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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice

Chapter 318 Happy Ending Part 2

Chapter 318 - Happy Ending Part 2

4 and a Half Years Later

"Daddy, why didn't you bring my bunny?!" Athena shouted. Gabriel frown and looked down at the four years old Athena. He crossed his arms and make an eye to eye contact with his daughter. She pouted and her lips wobbled.

"I dare you to say that again. Did you just shout at me?"

"Sorry." She looked down on her intertwined fingers. "I told you to bring my bunny, but you didn't." She wiped her tears.

"Can you wait a little while? Your mother needed assistance for your brothers."

She bit her lip and look up at him with tears. He exhales and closed his eyes as he pinched the space between his brows. Just like Sabrina. Really like, Sabrina.

"Why won't you tell your nanny? Where's your nanny?"

"I said I'm sorry." She started crying again and this time it was loud.

"Oh, damn it," Gabriel muttered and took her as he went back inside the house to take her stuff toy. Sabrina is lying on the bed feeding their two-years-old triplets.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Go take your bunny." He said strictly as he put her down. She took her bunny on the window seat and then climb up to the bed and cuddle with her brothers. "Guests will be here in a few minutes." He told and kisses Sabrina's forehead.

"Don't stress out." Sabrina winked at him

"I am not." He reached her hand and play on her rings. "You look so beautiful, my love."

Sabrina smiled and chuckle a little. She glanced at Athena and reach her wet cheeks.

"Honey is that a proposition?" She asked him seductively.

"These little brats had enough of your milk." He said and looked at the two rascals feeding on Sabrina and the other one is drinking in the bottle they are already two years old yet Sabrina still wanted them to breast feed from her to give them enough nutrition.

"It will be your turn tonight." She winked at him.

"Mommy, why Camilla and Ana aren't here yet?" She asked as she yawns.

"They will be here sweetie." She reached her head. Gabriel walked around to space beside Athena and kisses her forehead.

Athena was a daddy's girl so even though she argued with him sometimes, she would act cute like Sabrina always did. Like now, they had a fight just a while ago and the two are now cuddling at each other and now playing on the iPod.

Sabrina is happy with her family. Although they aren't perfect, she felt like they have a perfect family. A knock on the door interrupted them and the butler speaks from the outside.

"Sir, Mr., and Mrs. Ethan Alvarez are here."

Athena jolted up and jump on the bed.

"Careful." Gabriel cover held her so she wouldn't hit on her little brother.

He helped her down as she ran to the door. Gabriel looked at his triplets. The one drinking in the bottle is Tyron, and at Sabrina's left is Alexander and on her right is Raoul.

"I'll greet them." He kisses her forehead.

"Okay. They won't take long."

"They take your time too much." He told.

"Don't be jealous of your sons."

Gabriel fixed himself. Tyron throw his bottle and sat up as he reached his hand to Gabriel.

"Okay." Gabriel took him and carry him out until to the foyer. Athena is already playing with Camilla and Ana.

The nanny came with Tyron's shoes as Gabriel took it and put it to Tyron. He put him down and started running and went to Enzo's triplets. They are at least five years now and the triplets surely love their triplet cousins.

"Where are others?" Enzo asked, holding a nine months old little Bethany.

"Happy Birthday," Enzo said and gave him a small box. Gabriel smile and thank him as he opened it.

"A Key?" He asked him.

"A key to the new rest house on our island. It has been renovated, and you can now enjoy your honeymoon with my sister."

"We are off from making babies," Gabriel said and looked at the kids.

"Okay. Anyway, let's talk about business later." Enzo wrapped his arms around Catriona and mutter on her ear.

Gabriel sat down with Ethan on the couch and they shortly talk about the extension of Elite Bar and the new opening of their Magic Land that is exclusive for everyone. It was an eco-friendly park where everyone can enjoy the rides and every game. There is of course a place exclusive for the children.

Their family business is growing that they soon will buy a school and offer more than two-hundred scholarships. They are all successful now that's because of their hard work and partnership.

Tony came with the ever-beautiful wife and their handsome four-year-old boy. Their family is surely growing big. He smiled and then after Tony and Veronica, Samantha and Albert came. After a very long time, they found out a solution for Samantha's disability.

While Allison is pregnant with her firstborn. She's researching things on how to fix Samantha's problem. It wasn't that easy but soon after—they find out that her other ovary is healthy and functioning. It just takes some time for Albert and Samantha to have a baby and the miracle is here!

They all look up the stairs where Sabrina is gracefully coming down, wearing a simple floral dress. She smiled at everyone and greet them. Then she wrapped her arms to Gabriel's who is standing near the door to greet Samantha and Albert.

"Looking great," Sabrina said as she reached Samantha's stomach.

"I am so lucky," Albert said as he winks. "I am great at making babies." He gently pulled Samantha's head and kisses her top head, while Samantha smacked his abdominal.

They laugh and Gabriel glance outside waiting for her parents and Sabrina's parents.

While Sabrina is helping on preparing for their foods in the gazebo on their garden, Gabriel is greeting few relatives that came to celebrate his birthday.

Everyone has a gift but the sweetest gift he ever had in his life was his family. He looked at Sabrina as she took care of the triplets and Athena and then to their friends and in-laws. There's no greatest gift but love and happiness.

He looked at Jason and Hailey. His cousin is happy and no matter what their background was as long as they are happy—he was happy.

The party goes on with drinking and a few of them left. Samantha and Albert left early since Samantha need a good rest. The others are still drinking, and Gabriel is carrying the sleepy Athena who was tired from playing with Camilla, Anna, and Hailey's daughter Kelly.

Gabriel took Athena to her room and then went to Sabrina to take the triplets away. But they already take them to their room. While their maids and butler together with the crew from Jason's restaurant crew are cleaning up.

In the garden, Sabrina is standing on the pavilion looking up to the beautiful stars. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her shoulder. She leaned on him and beamed.

"I love you." He murmured on her ear.

"I love you more." 𝒾𝒏n𝗿𝒆а𝑑. 𝘤𝘰m

"Athena is growing more like you." He grinned. She laughed a little. "She's just adorable."

"I thought she's growing like you." She slowly turned to him. "I have a special gift for you."

"What is it?" He looked down on her full breast with a sigh.

"You will know soon."

Sabrina took him to their room. The room has scented candles and petals of flowers. Then she took the black blindfold and cover it to his eyes as she pushes him down on the bed. Sabrina murmur on his ear.

"Wait there."

Gabriel gulps as Sabrina entered their walk-in closet.

"Honey?" He calls. She didn't answer as she changed her clothes. The clothes that she's wearing was something kinky that he would love.

She strode to him and unwrapped the blindfold. Gabriel looked up at her with gulps.

"Sabrina," He murmured. "Woman, you drive me crazy."

Sabrina smirked and winks at him. He reached her cheeks and kiss her passionately.

"You look so delicious my loved but I prefer you naked."

Sabrina giggles and that night was full of passion until day breaks.

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