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3 Elite Bar

He was walking to the driveway as two butlers held out umbrellas for them. But he was surprised to see Sabrina walking like a runway queen, wearing a waterproof leather jacket and even her pants is waterproof and boots. Her hair is tied into pony tail. She straddle on the big blue bike with a big tank and then put her helmet.

She left in a whoosh. He was very much amused and interested on her. She only glance at him and ignore him like he's just a wind passing by. He get in to his Audi and his assistant started driving.

"I want full details about Sabrina's data. What she likes, what she hates, her background… everything you'll find about her."

"Yes, Sir." Assistant Gonzales said.

"Let's go to the Elite Bar." The bar was exclusive for only rich people. He doesn't own the bar but somehow wanted to buy it. The owner was unknown and socialite's women wanted to know who the owner is.

He got the VIP card and once that they arrive, he check in on the VIP room. There's the presidential suite but only the boss enters. Yet no one enter there. The way to the presidential room was as well classified and there are two security on the way to the presidential. No one can enter. Lots of women seduce the security guards but none of them even get aroused or something. Very platonic.

"Anything about your research in the Elite Bar?" He asked his assistant.

"Negative." He hums and sipped on his Whiskey.

Elite bar wasn't just his interest. Elite bar was like Sabrina Alvarez. Hard to get hard to resist. He's been searching for her for months. Just one night stand but he had sleep well. That's the first time in a long time that he had able to sleep next to a woman. Never had he thought that he could sleep 12 hours that night in New York.

Since everything about the hotel is very much confidential. The room was booked under a man's name but it was just a bluff name and they never find anything else, like it seemed to be blocked.


She enter the territory of the headquarter's of the gang. Guards are around patrolling lousily.

She knows that Tequila wouldn't spill who their boss is. She tie her hair into a tight bun and put her masked on. She press her wireless earbud and it connected to Enzo's system.

"Hey there boss!" Enzo's voice as the signal that she had logged in. "Someone able to reach their main system?" She type on her suit, located on her left wrist since it is especially made for her by Enzo so she is able to communicate.

"I'll do it." She said through sending message.

"Be careful baby boss!"

It was hard for her to enter inside since every facility has guards. So one of her agents use tranquilizer and they move like ninja grabbing the body away from sight. Once that they put the guard's clothes and acted like nothing happened, she is able to enter the backdoor. Her agent that disguised as the guard, checked the CCTVs first and one by one spraying it with spider web that they made.

It was from distance and like a gun without the CCTV operator's knowledge that they had sprayed it. It will take at least 5 minutes for it to dissolve and they got few minutes to the main system of the building. Enzo controlled a drone above the small headquarters and to analyze the blueprint of the building until he immediately located where the system is located.

She run swift and without a sound and like a ninja that she practiced for so four years, she had jumped to the ceiling like spider-man and crawl slowly as few people are walking under her and they never noticed her since it was quite dark on the corridor and her suit camouflage perfectly.

3 minutes to get to the main system. She jump and started running and sneak like a wind until she reach the door to the system. No security password? She unlock the door with her tool. It only take 3 seconds like opening the door. How dare they capture her right hand with a system like this?

She snuck in and put her portable drive on one of the super computers. In seconds Enzo declare that it is done and everything went out including the lights. She started running as she put her night vision glasses.

Just as what planned Whiskey meet her halfway and run with her. The headquarters is alarming and through Enzo's guide they reach the main room where the guards are gathered and they pointed guns to them.

"Sorry about that." Enzo told and in swift movement, Whiskey and Sabrina throw tear gas.

Since they have masked and oxygen flows from their suit, they swiftly break their necks with bare hands and their boss was coughing and was about to escape but she manage to pull her gun and started shooting each of them directly through their heads without blinking.

She glance at Tequila who's face is totally beaten. Then she shoot their boss right through the skull. She put down her gun and grabbed Tequila's collar. His handsome face was beaten to hell.

"Boss, would you still like me though my face is beaten?" She punch him on stomach and he cough. It wasn't that hard. She already analyze his injuries.

A chopper is already above and they run out leaving a bomb inside. Whiskey and Brandy grabbed Tequila inside the chopper and it immediately flew up. Few meters away the main building of the headquarter exploded.

"You stupid man!" Brandy scowl since he's next from Whiskey. Tequila is their leader, next will be Whiskey. They are her trusted subjects. "How did you get captured?"

"Drug me with **** drug." Tequila chuckled and grimaced from the pain on his stomach. "I enjoy the fucking but it turned out to be like I will be tortured. But no worries, I said nothing at all." He look at their boss who is always quiet and looking outside.

They drop him on the hospital. Brandy stay with Tequila and she and Whiskey went to the Elite bar after changing their outfits. Whiskey always dress elegant but she never wear elegant. Just leather jacket and jeans. It was her first time in a long time entering the bar without using the discreet entrance.

"I'll be around checking." She only nodded and sign the old barman. He immediately gave her mimosa and she sipped on it.

The place was a little crowded and the music was just relaxing. She's there to relax.

"Do you want your suite, Ma'am?" The barman asked and she shook her head. "Let me know if you need anything at all." She waved. The man was one of her trusted employee in the Elite bar. He was a retired agent since he's old. He's still working for his family and she gave him enough salary.

"If it isn't the long lost, Alvarez." A man dressed in suit, approach her with a wine on his hand. She only glance at him and ignore him. He feel embarrassed and gave his card to the barman. "I'll pay everything she'll drink." The barman looked at her and she didn't give signals.

"I'm so sorry sir, but she already paid for the drink. She's one of our VIPs, sir."

"Since when? This is the first time I see you here, Sabrina."

What's running on her mind? She's been thinking and thinking trying to retain on what the man's name. Until she snapped her fingers and the barman refill her drink giving her peanuts. She started eating peanuts and think of the name. The man seemed embarrassed because she wasn't entertaining him.

"Oh, I forgot that you are mute." She stop midway from eating peanuts and she sign Whiskey not to come forward. Few of her agents are here just to have fun and when people hear on what the man named Ian Zarte, that she just now remembered, the girls gathered around.

"Look, it's Sabrina Alvarez!"

"So, it is true that she's mute." She continue eating peanut ignoring them.

The barman didn't say anything and just enjoy the people bully her. Because they never know that she's the owner of the famous Elite Bar and she could kick them out one by one and embarrass them. He make another mimosa and served it to her especially.

"Why do you still serve her old man? She don't have anything to pay for that." One of the girls from the top Social Rich Society said. One of Marga's friends. "Do you want me to call Marga? I could just pay for your drinks and—"

"Just call a security, I am sure that they will throw her out since she isn't dressed like this."

"Don't worry! She's my date." Another man came up and put a hand on her shoulder, automatically, she twist the man's wrist and bam! His half face was pushed on the expensive bar counter.

Everybody gasped and one bouncer came up. "Fuck!" He's groaning in pain. "Damn, take her out!" She look at the bouncer and he nodded.

Instead of her to be picked up, the man was dragged outside the bar and everyone started complaining at the platonic bouncer that she should be the one be thrown out. The barman immediately clean the peanuts that has been scattered on the counter and gave her another.

"Sweetheart!" She was frozen on the voice of the man. Tsk! She was in the bad mood, what else could this man bring to her?

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