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9 Overslep

"F@ck!" he scowl and then close his eyes and calm himself. "Okay." He suddenly said. "We will find it out ourselves. That person will pay." He never fail on his plans and this is the first time for a long time.

"As you wish."

He was now in puzzle. Who would it that be? Based on how the seller cooperate in just few hours, it was someone bigger than him. Another gangster? He got lot of real estate and that land was one of his obsession. It got the very great view and it was great one for building a Bar House.

He pick up his things and when he got out, he saw three identical people coming out from one of the VIPs. They all look serious even Enzo who was usually playful and a usual black sheep of the family.

"Future brother-in-law." Enzo said casually.

She only glance at her and walk past him like he never really exist. He sneer and Ethan just nod at him as they followed her downstairs to the counter. They were immediately served by the barman efficiently and without words he knew what to serve.

Hmm, odd. He's been here for quite long and he never saw the three of them appear in the bar at the same time. And it seemed that the barman was friendly toward them. He walk to the counter ignoring females and sat down on the stool. The three of them was showing a cold aura that no one can even come across their line. And he join them. It was quite a scary thing for few people.

No one of them are speaking as the three of them drink their mimosa at the same time and has quite the same mannerism. The three of them are drumming on the counter table with their right hand. He chuckled on the sight and drank his brandy.

"You three are quite adorable. And I hate to say it."

Enzo and Ethan laugh and since she was in the middle, the two of them put their arms at her at the same time.

"Find yourself a twin." Ethan said and she just sneer. Seems she's in a little good mood.

"I think I am unable to find a twin myself. But," he even lean a little to look closely at his fiancée. "We will make twin or triplets as well." Ethan and Enzo chokes on their saliva and the barman seemed to laugh about it. She only glance at him and sipped on her mimosa.

"How dare you say that?" Enzo said coldly. He only smile and prop his elbow on the counter and admire his fiancée.

After a while two men approach them and greet them casually. He frown when it is the man from before. He smile at her adorably like a baby brother.

"What's our reward?" The man in ink hair and brushed up hair. Tall and lean and in white coat asked her. She type something on her phone and then his phone chimes and he punch the air in excitement. "You are the best baby!" he winks and left.

The man with him in blonde hair. Serious and bow at her brothers and then left.

"Did that man just called my fiancée, baby?" He asked Enzo and Ethan.

"Yup. He did. That's his call name on her. We can't seem to stop him from calling her that."

"Who is he?" They never mentioned a name and probably ignored him. He get up and grabbed her by hand. "I am taking her to my unit since it's late."

"No!" Ethan and Enzo stop him. She pushes her brothers and just go along with him since everyone are gossiping about them.

Ethan and Enzo just finish their drink and left as well. Not entertaining a single of them.

His phone chimes and he look at it.

Wife: You're drunk. I'll drive.

He grins and open the door at the driver seat for her. She drove his Audi really fast. He hold her thigh and told her to calm down. She didn't slow down. She didn't even react on his touch. They reach his unit and he told her the parking.

He hold her hand and use the elevator. They reach his penthouse, which he owns half of the floor. He have his own gym, pool outside and a guest room. She took off her shoes and he did as well. He don't plan on making love to her. Not yet, it will be done before marriage.

He take a warm shower on the other bathroom and he gave her clothes for tonight. Just his PJs. He even don't know what she's planning and they aren't talking together. Well, because she's mute and he don't have anything to say at all.

Once he's done, he prepare two glasses of milk. She's already wiping her face and he went on the bed putting two glasses of milk on the side table.

"Let's just sleep tonight." He said and she went to bed normally. He gave her milk and she finish it. Then she took her phone and send him a message.

"What were you thinking? I don't plan on f@cking with you." He grin.

"I know, sweetheart. We are both tired." He finish his milk and he crawl to her. He immediately collapsed on her chest. She's so adorable on his clothes. He pillow on her chest like it was just natural to him.

She shook him and his tired eyes open. She pointed on the remote control of the air conditioner. He lazily took it and turn it on. He slipped on the covers and since he's half naked and only wearing PJs, it will be cold later. He was used on sleeping naked though. But she's here and he will scare her.

She put partitions between them and lay down casually, turning off the nights. He throw the pillows and caught her, shoving his face on her neck. She tried to push him but he tightens his arms and after a minute, he's asleep and has a normal breathing.

She exhales and just close her eyes to sleep. She actually went here to test him. Nothing happened between them. She also knew that he's after the land that she now possess. He will surely investigate on them so she's getting ready little by little.

"F@ck." She mouthed without any voice or sound.

He woke up late in the morning and it was very unusual for him. He smile on the honey-like scent of her mixed with her own unique scent. Flower or something or maybe citrus. Like he was on the garden, and the new harvested honey mixed the scent of the garden.

He occupied the whole bed. He was clinging on her. His phone is ringing and he didn't answer it. Maybe it was his secretary or his COO. He just inhale her scent and wanted to sleep more. It was a good morning but the phone keep ringing. He sat up looking down at her.

He lick his lips. She look deliciously beautiful while sleeping. He kisses her lips and then search for his damn phone. It was indeed his COO his cousin.


"I have been calling for ages."

"I over slept."

"Over—f@ck! What? You actually overslept? Well, that's good then. I heard that you bought your fiancée to your penthouse."


"Well, I guess I will attend the meeting then."

"Hmm." He hang up and called his assistant. "Find another land for me. We are buying another real estate from Snake gang."

"Yes, boss. Should I delay few appointments this morning?"

"Yes. I'll be there at twelve."

He went back to bed and still found her sleeping. He crawl to her and sigh as he hugged her like a pillow. This is nice.

He will actually wanted more of this. He fall in sleep again not until the door is ringing. He creased his brow and she's still beside him, sleeping her back on him. It seemed to wake her up a little so he went groggily to the door and open it. 𝘪𝐧𝓷𝘳e𝑎d. 𝒸𝒐𝑚

"You overslept!" It was his mother looking at him from head to toe.

"Morning, mom." He let her in and she had breakfast with her.

"It's odd that you sleep well but however, I heard from the office that you move few appointments this afternoon. You needed a little slack off." She prepare the food and then both of them stopped when they heard the flash of the toilet from his bedroom.

His mother's brow creased.

"Is it Marga?"

"Marga?" He frown. "Why would Marga be here?"

"Oh, then it might be the woman you choose as your fiancée?"

"Yes." She keep quiet a little and since she prepare too much he put two plates on the table.

"I remember that little girl. Anastasia pampered her a lot because she's a prodigy." He seemed to stop from sipping on his coffee. "Good choice! I don't want Marga to be your fiancée. I am quite afraid that you would choose her instead. Call her up, both of you should watch about your health so you could both give me grandchildren."

"Mother, please." He weaned and doesn't want her to nag about babies. He walk to the bed and she seemed to go back to sleeping.

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