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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice

Chapter 5 Best Pillow in the World

5 Best Pillow in the World

Gabriel wanted to cursed and scold her for driving a motorbike than a car. Enzo don't have a choice but to lead him to her room. She's sleeping, the duvet is covering half of her body and she's like sleeping beauty. He move closer to her queen bed and put his hand over her forehead. She frown on the hand a little.

"You naughty girl, why would you drove a motorbike when it is raining?"

Enzo gave the flowers to the maid. The maid left and Enzo cross his arms to Gabriel.

"So, you see her and you may now leave." Gabriel pull the duvet up under her chin.

"I will call a doctor." He pulls out his phone.

"She has her own doctor. It will be on his way here by now." Gabriel stood and face Enzo. He pat his shoulder.

"We will be brothers soon. Don't get too protective over her from me. I will protect her as well."

"What is really your motive on choosing my sister?" Gabriel smiles and Enzo suddenly creep out. Gabriel never really smile like that.

"Let's just say that she's the best pillow in the world." Enzo's face darkens and he put down his hands and clenches his fist. "Don't get angry, bro. I am now taking responsibility of her because of what happened to both of us nine months ago."


"I know." He went back to bed and kisses her forehead. "I will leave now and probably will be here tonight so I could take care of her. You are free to mess around with women tonight."

"Okay! I gave up!" Enzo left the room stomping his feet like a little kid.

He exhales and watch the sleeping goddess. He bent down and kisses her dry lips.

"You stubborn girl, I'll torture you tonight." He stayed for a while, wiping her hot face and then finally left.

When he get to his office, he started reading the data about her. Ten years ago, she was fifteen years old when she was kidnapped and her mother. They were locked up in an abandoned house away from the people near the beach. Her mother died from a gunshot and half of her body was burnt.

She was in a deep trauma, never speak to anyone and even psychiatrist can't do something about her depression. Until it wasn't depression at all and she is unable to speak. She might have witness something other than that. But she remember nothing at all and her mouth is clearly shut.

She got no boyfriends and friends at all. Only her brother. An odd report was that she has been molested by the step mother and she never fight back and ignore it like it never really happened at all. Her brothers are over protective of her and another odd thing is, she study a lot of martial arts and even went abroad to a secret school. That is unknown.

"You have two hours free time, sir."

"Hmm, I'll finish few things then. Free my time at four o'clock so I could visit my fiancée."

"Yes, sir."

"I'll probably drive myself there so you are dismiss after."

"Thank you."

He work nonstop and finish the stacks of papers in front of him putting the finish paper on the right. After what seemed like three hours, he just felt that he has to take a break. He went on the treadmill and started walking like a simple walk outside and stretches his back. While walking, he thought of something that would make her fall on him.

Though he wasn't sure on what he wanted—but he was sure of something. He will marry her and make her his pillow at night so he could have a nice sleep. He got five hours sleep last night and it is enough than two to three hours of sleep daily. It would be nice to hear her voice. She wasn't mute that's what he concluded. She just don't want to speak at all.

He went back on working again and order a coffee to his secretary. He work efficiently until he finish the mountains of papers in complete three hours. He then get up take his lunch on his office and call Enzo who answer in few rings.

"How is my sweetheart?"

"Sweetheart?" Enzo snorted. "Well, she's still sleeping. Her fever is still 39 degree Celsius. The doctor said that it is a simple fever and he will check on her thoroughly." He said monotonously.

"Hmm, okay. Did she ate or something?"

"She was asleep. She won't eat at all."

"I'll be there at five."

"It's better if you won't come here. But the butlers had settle a guest room in front of hers. I think dad isn't against it anymore."

"Of course, he isn't. We will be family soon enough."

"Whatever you say Gabriel."

His assistant came and he sign him to continue while he's eating.

"Last night there's a big bombing on the Snake Headquarters. Barret the head gang was dead shot on the head and others. The killer was a real sharp shooter."

"Snake headquarters, the one who has been threatening us for the site that they couldn't even get?"

"Their business collapsed after the bombing." I check the tablet where he send the footage of report.

"Good. We won't have problems about them anymore. You know who had done it?"

"It seemed that they have captured someone that they shouldn't. The secret organization of Spies." I stopped.

"There's no name and it remains discreet as it is. It seemed that they are surely hard to locate."

"We won't messed up with them." It's a good choice of him. Though he really wanted to know about the boss of that discreet organizations that earn millions every day.

He finally leave at three and went around to boutique to buy her something. From his observation on her room, she got collection of series books. He didn't buy books because she probably have those kinds of books.

From the reports he have, she have a dog back then that died after the incident when she was kidnapped. It died together with her mom. And she never have any pet at all after that. Not pet at this moment. He will just buy something that she might like and then his driver arrived with few of his clothes since he will sleep over hoping for a good sleep.

He went told his driver to drive there while he's checking emails and then finishing half of the work for tomorrow. It takes at least an hour to get to their mansion.He put his laptop and tablet on his leather bag. The door opens and since it is raining again, a big umbrella was waiting for him and his driver walk him to the main door.

He was greeted by Marga and he greet her with a nod. Then her mother who greet him warmly with cheeks to cheeks like treating him as a family. The butler came with his little suitcase.

"What do you like for a snack?"

"Anything." He told.

"Please lead him to his room."

He went to his room on the west wing, just right in front of her room. As soon as he put his things in order and the butler is already arranging his clothes on the cabinet, he take a warm shower and then change into his casual clothes and went to her room to visit her. Enzo was sitting on her swivel chair while playing something on his phone.

An IV was connected to her. She's sleeping, sideways facing on his direction. He sat down beside her and caress her hair. Her temperature is hot than before.

"Why her temperature isn't dropping?" he asked Enzo.

"I don't even know what to do so here I am, playing games waiting for her to wake up and eat something."

"Did she woke up after I left?"

"Yup. Just two times." She look pale and he's worried. The doctor came again and check her temperature. He frown. "What?" They both asked in panic.

"Her temperature is 40 degree."

"Shit!" Enzo cursed and was pacing back and forth. "Is this trauma again?"

"I think it is, young master." He now understand. She should wake up.

"Sabrina." He call her name but she's not even responding. "Hey," he caress her hair.

"No vomit, no shaking… she's just sleeping. I'll check her breathing." The doctor said taking his stethoscope. He immediately move away. "Her breathing is normal. It seems that it is just her temperature."

He call for the maid to sponge bath her. The doctor injected a medicine for fever and they left waiting outside.

"Why are you worried?" Enzo suddenly asked checking if his brother is online.

"Of course I am worried on my bride."

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