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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice

Chapter 1 10,000 Dollors for a Nigh

1 10,000 Dollors for a Nigh

It was a gloomy day for her to go outside. She wanted a calm and peaceful place and that would be in the Mansion.

In the living room, the faint sound of Alpha Ceiling fan worth 527.50 dollars was the only thing that she hear while reading the book two series of A Song of Ice and Fire: A Clash of Kings of George R.R. Martin which is also known Game of Thrones in HBO.

Instead of going to the company to do whatnot that her father wanted her to do, she stayed in the house because of the gloomy day and wanted to enjoy it as she waited for the rain. That's how introvert she is but she's hoping that a bitch or two wouldn't mess with the silence.

She's been sitting there for two hours and a maid put her favorite tea since it's time for tea and few snacks. She take the tea and sipped on it. Still hot and it since for the cold weather. Not until she heard footsteps and voices of males. Probably not her brother who is fooling around.

"You are welcome to our house Mr. Lawson. My son already told me about your arrival searching for your bride personally. I have my youngest daughter here who is quite fond of you."

Lawson? Her brow suddenly rose up and she ignore them and continue on reading the last page of the book. Son? It is probably her other brother who is away from them and managing a business outside the country. Because the other son of the family is known as a black sheep and don't have any care about family business.

They all stop probably when they saw her sitting on the comfortable sofa and it is raining heavy outside.

"That's my eldest daughter. Sweetheart."

She closes the book stand and face two men in suit, the one is probably the assistant. She bow her head and pick her tablet and left to the west wing toward her room.

"That's my sweet only sister! Please forgive her, she's an introvert." A man in t-shirt and army style shorts said and smile at two in suit which is called Mr. Lawson or Gabriel Lawson, one of the richest tycoon in the country. He also belong to top 50 richest man in the world. "Hi, Gabby." He said casually.

Gabriel was surprised to finally meet Ethan's twin brother. They surely look alike and the woman back then was one of his interest that looks like the twin so much but she's looking two feminine.

"Then you must be Enzo." Gabriel extend his hand to the man that much looks more like a college boy.

"Yup!" Enzo shoot his hand. "The black sheep of the family."

"So, your sister…"

"Daddy!" A woman at the age of like 23 or something acting so girly walk down stairs like a diva and greet her father sweetly and him with a flashing flirty smile. "Mr. Lawson."

"This is my youngest dear, Marga." He reach his hand to her and she shook it in very much lady like. She's pretty but no one ever captures his eyes. She might be a great trophy wife but he don't need one like her. "Sweetheart Mr. Gabriel Lawson and his assistant Mr. Oliver Gonzales."

She smile on both of them so flashy. Ferdinand Alvarez gesture for them to sit and Gabriel sat down on the spot where the woman from before sitted. The sofa is still hot and he smirk to himself. Finally found her. He utter to himself and smile at Enzo who shoot him a sharp eyes. He probably had known his intentions.

"Then, I should call out for snacks. What would you both like?" Enzo asked.

"Tea please." Mr. Gonzales was surprised on his boss's requests.

"Any kind of tea? My sister is the only one who drank tea here." 𝑖𝓷𝘯r𝐞𝐚𝗱. 𝙘om

"Any tea." Gabriel smiles.

Coming down from stairs is the Mistress of the house. Second Mrs. Alvarez. After Enzo's birthmother died, their father marry to Janine Lim after a month. She's been the long mistress and Marga was her father's illegitimate child but not long enough. Her hair is curled and had called personally her stylist for this dinner courtship of Gabriel Lawson.

"Mr. Lawson, Mr. Gonzales." Janine greet them.

"Mrs. Alvarez." Lawson greet in very businesslike.

On the west wing of the mansion. In Sabrina's room. She stand in front of the glass door of her balcony watching the heavy rain from the outside. She clenches her fist and chuckled to on her mind since she stop talking for like years.

Damn it, I never expect that you'll be this rich, Mr. Lawson. She utter on her mind. The man from before was the man she only slept with for a night and pay him 10,000 dollars.

She wanted to laugh to herself out loud after finding it out. Well, he's here to marry Marga and not her so she's probably safe from everything. She's sure that Marga knows a lots of techniques to please a man and she does zero percent on pleasing a man. Pleasing a man wasn't part of her living. She live her life pleasing herself only.

She took her book from the bed and put it on her shelves. She change her casual home clothes into sports bra and running shorts and she went on the treadmill and started running with loud music. It was her personal gym that is just next to her room. Sometimes, her brother use it but since Enzo like running outside much and go to gym on the city to hook up, he rarely went to her gym.

She was breathing in and out as she run faster and her mind is like recapping her hot scene with Gabriel Lawson. One of the richest man in the world. She was drunk back then, a little drunk and then ask for a man to rent but that man who is as well a little drunk came up which she thought to be a gigolo.

She drag him to her suite and he didn't stop her instead, he become wild as well. She had manage to give him a condom and the following scenes are very much erotic and censored. He bang her on her suit more than once. He speak to her but she never speak back—because she was mute. When they both had fallen asleep, she woke up from a phone call, she take a quick shower and pull 10,000 dollars bills and left the suit. That happened in New York.

She run not too fast from before and become slow until her heart catches it. She took the bottle from the treadmill cup handle and take a sip then her music's volume was turn a little down and Enzo leans on the double door. She only glance at her from the mirror in front of her.

"Family dinner without Ethan. It will be settled in one and a half hour, dear Sabrina."

She type something on the keyboard in front of her treadmill and it shows on the big screen inside her gym on her comment.

"Not hungry." She said.

"Why? Because of our bitch step-mother and your sister?"

"Not my sister." Her response was cold and short in the keyboard. He hands up.

"Okay. I promise you, you are my only sister." She type on the small keyboard in fast way.

"Flattered." Enzo laughs.

"Get beautiful tonight. I think Mr. Lawson is into you."

"Not interested." He laugh again.

"Whatever sister, I'll call Ethan to have quality time with us soon. Love you." He blow a kiss and she caught it and throw it away. He laugh again and left.

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