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Chapter 319 - Epilogue

๐’พ๐—ป๐ง๐“‡๐’†๐’ถ๐’…. ๐’ธเซฆ๐’Ž

Sabrina is happy about everything that happened recently. Her mother and her father got married again after their grandfather Ezekiel Mondragon died at the age of 100. Although it was sad that her grandfather didn't live for long, she was happy that he die happy seeing his great-grandchildren.

They are now celebrating their fifth anniversary on the island that her father, Ferdinand bought for them as a gift six years ago.

She might have the age of thirty, but her healthy skin and beauty never faded.

She gave birth to triplets and it was hard for her, but she takes all the pain for her family and because she loves her children. Now, they are growing healthy with a lovable big sister. Gabriel is doting yet strict to their children and she loved how strict he was.

"If you keep doing that, I'm going to throw you in bed and make love to you all day and night," Gabriel warns at her. Sabrina was puzzled for a while. What has she done to provoke him this time?

"Gabby, I didn't do anything."

"That's right. You didn't do anything." He reached her waist and pull her and throw her on the bed. She giggled and let him pull her clothes and ripped them.

"We are alone and we will only spend our days here like this." He kissed her lips passionately.

"I miss our baby."

"I missed your breasts." He sucked each of it. "I miss eating you down there."

"Ohhh." She held his head let him do what he wanted and make love to her.

Sabrina and Gabriel are happy with their life, however--there are things and people that wanted to challenge their love for each other. Whenever Gabriel is away for his business meetings and conference out of the country, there will be females that would linger around him. All he will do was to brush them off and his bodyguards would look grumpy towards them.

As for Sabrina, she was still managing the EPUA and let her brothers and husband manage Elite Bar. Whenever she went out for grocery everyone would turn to her and thought that she was unmarried because of the voluptuous body, but they always happened to see the beautiful diamond ring and the wedding ring.

There are times that she happen to withdraw big money from her account for whatever emergency needed and there was a robbery. Gabriel is worried but he knew that she can take them down. So since the securities have been killed, she put them down one by one almost killing them.

And after they go to jail, Gabriel made sure that they deserve what they wanted. He doesn't want anyone to hurt his dear wife so people who would try to provoke his wife would pay multiple times.

"Ohh, Gabriel." she moans as she thrust back to him. "Harder please." She murmured. Gabriel reached her ear with a smirk.

"You said something?" He murmured while panting and thrusting on her.

"Harder, please!" She screamed and started screaming passionately as Gabriel give what she wanted.

They both reached their climaxed and kiss each other.

"Honey, you might've wanted to drink or eat first?" Gabriel grinned at her. She giggled and reach his face.

"You are so naughty, Hubby."


The Baby monitor indicates that the triplets are crying. Sabrina sat up and watched the monitor. Athena slipped off from her mini-bed and approached the triplets' bed and she looked around and reached the rattle and shake it in front of them.

"Oh," Gabriel hugged her from behind and kissed her supple skin on her shoulders.

"I think their big sister could take care of them." Sabrina kissed his lips.

"Shhh!" Athena told them in a very adorable voice.

"I think I need to eat." Sabrina smacked her husband's sexy abdominal. "The boys need milk and you just finished it all."

"They are big enough." Gabriel laughed and he let her go. He put his PJs on and they left their room. While Sabrina went to the kitchen, Gabriel went to the babies' room.

"Daddy!" Athena squealed at him.

"Hey, baby." Gabriel bent down and kissed her forehead. "What's going on?"

"Milk!" She pointed out the triplets.

"Okay." Gabriel looked at the crying one who is standing and holding the rail. Gabriel reached up and unlock the rail and slid it down.

"Stop crying!" Athena get on the crib and kissed her brothers. They smiled and looked at Athena.

"Listen to your big sister." Gabriel wiped the little guy's tears. "Why are you crying?"

Sabrina entered the room with four bottles of milk. Athena slipped off from the bed and run to her mother and hugged her legs. Sabrina patted her head and gave the milk bottle.

"Thank you!" She ran to her bed and crawled up. She waited for them and Sabrina gave the bottle to Gabriel. Gabriel fed the handsome one and he stopped crying.

"So, do you still plan to have another set?" Sabrina asked him. Gabriel smiled at her and shook his head.

"They are enough, wifey. I don't want to see you in pain anymore." Gabriel smiled at her lovingly. Sabrina gave the bottles to the two boys who are calm and they stand up and indicate her to reach them. She took them and bring them to Athena's bed and cuddle with them until they fell asleep.

After feeding them and putting them to sleep, Sabrina and Gabriel give them each a kiss and then they retire to their room. Gabriel gently closed the door and turned to her.

"Do you want something kinky?" Sabrina asked him. Gabriel stared at her chest for a while.

"Was it full again, wifey?" He asked indicating her breasts. She smacked his abdominal.

"These are for the triplets!"

"Hey, they are mine first!"

"Well, babies are the most priority." She argued back. She sighed. "So, do you want kinky or not?" She crossed her arms.

"Who wouldn't like that?" Gabriel grinned at her.

"Okay! I'll tie you up." Sabrina run to their closet and took out the cable ties.

"Should I remove my pants?"

"No." She shook her head. "I'm going to devour that." She winked at him sexily. Gabriel run to the bed and positioned himself.

She giggled, approached the bed, and straddle him as she started tying him.

"I love you, hubby." She kissed his lips teasingly.

"Oh, wifey... I love you so, so much!"

"Good. Because I am going to use extreme measures."

"You sound dangerous and sexy." He mumbled.

----This is the Real End ----

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