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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice

Chapter 15 The Ex-boyfriend

15 The Ex-boyfriend

She look at the man on the sofa, like he was the greatest clown in the world. She ignore him saying it and she started typing on her computer to get access on few things. He sigh and stand up fixing his clothes and he went to her desk and gave her a velvet box.

She just glance at it and continue on encoding.

"Marry me. Why would you marry that jerk? He doesn't suit you?" 𝓲𝓷nr𝒆𝚊d. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

She laugh without a sound and lean on her swivel chair, looking at him with ridicule. She look like telling him—"You mean you suit me?"

"I do suit you. Soon, I'll be on my high rank. You can get access to the government and sweetheart, I could give you more than a diamond ring. Let's get back together." He said bluntly.

She type on her keyboard and her words appears on the monitor in front of him.

"Are you trying to make me deliver that box to my sister?"

"She drug me, okay? She set me up. I also had given you the drug test about it."

"I am not interested in you anymore." She make a mocking sad eyes.

Ignacio lean on her and reach her chin. His eyes burns on her, gentle and very passionate. He never look at anyone like he did to her now. He knew that a bastard like Gabriel would never love her.

"Then, are you interested in that rich man?" She only tilt her head. "I never love anyone but you, Sabrina. And if that man didn't satisfy you, come to see me anytime."

He strode out her office and she locked the door and since it's a sound proof she started laughing until her stomach aches and tears rolls from her eyes. She didn't stop laughing and look at those beautiful flowers that he bring with him.

"Ohh, Ignacio, what a waste. I am just playing on you back then." She tsk and shook her head. "If you are more powerful than I am then I could just—marry you. But you got a small d*ck and it won't satisfy me." She sneer and laugh reminiscing the moment she caught him with her sister. She even got the video.

Her phone rings and it was her fiancé, calling her via video call. At least, she's a little satisfied with the man. She cleared her throat and composed herself.

"Do you prefer Singapore for our honeymoon?" he asked. "I actually have a business on the date of our honeymoon, so would it bother you?" She shook her head and check her calendar. "Ah, where are you?" She hang up and text him a message.

"Gang Headquarters." She can hear him laughing though he was away. Just her imagination. Of course the man wouldn't believe him. He send an emoji with a kiss.

She just look at it and lean on her swivel chair. She sighed with relief. It will only take few more days before their engagement party. There's a buzz on her room and she open it as her secretary came with stacks of papers. He put it on the right corner of her table.

"Boss, I had settled your very important schedule in two days. It will be held in Subic." She nodded.

"Chenxi Corporation ask a permission to meet you." She stopped and lean on her swivel chair. "The matter is according to Mr. Chenxi's wife—who has been kidnapped in London."

She encode on her computer and give them access to fulfill the Red Mission. Since Chenxi Corporation is one of the people that they could use when they are in crisis. She send her best agents and even a team of people.

"Copy that." Her secretary left.

She received a message from Chenxi and she only type a letter. K. She took the first folder on her table and she started scanning it all. Her First secretary had highlights important things. He's the one doing paper works. Her Second Secretary was handling each facilities and her third secretary is the one who makes up appointments and also the one she brought around and it includes the Alvarez Corporation.

Her third secretary came up and remind her about the checking of weapons in ten minutes. She finish the last folder and left her office with locks. Only her first secretary has an access inside her office and of course, since Ignacio is known by them, they could let him in on her office. But she will have to settle it not to let him in without her inside.

Everyone greet her with salute and she nods her head as they come at ease. Then the Manager started explaining to her about the new guns and tranquilizer that they make. She reach the semi-automatic handgun.

The manager started explaining the centimeters of the bullets and other specs. While she checked it one by one and disseminating the guns and assembling it again and she shoot the target with her left hand without even looking at the target. Bulls-eye.

It's powerful and not bad at all. It can also shoot away than the usual semi-automatic handgun like 9mm and 45caliber.

She check each of it and the tear gas that they are experimenting inside the glass room where the people uses masks to check it. Good. She went to the Design Studio and her own designer immediately greet her with cheerfulness.

"Boss, let me introduce to you your latest gown. The gown is perfectly bullet proof and also waterproof. Perfect for the gala you are attending in Singapore. The suits for your body guards has the same power."

She nodded and look at the designs he sketches for her wedding gown and tuxedo for the groom. She's still on process on making the draft perfect for her wedding. She nodded and secretly admire the pair. The wedding gown and tuxedo are perfect match.

"Your gown for your wedding isn't perfect yet. I'll use perfect embroidery for the seams and for the veil… don't worry boss, it will be perfect together with the tux." She nodded and her phone alarms. It only meant that she has to leave now.


It's 18:10 and he is already on the lift of his private elevator. Just two more minutes. When he got out from the main entrance of his building just few more seconds and it will tick on 18:12. He heard the sound of her motorbike and it stopped in front of him. Perfect. She was indeed not late and not early.

She remove her helmet and the wind blows that perfectly brushes her silky hair. He smiled on her beautiful fiancée wearing her outfit from a while ago with black gloves. She kick the stand of the bike and walk around to him.

"Hey, beautiful." She smirk and throw her arms on his shoulders, tip toe to reach his lips. His arms holding her waist to steady her. "We have so much of PDA here, baby." His assistant came up with his helmet and leather jacket. He remove his office coat to his assistant and took the leather jacket.

She drove the bike while he's hugging her from behind and he's enjoying her sweet scent. She drove it a little reckless and too fast but he trust her. She got a good reflexes and damn, she's so cool that he had fallen in love to her. Being too close from her while she's driving wasn't bad at all.

Next time, he'll drive and she have to wrap her arms around him.

They reach the mansion in twenty minutes. With the bike, they usually have to reach it in thirty-five minutes and with the car probably an hour and thirty minutes.

In the living room is her step-mother drinking wine. While her brother Ethan just arrived on his office suit with brief case. He greet her with a kiss and Enzo is running down the stair case with a baby face—almost like crying.

"Sissy!" He hugged her tightly. "I need your help. My girlfriend dumped me."

Ethan stopped from proceeding to his room. That's their signal that something isn't right at all.

"Oh-kay! We will solve your girlfriend in ten minutes."

"But—we don't have ten minutes." Enzo said with pouts. Ethan exhales and drag Enzo back upstairs.

She face her fiancée with cute face. Her eyes look like pleading and he scoff and pressed the spot between his brows. He scoop her chin and kisses her lips.

"I'll take a shower."

She went upstairs like it was nothing and went to Enzo's room and she locked it. She enter his secret door and glower at the scene in London. Fuck. This isn't right at all. Enzo call Chenxi Lou and this Mafia isn't just targeting Chenxi Lou but them.

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