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18 Figures

She directly went to her fiancé's penthouse, remove her clothes and put some comfortable pajamas. She got a key on his penthouse since he insisted. She got no energy to drive back to the mansion. She texted him and take a photo of herself on his penthouse. In just 10 seconds he immediately responded.

Her phone is ringing and frown on the number. International number of her crazy suitor who wanted to assassinate her. Or more like, to kidnap her. She hang up and she receive a message.

Darling, I see that your fiancé is just a tycoon.

"Asshole." She said aloud, throwing her phone on the couch and sleep.

--- 𝐢n𝒏𝘳𝙚𝒶𝘥. 𝗰𝚘𝓂

He reach his penthouse and look at the traces of scattered clothes on the floor. Even her panties in bras are on the floor. He put his brief case on the table, removing his tie and coat. He simply drop it on the floor and went to take a warm shower. After drying himself, he put his PJs on and crawl on bed on the sleeping woman, on her back from him.


"Hmm." He stopped. She hums. Then it means that she could speak. But there's no rush, just that small hum makes him aroused. His heart skip a beat. He caress her hair and wanted to hear more of it.

It's just crazy. He wanted to hear more of her. Back then—he doesn't remember her humming or moaning or talking. They just kiss and do it. Never had he thought that he'll be this crazy just to hear her voice.

"Sabrina," he mutter.

"What?" she murmur. He was dumbfounded and she was still sleeping. "Mom…" he stop and watch her brows frown. She is muttering so low that he barely hear it. But he read her lips. "Mom. Dior. Tattoo." She mutter it over and over again. She's sweating and finally, he woke her up and she sat up, full of cold sweat.

He run out to fetch her cold water and she lean on the bed and wait for him. She drink half of the bottle of the water. He caress her hair and reach the tissue to dump it on her sweats.

"You hungry?" She nodded. "I'll cook something fast or order nearby?" She raise two of her fingers. He nodded and reach his phone which means she prefer the second choice.

He open an app and show her what she wanted to eat. She just tap on the screen and they waited on the balcony of the penthouse for their delivery. She was sitting on his lap leaning on him while they are watching the skyscrapers of the city.

He didn't say anything that he heard her speak. But he let her lean on him just to comfort her. It must be a very bad dream for her.

"I settled our engagement. Do you have any suggestions?" She only shook her head and reach his big hand to compare it with hers. Her hand felt so smooth and soft. He intertwine his and with her. This little gesture was enough for him to found her affection.

He shove his face on the crook of her neck and smell her enticing scent. Like he was walking on the aisle of Japan with blooming Sakura trees. A very beautiful first day of spring of blooming flowers. He suddenly wanted to go to Japan this coming spring with her.

"How about let's held our wedding before Valentines or on Valentines?" She write on his palm.

"We. Are. Breaking. Peoples. Heart." He chuckled. She was right after all. Since Valentines is just few weeks away and their preparation are already settled. He let her have her designs for her wedding gown and his tux.

"Sabrina." She turn her head slightly. "I promise you. Even though this is an arrange marriage. We have days for our marriage trial and this will be until death apart us. I promise to be faithful to you. I promise to dote on you more than your brothers dote on you. I promise that I'll only have you in my heart.

"And if I break one of these promises or a single on them, then I'll let you have your way to punish me."

She reach his palm and write again.

"Kinky. Sex." He burst out laughing.

"Honey, I never thought that you'll be this bold. But, even though that was a tempting punishment, I have my ways to fulfill your darkest desire."

He lay her down on the reclined chair, getting between her legs. Inch by inch, he was tempted on her beautiful perfect shape of lips. Color of the blushing rose and before he own her lips, the sound of complaining stomach interrupts. She pouted and look down on her stomach. He don't know whether to cry or laugh on their situation but it complains again.

"Sorry." He murmur and goes down on her complaining stomach. Just the right time, the doorbell rang and he strode back inside to the fetch their foods. She follow along and he pay for the foods.

They settled on the living room in front of the television for their late dinner. Well, this is normal couple eating some Chinese food in front of television watching Netflix. He even reach her breast just to make sure that it was perfectly measure on his palm. She didn't even complain about it and even gave him access.

"You are too bold, my wife." They aren't married yet but they seemed like in honeymoon stage though they haven't make love or something yet. He pull out his hand. "So where did you go these 26 hours." She scribble on the tablet.

"London. Beijing." His lips curl up.

"Tsk. Sweetheart, if you go like that—I am really worried. What happened to London and Beijing?" he take it as she's telling truth. She shrugged. She write down on the tablet.

"Classified." He nodded.

Once that they settled, disposing properly the trashes, brush their teeth or do whatnot before sleeping, they lay down facing each other like familiarizing each other's faces. He keep brushing her hair like it was a stress ball. She had fallen asleep but he's still awake.

He sat up and call someone from overseas. In few rings, the person answered his call. He closes the door to his terrace.

"This is, Lawson." He speak in fluent Mandarin.

"Mr. Lawson."

"What happened in Beijing? Any odd things happened?"

"Underworld happenings or business happenings?"


"In Grand Hyatt Beijing, high class assassins ambush one of the presidential suits. All of them are dead. Since the hotel is known on their confidentiality, nothing came out and it seemed like even the government disclosed it."

"I see." He glance at the glass door of his terrace to her direction.

It was odd. Too odd that she has to leave. He had known that Chenxi Lou's girlfriend was kidnapped by a British Mafia. He exhales and finally—he's closed on knowing who she is. In fact, he didn't take her words as jokes. If she's been in London, she'll take a private jet plane to be there in short time and proceed to Beijing in short time as well.

He went to the bathroom and glance at the laundry basket. He pull her jacket, searching around it and found a very interesting thing. A recorder. He closes the door and squeeze the faucet. He click the recorder for play. It was noises and then a man asked in his fluent Mandarin.

"Who sent you?"

"A message for the great woman, I'll come to you sweetheart. Just wait for my arrival." And then a woman's laugh.

The laugh was dangerous but it somehow send warmth on his heart. Then it follows by a loud bang of gun. It's the end of the recording.

"Sabrina, Sabrina. Who are you?" He mutters.

He put the recording on the drawer beside the bed. She seemed to notice him and look at him with pouts. She's just adorable.

"Sorry, I'll be with you."

She sat up and wait for him to lay down and she snuggle up on him like a kitten. He chuckled and hugged her.

At the moment, he couldn't sleep. Why does she have that recording? Is she the woman on that was after by the assassins? Then, it means that he couldn't leave her alone. He settled his plan until he had fallen asleep.

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