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2 She's Mute

Marga entertains Gabriel but he shows no interest on her. He keep glancing on the direction where the eldest daughter of Alvarez went but she's not showing up. So, she's an introvert like and has a gut to have a one night stand with him? The woman was virgin when they fuck and he couldn't find her anywhere in New York after that.

Enzo came from that direction whistling and he was disappointed.

"Mr. Lawson, I heard that you opens another branch that is under your company in Global City." Janine asked.

"I did. It was under my company but I let one of my directors to handle it. You are welcome on that spa." He told.

"Dad!" Enzo calls and sat down stood. "Sabrina was usual." Ferdinand immediately understand him.

"I'm so sorry about that. Sister Sabrina don't really eat dinner with us. So I hope that it is alright with you if she's not present." Marga said politely. Enzo just bit his lower lip and look at Gabriel's face to search for his reaction.

He call the maid.

"Yes, master." The maid came half running.

"Prepare Sabrina's dinner, tell her to meet us on the dining room in half an hour. It's an important family meeting." The maid bows and went to Sabrina's chamber.

"I will be pleased to meet Sabrina properly." Gabriel told and sipped on the tea. Though he wasn't used to it, he feels like the tea taste funny but still it is fine. "So, what's Sabrina's work? Does she work on the company?"

"Yes and no. It's seems like that but she only appears there for few work to intimidate people and then will leave. But she's efficient and she help a lot on the company through her assistant. Ethan was more into the family business than the two."

"We are triplets but it doesn't mean that we share the same liking." Enzo told. "I am more into nerd things, my sister was more into both nerd and business."

"Interesting. It is my first time meeting triplets in real life. So who was born first?"

"Ethan, then me and Brina." Gabriel nodded.

Enzo frown. He was surely interested on her. He wouldn't asked such things like this if he's not interested on Brina. He wanted to laugh at Marga's face. He really doesn't hate Marga but when Marga bully his baby sister, he couldn't stand it. She's two faced bitch just like her mother.

"I thought you wanted to marry Marga." Enzo said.

"I haven't made up my mind. My parents told me to marry one of the heiress in this family but never indicated who. So maybe it's up to me on whom I will choose."

It is 102 percent positive that he wanted to marry Sabrina. He has no interest on Marga since Marga is like most girls. Gabriel can have any woman he will like but he won't let him have his only sister. He excuse himself and went out to call Ethan.

"I know that you will call. Gabby is there."

"You know that he'll marry Brina than Marga right?"

"I am so sure of that." Ethan said from the other line. "His interest in woman was rare. He fuck anyone but he will surely wanted to marry someone who's more interesting than anyone at all."

"Asshole. Go back here."

"Bro, just chill out. Our sister isn't little anymore. Let her handle this thing. We'll have a meeting tomorrow about the Service." He understood him clearly.

"Copy that." He hang up and walk back inside and look at Gabriel's direction.

He's a powerful man but their father never know that they will be the next powerful than the family business. He's been slacking off and doesn't care about family business because he has a business of his own. Though he owns 15 percent shares on the company just like Sabrina, he care no less about family business. Her older brother was the successor and it's fine that he owns 30 percent share since he bought few stock holder's share.

It is more than the 16 percent that Mrs. Alvarez owns. But the truth was there's another 20 percent shares from his deceased mother and it went to Sabrina, that's the thing that Janine and Marga doesn't know.

Their mother's lawyer from her will wanted to put the thirty percent share from the company to her only daughter and few villa's. And the share from her family business was also separated for the three of them and Sabrina has the only one who has trust funds. Their mother planned it well.

It's been ten years since Sabrina stop talking. That's when they lost their mother. Their father never expected that to happen. Lots of psychiatrist came to check on her but she never speak. They thought that she'll kill herself. But that never happens.

He also know that Sabrina has lots of money than they have because of his mother and father who hid things. But surely, once that Sabrina is dead, everything will be put to Marga because their father spoil her so much.

In the dining room. Enzo sit down with others, next is a vacant chair for his sister and he settled her tablet next to the food that is especially made for her. Only one butler who is preparing food for her. That is the trusted butler that their mother hired back then. Sabrina might be poisoned or something that's why Enzo also help on checking things.

They waited for Sabrina arrived and she finally arrive wearing a turtle neck sweat shirt sweat pants and her hair is wet from shower.

"Let's eat then." Sabrina stare at the food first and Enzo tasted it and after few moments she started eating. Gabriel is in front of her and smile to charm her. She only glance at him and was ignored.

"So Brina, what's your hobby?" She didn't speak and Marga cleared her throat.

"My sister doesn't speak." Gabriel glance at Marga with knitted brows. "She's mute." All of us was stopped but I wasn't surprised nor my sister.

"Oh, I see." Marga thought that she saw disappoint from Gabriel's eyes but there's none.

"Sorry, I didn't know. I apologize, Brina." The way he call her name was casual like he had known her before. She didn't react or something like acting like a deaf.

Enzo wanted to laugh about it and just continue on eating. He look at his grandfather who wasn't impressed and seemed like wanted to hide Sabrina from Gabriel. He sometimes doesn't understand his father's intentions. But he seemed really wanted to hide Sabrina from Gabriel.

Her phone started playing a unique piano music which is only settled on classified work. I stopped and my phone vibrates at the same time.

She answer the call and listen to the voice from the other line.

"Boss, we found where Tequila is. We will stand by and wait for you. I'll send you the location." She put down her phone after hanging up and type on her tablet showing it in front of Gabriel. Then she bow her head and left.

"She got a big emergency." I said. "Apologies."

"It's alright." Gabriel said. "I was about to announce who I wanted to court." He chuckled. He face my father. "Let's settle a first date this week. I will marry Sabrina." He said it like a business contract.

"Why Sabrina?" Enzo asked Gabriel, face serious and wanted to wring his neck.

"Because I like her."

"She's mute." He highlighted the mute word for him to understand. Gabby sneer.

"I don't like a nagging woman. I like a quiet one. So, Sabrina is suited."

Enzo glanced at Janine's direction, she's holding the knife tightly and Marga's face was sour. She badly wanted Gabriel since he's super rich, super handsome, super sexy—those words are from the exaggeration of socialites around. Enzo laugh aloud and hold his stomach.

"What do you say dad?" Enzo asked looking at his father's direction.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Lawson, you can marry my daughter Marga but Sabrina is an exception."

"Why? He's your daughter I thought you and my parents had already arrange this marriage. And I choose Sabrina. I won't marry anyone but Sabrina."

"Then why Sabrina?"

"Let's say that Sabrina and I have a special thing back then." Ferdinand frown. "Well, she might deny it."

"I'm sorry that this happened. By did my daughter seduce you?" Janine asked.

Enzo stop from laughing and glower at Janine. Gabriel was surprised on Janine's choose of words. Ferdinand was as well trying to hold his anger from Janine's question.

"Everything is final. I'll leave now. Thank you for the tea and for the dinner." His assistant stood as well. Enzo pushes his chair and stood. Taking the tablet and excuse himself. Ready to do his work.

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