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Chapter 17: I Was Wrong for Not Beating up Quiniel

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The moment Will kneeled down, Burton was also stunned by Monn and didn’t dare to show the royal authority.

This matter was basically set in stone.

The royal family’s face could no longer be recovered from a small cardinal like Monn!

Then, Barlow had to guarantee that this face would be recovered from the entire Church of Orthodoxy!

But was Andrew the kind of person who would give in easily?

Of course not!

He was old acquaintances with Errol and Andrew.

Barlow was very clear about the character of the old man in the white robe with golden edges.

To describe in a sentence, he was soft on the outside but firm inside!

As the Pope, Andrew had always been kind to his subordinates and followers.

Anything could be discussed.

For example, when Vernal and Monn quarreled, he would comfort and persuade Vernal instead of directly taking action and forcefully stopping their duel!

However, when facing some principled issues, Andrew was terrifyingly tough!

For example, with the legendary Holy Saber, because of a woman, Andrew hated Errol for decades!

And now this situation!

When the matter had already involved the dignity of the royal family and the Orthodox Church, Andrew could not back down!

Just now, he forced Prince Burton so forcefully. He had in fact given Barlow a signal.

“If you don’t want to shed all pretense of cordiality, quickly stand out and drag this idiot out for me!”

Barlow understood, so he had no choice but to stand out!

“Pope Andrew, this matter is indeed our fault.”

He had no choice but to say this!

Only by taking this step back would he be able to use the name of the dignity of the royal family that could not be easily humiliated.

He would be able to regain his face from the Orthodoxy Church!

After hearing Barlow’s words, Andrew smiled.

Then, he looked at Monn and Quiniel.

The former had an indifferent expression, without any nervousness or fear on his face.

As for the latter, there was sweat on his forehead, and he looked like he was about to cry!

Andrew sighed lightly.

‘Quiniel, this idiot!’

Compared to Quiniel’s stupidity, Monn’s calmness and toughness in the face of danger actually made Andrew admire him a little!

Originally, the relationship between the Kingdom and the Orthodoxy was equal, and the church and state were governed separately!

Didn’t Quiniel’s flattering behavior directly lower the level of the orthodoxy?

Only Prince Burton was such an idiot.

Was he worthy of the grand welcome of the Orthodoxy?

Thinking of this, Andrew glared at Quiniel with hatred.

The latter’s face was completely ashen...

“Monn, what happened just now?”

“Reporting to the Pope, just now, on my way home from work, Quiniel stopped me and insisted that I pay a visit to this Prince Burton.”

“After work, it’s my private time. No one can make me do things which I I don’t feel doing in my private time.”

“So I rejected Quiniel.”

“Then, that guard in front of the palace came over and cursed at me, so I kicked him away.”

When he described what had happened, Monn’s expression was still calm.

Whether it was when he was talking about Quiniel stopping him or Will coming over to scold him, Monn’s expression did not change at all!

Andrew nodded secretly!

After listening to Monn’s description, Andrew turned his head and looked at the bishops and archbishops, asking sternly.

“Is there anything that Cardinal Monn said not true?”

In the past, the bishops and archbishops did not really fear and respect Monn.

But today, Monn’s kick made everyone feel a lingering fear!

They were all rejoicing in their hearts.

Fortunately, they did not speak nonsense in front of Monn in the past!

Even if they were dissatisfied, they would only curse in their hearts. At most, they would complain to Prelate Vernal!

If they really acted presumptuously in front of Cardinal Monn, they might probably end up much worse than that guard in front of the hall...

Monn was their immediate superior. Under the premise that they had offended him first, even if he kicked them to death, he probably wouldn’t have to bear any responsibility!

After listening to Andrew’s inquiry, almost all the bishops and archbishops shook their heads at the first moment!

After all, what Monn said was indeed the truth!

Andrew saw the reaction of the crowd and nodded lightly.

Then, facing the emperor teacher Barlow, he suddenly laughed lightly.

He said, “It seems that this matter is really Prince Burton’s fault.”

Barlow’s eyes focused, and a trace of gloominess appeared on his face.

He understood the meaning of Andrew’s words!

Andrew did not even intend to give the royal family the most basic face!

He was not even willing to blame the cardinal!

At this moment, even Barlow, who was a wily old fox and had experienced countless big scenes, was a little curious.

What was so special about this cardinal that made Andrew protect him so much?

But before he became curious about this matter, Barlow had to fight for the dignity of the royal family!

Otherwise, even if Aldrich did not blame him, he would still feel guilty!

“Pope Andrew, although we were at fault in this matter, the actions of this cardinal do not seem to be appropriate, right?”

“If anyone acts like him, wantonly trampling on the dignity of the royal family, then how should our Kate Kingdom deal with it?”

Since Andrew had shown that he didn’t want to give face to him, then Barlow didn’t care about losing all decorum and directly chose the most radical way of saying it!

Andrew smiled faintly and looked at Monn again, asking.

“Monn, do you think what you did was wrong?”

Monn thought for a moment and said seriously, “Yes.”

“Oh? What do you think you have done wrong?”

“I was wrong for not beating up Quiniel!” 𝗶n𝐧𝘳ea𝙙. 𝘤𝑜𝚖

“If I had beaten Quiniel up first, then we wouldn’t have the current problem.”

When Quiniel beside him heard Monn’s words, his vision went black.

The grand red-robed cardinal with amethyst level strength was almost angered to the point of having a heart attack!

He was about to glare angrily at Monn, but when he raised his head, he suddenly saw Andrew’s expression.

That expression was clearly a look of praise...

Quiniel’s heart went cold, as if he had lost his soul. His face was as pale as paper!

Beside him, the bishops and archbishops were even more astonished!

They did not expect that even with the pope here, Monn would still be so arrogant!

Many people were whispering!

“Isn’t this Cardinal Monn too arrogant?”

“Yeah, isn’t he afraid that the Pope will punish him?”

“I don’t think there’s a need for the Pope to punish him. As long as the Pope doesn’t protect him, the royal family will definitely make him suffer!”

“That’s right, I always felt that Cardinal Monn always looked like he didn’t care about anyone!”

“This time, let’s see how he jumps!”

The admiration in Pope Andrew’s eyes, besides Monn himself, only Quiniel who was standing on his side, saw it.

On the other side, Barlow’s expression was also somewhat solemn.

What Monn said was actually true!

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