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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice

Chapter 10 Seduce him until he gets hard

10 Seduce him until he gets hard

The housekeeper of Alvarez is early to clean up the living room. Marga woke up early when she heard from her socialite friends that her slut sister went to her supposed to be fiancé. She went to her room and knock. It is locked which means, she's not home.

"Witch!" she pull her ball of fist and turn around.

If it wasn't for her half-sister who seduced her fiancé, she would be the one to be pampered by the man. She hated to see how he pampered her and become all lovey dovey. He was supposed to be a cold man. He was known to be ruthless when it comes to competition. She was the perfect woman for him but that witch was actually chosen over her and even her father can't do something about it.

She eat her breakfast, take a bath and have three hours in the mirror for make up and make herself perfect. Since she's hanging out with friends for new clothes.

"Good morning, sweetheart." Her mother strode to her and kisses her head. "Don't be so sad my doll. I have a plan so we could wreck her instantly."

"Okay, do tell." She said excitedly.

"I contact few people to do it. But all we have to make sure is that she should be in Elite Bar."

"Okay! That's not a problem to me at all. She's been recently hanging out in the bar."

At the same time, Enzo had just woken up and on his messy room, he heard from Marga's room about the plan that they are planning to make her sister's life miserable. He frown at it and check the time. He listen to the whole conversation and then clipped it then saved it on one file.

Since his room occupies East side of the mansion. Too away from the masters bedroom. He had managed to install a secret room for himself and that's where his things are located. He also put bugs on each house so he could be alert anytime. He rarely go out from his room and just listen around the house.

Ethan wake up early on his usual and started running around the acres of their mansion. He got a call from Whiskey and told him that they are ready to start tomorrow for the building of Elite Red Room Bar on the land that they bought last night.

"Okay. Do it." Since the people they hired are part of the organization, it was easy for them to keep it confidential where they will put a protective room just for the owners.

He went back inside the house and found his sister walking down stairs looking blooming and carefree. Beautiful as ever. He already thought how long she face the mirror for makeup and contact lenses.

"Hey, pretty!" He greets her. She smiles.


"Shopping?" he asked and took the glass of water that the maid bring for him.

"Yes. Uhm, I have to search for new dresses since it will be Sister's engagement soon. And tonight is dinner party! I almost forgot about that. Can we go to Elite Bar tonight probably after dinner party for a little celebration."

He can feel already feel that something was off and it was from his intuitive that Enzo had heard something about their plan for tonight. So he casually say, "Sure. Bring your friends."

"Thanks, Big bro!" She even tiptoe and kiss his cheeks. He smile and patted her head. "Oh, by the way, where's Big Sis?" 𝒾𝙣𝚗𝐫𝑒аd. ᴄom

"Oh, she was kidnapped by her fiancée. Initiating about making babies." He said like he was still angry about it.

Her reaction shows, that she was angry about it but she held back herself and smiled though her her nails dug on her palm. She wave goodbye. He walk to his room on the west wing second floor, humming a song. He call Enzo and ask him about the plan for tonight.

"We will just go along the flow." Enzo said. "I already contacted our manager about a good plan for tonight."

"Okay. I'll just watch the play then."

At the same time on Gabby's Penthouse.

"You still don't want to wake up? Mom is here and brought us breakfast." He murmur on her ear caressing her small waist. She slowly open her eyes and pushes him.

She went on the bathroom and he smiled when she wash up her face and mouth. She wipe her face and didn't care about her a little messy hair and she go out. She greet his mother with a bow and sign language.

His mother know how to read sign language since his mother was a psychiatrist and had dealt with lots of people with disability to speak, deaf and blind.

"Good morning, dear, come sit. It's been a long time since I last saw you."

He think that there's no problem about his mother marrying her. So he just go with the flow then. While they are eating, there's a ring on the doorbell and she stand to welcome who the guest was but he told her to sit and eat.

He went to open the door and frown at the man in black suit, black shades, black shoes, tall and bulky holding a black suit-bag and a paper bag with a label of Lady Sabrina. He took it and thank the man. It was quite weird. He went to the kitchen and they both looked at him.

"Who was the man who send this?" he asked her. She write on her tablet that she brought with her last night and show it to him.

"Subjects." He wanted to laugh at her and he put it away.

"It's been so long since I last see you that youthful my dear." His mother said. "I should be going now. Just leave the dishes. I'll send the maid to clean your Penthouse."

She kiss her and then him and she left quickly. She keep eating quietly as always and he strode to her and corner his arms on the table from behind. He move his lips on her ear and she didn't even react on it.

"We will have dinner with the family tonight. But since I am free the whole morning, we can go back to bed and…" He skin her flat stomach. "Make babies?" she reach his hand and twist his wrist. She got a strong gripping and he groan, then she pushes him like nothing. He laugh at her and damn, he's hard.

He didn't even let her finish so he pick her up and toss her on bed. He crawl toward her. She prop her elbows and look at him like a prey. Damn, her eyes is seductive even the way she lick her lips. Everything should be perfect but because of the ringtone of her phone, she immediately dodge his attack and she reach her phone answer it.

Her face darkens a little and she grab her clothes and went to the bathroom. He exhales and stare down on his bulge. Damn it. It's been so long since he last have sex. He don't even remember when. He just remember that his one night stand which is her was the one that he's been craving for.

She got out quickly in a comfortable outfit. Black pants, and leather jacket that makes her look so cool. Her beautiful long hair was tied into a ponytail. She was also wearing a black leather boots. Then she look at him and down on his bulge. She strode to him, straddle him and sat down on his hard-on.

She gave a passionate kiss, biting and licking. He wrapped his arms around her and bit her tongue lightly, sucking every seam and the spots that she like. Then she pushes him. Damn, he's so damn hard at that moment. She blow a kiss and left.

"Shit!" He run to the bathroom, under the cold shower, he hold down his aching one and release his wild one, with a little anger toward her because of teasing him. Then he laugh at himself. He's like a high school boy for this.

He got out and his phone is ringing. He answer it casually when it is Marga, his future sister in law.


"Hello, Gabby?"


"Are you free today? Or just this hour?"

"No. I am busy." Then he hang up. A message pop up on his phone and he grin when it is the settled ringtone for his wife.

Wife: I hope that you had a good release this morning.

Hubby: You are good at seducing me. Next time, I will tie you on bed the whole day and night and f@ck the hell out of you.

Wife: I'm fine. I don't need you to f@ck me.

Hubby: You can't ran away from me, dear. I'll see you tonight.

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