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23 Evil Doing

Marga keep staring at the peasant girl that Ethan clung into. She cross her arms and had the urge to kick the woman out from the house. Her brother even let her on one of his luxury car to personally drive to the Old Mansion of Lawson.

"Daddy," she clung to her father.

"What is it Marga?"

"Daddy, don't you think that the girl Bro Ethan brought is suspicious?"

"She's a good girl. What do you mean?"

"She looks like a gold digger."

Sabrina has been peeking to Marga and reading her lips while Gabriel is preparing the car.

"Let your brother find it out to himself."

"But, what if Bro Ethan was blinded by that woman?"

"Marga, it's not your concern anymore. Your brother is an intelligent man."

"But, dear don't you think that Ethan should marry a high class socialite?" Janine interrupted. Ferdinand had thought about it. "I have referral for Ethan's fiancée. After Sabrina get married, we will settle someone perfect for Ethan." Ferdinand was hesitant.

Back then, he promised his wife that they won't force their triplets on marriage. And he still love his wife though he was a jerk. He will forever regret being unfaithful to his wife in this life.

He watch as his son dotingly care on the woman. Once upon a time, he was a man like that to his woman. But because of his urges and peer pressure from his tycoon friends—he met Janine who seduce him and do great in bed than his wife.

His wife was pure and innocent and he love it like that but a man has wild fantasies and Janine fulfill it to him. But now, he regret it despite of his love to his deceased wife.

They use a van on their way to the old mansion. Sabrina and Gabriel rode with them and she's sleeping on his arms. Marga glower at them from the back. She hated it more. Gabriel show a lot of affection towards her mute sister. She clenches her fist. Well, she have to think of something to ruin her sister's wedding or engagement.

Then an idea pop up from her mind. She just know someone whom she could use. She pull out her phone and texted the person. It takes few hours until they reach the mansion. She hated seeing her supposed to be fiancée and her mute sister display a lot of affection.

She make a puppy face on him and he carry her on his back and she look like a cute koala. She took a picture of it and send it to the man with smirk.

The event managers amd staffs are busy for the reunion party of Lawson and tomorrow will be the engagement party. She then look at the Lamborghini of Ethan as he open the door for his girlfriend.

He pick their bags and he throw his arms around her kissing his cheek. She was so envious of the affection that she can't have a man like Ethan or Gabriel who would pamper her. She then glance at Enzo who is busy on his phone and laughing then he walk toward her and throw his arms around her. She pushes him.

"Don't touch me." Marga scowls.

"Oh, sorry!" he laugh as he head inside.

She went to the room that is assigned to her and check if she have the pills. Check. All she have to do and screw the gold digger on the party. She just throw her bag somewhere and went outside. Then her phone rings. She smirk on the caller ID.

"Are you provoking me?"

"What if I am? We both know what we wanted."

"If you didn't do something bad back then, you'll still have Gabriel. How do you expect that your sister would get back with me?"

"I know how it will work. Just appear on the engagement tomorrow night." She hang up. "Bastard, you are so stupid!" she exhales and put a fake smile.

--- 𝓲𝗻𝚗𝑟𝑒𝓪𝑑. 𝘤𝚘𝚖

It wasn't that long when the reunion party started. Cars are aligned on the long driveway of the old Mansion in Spanish style that Lawson owns. Lawson's relatives had arrived and each of them have their own professions and doings.

Gabriel noticed Sabrina's restlessness. Though she got a strong stamina, she's still a human. From the triplets, she's the most who always got sick. Ethan was strongest since he absorbed almost all of the nutrients and that left her. But as she grow up, her mother focus on her health and never get biased to her triplets. If he could only met his mother in law. Alive and well.

He reach her forehead and she's in normal condition. Maybe she's just catching up some sleep. But she's almost sleeping the whole day. Her phone keeps on blinking and he reach it. It was a message from a man according from the notification.

"Sabrina," he shook her lightly and caress her hair. She stretches her body. Her eyes flutters like a fan and damn, she just look so adorable that he couldn't help but to fall on that trap again.


"Uhm, everyone are almost downstairs to meet you." She bit her lower lip and show pitiful eyes. "Sabrina, that won't work." He look away. She's introvert and doesn't like to be surrounded by people for chit-chat.

He glance at her again and she make a teary eyes. He smack his face. He was supposed to force himself not to look at her and watch her make a drama and do pitiful and adorable expression even she wasn't talking at all. He exhales to hold herself not to look at her anymore.

"Get up now. Take a shower or something." She tug his shirt. He groan and pick her up. Good thing that he already settle the bathtub. She's so lazy.

She didn't even put make up on. Just a little of lipstick and powder and she just let her hair down, waves and curls on the tips. She's wearing a very simple dress but it shows decency and power because of her confidence. She didn't need to put up expensive clothes, jewels or shoes just to show power. She was enough.

The whole family are aware that she doesn't like talking so they just greet her and she nodded. She yawns constantly and tear a little. She then get inside to find an old grand piano sitting on the corner. Enzo was leaning on it like emphasizing something to her. She was bored and everything bores her.

So she walk up to the piano and Enzo sat down beside her and she started playing for a little exercise of her fingers until she started playing the piano along with Enzo in dual. Ethan came up a little annoyed.

"Why didn't you guys call me up?" Ethan asked a little troubled and acting hurt. They both stop playing. "Didn't you want your elder triplet?"

Gabriel watch the triplet interact intimately at each other. The three have their childish attitude and mostly show it around when the three of them or two are there. He wanted triplets or a twin or just a baby with siblings. But he knew how it will make her suffer for a year or so and he's afraid of it.

Aria watch the trio play the piano and it sounds very genius on the music that they are making. It looks like they shared the same brain but different movements while making the music. Never had she seen an adorable triplets on her life.

"Enjoy watching?" Marga asked her. She suddenly feel goosebumps from the girl. The girl smiled and offer her a glass of champagne. She smile back and took it. "It seemed my siblings enjoy each other's company since Bro Ethan has been away for long. "Marga sipped on her champagne."

She didn't say a think and sipped on the cold Champagne. But she never know what Ethan's sister had put on the champagne. And Sabrina's eyes are on them the whole time though her fingers are playing on the keys of the piano.

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