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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice

Chapter 25 Mosquito Love Bites

25 Mosquito Love Bites

Ferdinand was sitting on the balcony lounge chair holding an old photo from Polaroid. That day was Christmas Day 13 years ago when his wife was still around, alive and loving as a mother and as a wife. They were a perfect family. What have he done to break his family apart?

His triplets never get close to him after the big incident that happened in their family. Sabrina treat him like a stranger. Enzo was always on his room or with his friends. Ethan was busy on abroad and on their company. Back then, every week they have to go for holiday despite the fact that he's busy on their business. She still manage to make the whole family happy. Now, because of his betrayal it changes in a blink of an eye.

He drink his whiskey more and put it back to his wallet.

"Honey," the door slid open and his wife enters. He never disregard her as a wife though she's good in bed. He was a whore in his eyes and for twenty-three years, he let her manipulate him. "It's cold here." She brushes her fingers on his back and rubbed her hand seductively through his chest.

"It wasn't that cold here."

"Something happened." He remain calm.

"What happened?"

"It's Marga, she was crying a while ago and she's afraid that Sabrina might do something bad to her. "

"What could Sabrina possibly do?" he never really take everything serious but as a father—he has to have a standpoint.

"I don't know. She threaten Marga and accuse her of something."

"Marga is old enough. Didn't she find a job for herself?" Janine was taken aback.

"What about Sabrina? She enter the company, can't Marga even enter in the company?"

"Marga didn't graduate in business." He sipped on his whiskey.

"So Sabrina."

"Sabrina knows how to handle business matters and she's good at it. She even manage to investigate on the big loss of our company last year and make a solution to it."

Janine stand straight and bit her lower lip getting a little agitated that Ferdinand is hard to pursue since Sabrina was chosen by Gabriel to marry.

"Go give your daughter something to worry about. She must learn to be independent." He finish his whiskey and left. The door closes and she scoff.

"You think that I can't have Sabrina's money? Let's see Ferdinand. I know that you and your wife put a big fund for Sabrina. And as for Sabrina, I'll handle her myself and her big fortune will be mine."


Sabrina sneeze suddenly and stop. Someone is cursing her. She rubbed her nose and she already know who it is. She glance at her handsome fiancé who is sleeping peacefully. She then shook her head and type on her laptop and frown on the big loose of the Elite bar in Singapore. Someone is trying to get a taste of her raging anger.

She started making a proposal plan for the opening of the new face of Elite bar in Singapore. In few months, the Elite Club Red Room will be done. Whatever happens, she's not going to sell Elite bar. There are always a solution to every problem and there are always flaws on business tricks that they are using to her.

After four hours, she finally send the proposal to her triplets, stretch out, closes her laptop and went to bed cuddling on the small space in front of him like a kitten. She disregard the big space behind him and cuddle him.

"Hmm." He wrapped his arms around her and cover her with the blanket.

Just when she was sleeping, the sound of piano wakes her up. She slid off from him and reach her phone. It was an emergency. She answer it and listen to the detail.

"Boss, just two hours ago, Whiskey has been hit by a truck." She was suddenly stunned. "He's already on the hospital and in operation. But he manage to survive not to be injure in fatal way. This is related to your research. Whiskey has been caught and this big gang that we are dealing wasn't that easy to blow." She hang up and send a single message to the captains of her army.

"Let's play along with them."

"What is it?" Gabriel asked rubbing his eyes. "It's three in the morning."

She turn to him. Her eyes are cold even her aura and he can feel it. But he didn't shiver though she look so dangerous. He reach her hand and kisses it. Her cold aura suddenly melted.

"Tell me, who bully you?" she crawl on bed and snuggle on his chest. "Tell me everything and I'll resolve it for you."

No one has ever does that to her. Though her brothers spoil her and bully her at the same time, this man was way too different when it comes on doting.

"Just write it up and I'll do it for you." She shook her head. "Okay, I won't force you. But if someone bully you, I won't be merciful." She nodded.

They walk downstairs as he prepare something to eat for her. There's a pizza dough and she help on making pizza putting a lot of cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Next was mushroom, bell pepper, pineapple chunks ham and pepperoni.

"This is overload." He kisses her mouth.

"Hmm." She hums as she pick up few pineapple and cheese. He put it on the oven and sat down on the kitchen counter with her.

"Sabrina," he reach her hand and graze his fingertip on the ring. "Can you at least tell me what happened a while ago?" She reach her phone and texted him. His phone chimes and he open it.

"I'll tell you when I am ready to trust you."

There's no rush at all. He will wait until she's ready. He dotingly reach her face as his big thumb graze on her lips. Damn, why can't he just stop himself from getting aroused when it comes to her? She's just too much to for him. He thought for a while, what if he doesn't deserve her? What if he screwed up?

Although he have flaws. He will keep on spoiling her and treat her like the most treasured rare gem in the world. It started one night in New York and then, he has to choose someone to marry and now, they seemed fated to be together.

"Sabrina." She look at him with question, but he keep staring at her and remembering every part of her face. "I must warn you before our honeymoon." She suddenly chuckled. He actually hear her chuckle though it was low and almost soundless. From his shock, a gorgeous smile crept on his lips.

"I thought I am hallucinating that I smell pizza. But to witness the PDA gives me indigestion." Enzo said holding a laptop from his hand and had few mosquito bites.

"Those looks like hickeys, did your mosquito love affairs gave it to you?" Gabriel asked, sounding so serious but with humor.

"I can only get hickeys from mosquitos, you know what I mean?" Gabriel throw his head back and laugh.

"There's an ointment on your room." He told.

"I still have to wait for the pizza and you already trying to get rid of me." He settled down on the barstool facing the oven. "I'll endure your display of affection for a while, I have to eat that pizza."

"Oh-kay." Gabriel said. Suddenly the woman beside him crawl on the counter and straddle his lap facing him to simply annoy Enzo.

The doting fiancé wrapped his arms at her back for her not to fall. Enzo snorted and have to wait for ten minutes until the pizza finally leave the oven. He groan and glare the couple who are cuddling each other though they are both quiet. Damn, he have to find a girlfriend.

"What do you have in mind for our camping tonight?" She pouted while thinking and for Gabriel it was seductive enough so he kisses it.

Enzo groans in big pain on his head. Probably the display of affection so he almost smack the oven.

"Fuck!" He scowl when they kiss and he left. "I'll be back for my pizza."

They just both ignore Enzo, while the single man run off to his room.

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