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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice

Chapter 16 Rescuing a Damsel in Distress

16 Rescuing a Damsel in Distress

She went downstairs to his room. He just got out from shower and the manly scent from his bath was comforting. She strode to him and lifted the tablet in front of him.

"I got an emergency."

"What emergency?"

"It will takes 26 hours." She scroll the tablet like she already predicted his question. He frowns. "Don't f*ck Marga and lock your door." He gapes on the last sentence. He scoff and scoop her chin.

"I'll only f*ck you, okay? What emergency it is?"

"I have to make a certain company bankrupt." He laugh and she grin at him. He shook his head taking it as a joke again and she left.

He then stopped once she left. It wasn't a joke at all. He can feel it. Though she's good at expressing her face like a real actress —it was one of the things that he has to know what she is really up to.

He ate dinner with Alvarez and Ethan while Enzo is probably sulking because of girlfriend problem. He thought, how could he got a girlfriend when he rarely go out? But he's probably going out and have dating sites. Whatever it is—these triplets are weird.

"Where's Sabrina?" Fernandez asked.

"She got a gang meeting." He and Ethan said at the same time and they look at each other.

"Oh." Fernandez didn't take it serious. Because every time Sabrina is absent, they will said that she's probably in gang meeting or assassinating playboys which sounds like a real joke.

Instead of going to his room, he went to the patio where Ethan is doing complicated database on his computer while drinking his wine. He sat down in front of Ethan and sipped on his brandy.

"So, is she really in a gang meeting?" Gabriel asked and take a sip on his wine. Ethan laugh.

"You take it seriously?"

"Of course not." Gabriel smile a little. "But I wanted to know what the three of you are up to."

"You got a very good observational skills, CEO Lawson." Ethan closes his laptop and face him. "He check the CCTV of the house where Enzo install around secretly and there wasn't anyone eavesdropping but Enzo who install bugs around.

"If she's going to make a certain company bankrupt, is it possible?"

"Mmm." He only nods. "My sister is vicious on making a certain company bankrupt. More vicious than I am."

"So why isn't she holding the company?"

"It is my responsibility and she have her own hobbies that I have to spoil her to."

Gabriel nodded understanding her finally. But he knew that something was off so he didn't asked further. He will just have to investigate on his own or just wait for her to tell him her secrets.

"We got a clan conference in three days." Gabriel said. "It will be in the Old Mansion in Tagaytay."

"Noted." Ethan type on his phone. "And the engagement party will be held on the next day, the same venue?"

"Yes. That's what I plan for. But anyway, she doesn't have any objections on my preparations. Do you have any objection?"

"I'll just go with the flow." Ethan was showing his easy-going attitude. But he was very optimistic always got a plan. He's calculative as well and that's why he's rising the company on the top.

Gabriel try to call her and just he remember that she doesn't speak. Still he couldn't contact her. He also texted her that he's off to bed but he got no response.

"She'll be unreachable for 26 hours." Ethan told and stood. "I'm off to my room." He nodded.

He was about to leave when Marga came with a bottle of wine. She lifted it up and ask him for a drink. He only finish his wine and he felt something wasn't right when he remember her not to fuck her sister. Could it be… Just his speculation, it might be true.

"Sorry, sister-in-law. But I don't have an appetite for another drink."

"Come on, just one glass. Join me."

His phone rings and it was Enzo. He excuse himself and answer it. Why is he calling though they are in the same house? Well, he guessed that he's helping him escape Marga.

"Brother-in-law, would you be kind to tell the maid to bring me a warm milk?"

"Okay." He went to the maid and tell her about Enzo's request. He went to his room and closes it. He stop and lock it. Just like what she said.

He lay down on the bed to sleep but he couldn't. So he finish few papers and still couldn't sleep at all. He closes his laptop and think about her. What is she doing right now?


She's using one of the fastest jet plane to London. It only takes two hours to get there and she rode her chopper as she checked her gun and other stuffs. She call Enzo and gave him access to the Mafia who stole someone's wife.

Lou is still on his suit with men in suits with him and greet her. She is wearing her black masked and she walk with him. He's speaking in Mandarin and she perfectly understand her. She's quite fluent herself. Though the man was emotionless, he was in love to the woman and she has to save.

She enter the headquarters of the London Mafia without any hassle as they surrounded them. The man came up with the woman who tried to restrain from them. Telling them that she's done with them or something. Suddenly, they all shivers when she show herself to them. Except for the young man who is the heir of the clan.

"Woah, look's who's here. I didn't expect that Chenxi Lou would contact someone powerful like you." She didn't speak at all. "So it is true that the legendary Queen of Brutality is a mute. But anyway you are much welcome on my castle."

"Please hand over Mrs. Chenxi." The General of her agency said, strong and crisp.

"She's my girlfriend." The young man named Henry said grabbing the woman's waist.

"She's my wife." Lou said aloud appearing beside her.

"Lou!" the woman was about to run to him. "Let me go! He's my husband!" Henry gripped on her waist. Lou was pleased on her telling that he's her husband.

She lifted two of her guns and when everyone know what it means, they are going to die one by one though they are arm as well.

"Boss," his right hand weaned. The woman stomp her feet and run quickly after restraining to Lou. Lou hugged her tightly and glower at Henry.

"It will be okay, darling."

"I thought you won't come." She rolled her eyes on the dramatic affection. Well, she got her fiancé but single people are too affected on their affection.

She put back her gun and throw a red card to Henry. Henry caught it and smell the red card. She turn back as Henry open it.

"Just suck of being single, asshole." That's what she said on the letter and Henry started laughing as they parted.

She exhales, it wasn't fun at all.

"President." She stop and turn to Henry. "Could you let my company go this time? Or else it will be a war on our stocks." She glance at Lou and he nodded.

She sign her General and he declare.

"In two hours." Everyone heard it clear. In two hours, when they are still perfectly fine leaving the country, they will stop the war.

They settled on the private jet to China while she sat down on the sofa drinking soda. Lou sat down in front of her and gave her the contract. i𝗻𝚗re𝗮𝐝. 𝙘𝑜m

"Thank you for your help, Sabrina." She wave her hand off and review the papers. "Anything you need in future. This is a promise contract of alliance."

She nodded and he sign it without hesitation. She read it and check it for an hour. When they arrive in Beijing, she was booked on one of the presidential hotel and she slept for two hours. She still got four hours before she go back to her country.

It's so cold in Beijing and as she rolls on bed, she saw shadows lingering on her balcony. That wakes her up. She rolls down on the bed and hide on the corner reaching her gun on the drawer. The glass door from the balcony shatters and shadows enter her suite. They aren't just a normal assassins, they are somewhat looks like ninjas.

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