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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice

Chapter 12 Canst talk anymore?

12 Can'st talk anymore?

The Lawson Mansion was in Spanish style. The garden was well maintained and they can have a big party outside. Lawson always keep a low profile but they held few parties only, for anniversary and birthday party.

The car stop in front of the staircase and on the middle of the driveway was a fountain of a Goddess Venus. He walk around and open the door for her. Outside waiting are the whole family of Lawson and Alvarez.

She got out and met his family. His mother Valerie and his father Benedict. There is also his cousin Tony his COO and Uncle Loren on his father's side. While she got her siblings, step mother and her father.

"It is good to see you again." Benedict told her. She smile and nods as well as Valerie who greet her warmly.

On the other side, Marga's face turns sour. But she immediately change her face into a happy sister. They went on the dining room and everything are settled. And as a gentleman, Gabriel pull a chair for her and she sat down gracefully. Since she don't talk, no one talks to her and would only asked her with the answer of yes and no.

Marga was like the star on the dinner and brag about her sister already working on the company. But she rarely go there and when she go there, she is scaring the employees.

On Sabrina's side, Gabriel is putting good dishes on her plate that is almost full. She eat slowly and since she hasn't eaten her lunch because of loaded work, she's surely hungry.

"After this, let's head to Elite Bar." Ethan announced. "I asked a reservation on the second floor. Marga's friends and our old friend's will be there."

Marga was pleased on Ethan's announcement. It seems that Ethan is useful for her. Since Ethan was the big brother of the family and he was good to her. Everything will just work out well.

"That's great." Gabriel told and glance at her. "Do you want to get drunk tonight?" he suddenly asked her. She only shrugged. "It's alright if you wanted to get drunk, I'll just be beside you."

She type on her phone and his phone chimes. He grins.

Wife: I should be the one to monitor you.

"I am into you, don't worry my dear."

"Damn, I don't want to see this side of you!" Tony, Gabriel's first cousin complains.

Gabriel took her hand and kisses her knuckles, his eyes directly to her beautiful big one. It was expressionless, but her eyes carries a strong charisma to him.

"Oh, come on! We are eating!" Enzo complains and almost smack Gabriel on head. "Put down my beloved sister's hand, you assโ€”"

"Word!" Ethan shut him. Everyone are laughing.

"Don't worry brothers you'll be likely to see me more than doing that."

"It seemed that you are in love to my daughter. At first I didn't think that you would." Ferdinand smiles seeing how he cares about his daughter.

"It wasn't that hard to love your daughter." He told with a carefree smiles.

His parents never seen him like that for a very long time. Even his Uncle Loren who cleared his throat.

"Bro, did you just do that creepy smile?" Tony asked. He smile lopsidedly.

"It was just few months when you last saw her. Then you instantly fall in love?" Ethan asked like calculating something.

"Well, Ethan, since I and your beloved sister is getting married, there should be love between us, right? Even it was one sided? So, we could work this arranged marriage."

Suddenly everyone silenced when Sabrina cleared her throat and Gabriel look at her. Was she going to speak? It will be hard for her to speak since she never speak for the whole ten years. She sipped on water and cleared her throat again.

"You alright?" She took the tablet and write there.

"Excuse me. Bathroom?"

"I'll bring you there." Gabriel told. Ethan and Enzo look at each other and kick each other's foot, like two fist bumping.

She went on the bathroom. She locked the door and face the mirror. She open the faucet and open her mouth then slowly close it then massage her jaw. She cleared her throat again. Damn, she haven't exercise her vocals for three days. She wash her hand dry it and open the door still found him there.

"Do you really can't talk anymore?" he asked, curious. She shrugged her shoulders and walk back to the dining hall.

Everyone fall into silent and then they go back on eating. Like nothing happens.

"Cousin-in-law, do you really can't talk anymore?" They all stop. She shook her head. "I know someone who can help youโ€ฆ" She write on her table.

"No need. I'm okay. Thanks." Her words hit coldness though Tony is just being helpful. He nodded and continue on eating.

Gabriel put his hand under the table and place it on her thigh. She bit her lips keeping the urge to make unnecessary noise. She pushes his hand away but he hold her thigh and squeeze it gently. She almost bump her knee on the table.

She breathed and place her hand on his thigh as well, near his crotch. She caress it and he was frozen. He pull out his hand and she succeed. One point for her and zero point for him. She continue eating and almost finish the food and when he was about to put another for her, she held his wrist tightly and she glower at him. He smirk.

"Sorry, I won't ruin your diet again."

After the dinner, they all went to the Elite Bar, except their fathers and mothers and the uncle. He let her use one of his sports car that he garage on the mansion and she choose the vintage one. Before they left, he make her sat on the front of the car, with her legs spread and wrapped around him and make out with her a little.

"Sleep on my penthouse tonight?" She shook her head and traces her fingers on his hard bulge. "I'm fine, but we can make a quickie here, but, there's a camera watching us." She nip her lips to his. ๐’Š๐˜ฏ๐‘›๐ซโ„ฏ๐’‚d. ๐œ๐˜ฐ๐“‚

"Let's go then?" she nodded.

She drove the car all the way to Elite bar and park it on the VIP parking lot. She pushes herself out and the security bow at them. She nodded and they went to the reserved floor. It was mostly Marga's socialite friends and she creased her brows. She texted Ethan.

"Was this supposed to be my party or Marga's?" Ethan laugh and kisses her cheek in odd way. She already knew what it means. She glance at Enzo who went on the bar counter.

She already feel the weird atmosphere around these people who will surely present in that moment to make a scandal of her. But even before that a very beautiful song that she used to sing plays in the background and in front of her, Gabriel kneel one knee and hold lifted a velvet box opening it.

She was stunned to see the big diamond ring reflects the lights of the bar and everyone are gasping. She chuckled on her mind and wanted to kick the man right through his big bulge. He sneer at her. Showing off just to slap those who bullies her.

"Sabrina, ready to grow old with me? It is now or never." She took her tablet from Ethan and write something.

"Asshole." He laugh.

"Baby, I won't search for another pillow. I promise that." She lifted her left hand. It was her answer and he put her ring there and everyone are cheering on them.

He twirl her around, wrapped his arms around her small waist and kiss her passionately. She kiss him back just for the show. Lots of people came to congratulate them but she paid no attention to them and just drag him to a seat.

Marga set her mother's plan. She grin and even set one VIP room for the people who will pleasure her half-sister.

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