Church was the best in the entire Kingdom of Kate!

Of course, the royal family naturally raised a group of powerful experts.

For example, the Holy Saber Errol, and the black gold rank guards assigned to the idiot Prince Burton.

However, no matter what, in the field of individual strength, Orthodox Church was always the best!

Most importantly, the Orthodox Church’s holy power was the sharpest weapon against those dark creatures!

To the dark creatures, regardless of whether the holy power was powerful or not, the holy, blazing, and light attributes in it were basically natural enemies!

Therefore, the kingdom would usually offer a huge sum reward and then let the bishops, archbishops, and cardinals of the Orthodoxy Church hunt the dark creatures.

For hundreds of years, the relationship between the Kingdom and the Orthodoxy Church had basically been maintaining such relationship.

So, if it wasn’t for the Orthodoxy Church blocking the way, what Barlow said wasn’t polite at all!

Hearing Barlow’s words, Andrew smiled slightly.

Previously, he didn’t give Barlow face, but in the end, he picked up the face of the royal family.

The matter between Monn, Quiniel, and Burton had come to an end!

The matter they were discussing now was naturally not as trivial as before.

Instead, it was a major matter that could really affect the safety of the Kingdom and the Orthodox Church!

Thus, Andrew also complimented.

“Teacher Barlow is too polite. For so many years, the royal family also has had many powerful experts. There are also quite a number of cases where ordinary soldiers fought bloody battles with the dark creatures in order to protect the civilians!”

“The Kingdom and the Orthodox Church help each other. Only in this way can we fend off those hateful dark creatures!”


Barlow nodded and took another sip of tea.

In his heart, he cursed. This old fox wasn’t taking the bait at all!

He was shouldering the heavy responsibility of negotiating when he came to the Orthodoxy Church this time!

It was because the werewolves might invade the Kate Kingdom on a large scale.

Therefore, the royal family had no choice but to be fully prepared for this matter!

However, even if they were prepared, there were only so many experts in the royal family!

It was naturally no problem for them to protect a mere palace, but could they not care about the entire capital?

This was obviously impossible!

Hence, the royal family thought of the Orthodox Church.

In fact, only the Orthodox Church had the strength and manpower to help the Kingdom guard the capital!

And Barlow had come here to ask for more manpower from the Orthodox Church!

Whether it was those bishops, archbishops, or the holy knights of the Orthodox Church, they were all elite troops that the royal family had coveted for a long time!

Allowing them to fight against the dark creatures was more suitable and effective than the Kingdom’s own troops!

Sitting in the meeting room, Barlow first spoke of a fact, which was that the Kingdom relied heavily on the Orthodox Church.

It was so that he could use this fact to flatter Andrew.

As long as Andrew was happy, then the matter of the soldiers would be easier to talk about.

Who knew that this old fox didn’t take the bait at all!

He directly said a word and kicked the ball back!

Barlow was secretly angry, but he couldn’t do anything. After all, he was here to ask for help!

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